Rare Spares Restoration, Spare Parts & Accessories Price List as at 19/07/2019

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Body Rubbers & Seals

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
RDB2117Door Belt Ford Ltd 1976 - 79 Left Hand Rear Inner$74.92 EA
RDB2118Door Belt Ford Ltd 1976 - 79 Right Hand Rear Inner$74.92 EA


Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
RCD2003Decal Rocker Cover End XW GT HO XY GT (Ck608a1)$13.33 EA

Door Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
F2372Door Handle Repair Kit Internal Xa/B Zf/G 2 Doors$29.46 KIT


Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
127934Bulb 12 - 16 2 Cp Sc Globe 9Mm Dia Ba9s$3.11 EA


Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
2174LTfi Carb Stud Kit 4 1/2 X 1/4$10.66 EA
92061469Gasket Holden V8 Oil Pump Cover$6.31 EA
GB701Condenser XW XY ZC ZD V8$34.95 EA
GB75Distributor Cap Valiant AP5 AP6 VC VE VF 6 Cylinde$29.94 EA
GB828Rotor Button Holden Wb, VB - VL Commodore V8$29.95 EA
GB830Cap Distributor WB VC VH VK VL 8 Cylinder$49.95 EA
GB862Cap Distributor XF - ZL 6 Cylinder$41.14 EA
GB865Rotor Button XF 6 Cyl Efi$25.70 EA
GB901Rotor Button Holden Commodore VN - VT 5.0L V8$23.64 EA
GD209Condenser TX TC TD TE TF TG Gemini Petrol Engine$10.66 EA
GD214Contact Set TX TC TD TE TF TG Petrol Engine$9.96 EA
GD366Cap Distributor TX TC TD TE TF TG Petrol Engine$23.51 EA
GD527Rotor Button TX - TG Gemini Petrol Engine$10.66 EA
GT40Coil Ignition Without Resistor Sports$59.95 EA
GT40RCoil Ignition Resistor Type$59.95 EA
JE359Gasket Ext Grey Motor Red 149 179 Ford XK - XP Some$6.96 EA
MAG186GRocker Cover Gasket Set Holden 6Cyl Rubber$53.52 PAIR
PPI3514VIntake Manifold Gasket 351 Clevland 4v$37.43 EA
RE60Voltage Regulator Holden VN - Vt, Ford EF - EL$74.92 EA
SU12Coil Ignition, Bosch (Ic31)$45.95 EA
SU12RCoil Ignition, Bosch (Ic32r)$45.95 EA
TFI66-012Tfi Chrome Oil Cap Push In 1" Neck$16.01 EA
TFI66-023Tfi Chrome Oil Cap Flat Twist In$10.66 EA

Engine Bay

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
NWK700Windscreen Washer Kit Suit Holden$42.79 EA

Fuel & Exhaust Systems

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
2174LTfi Carb Stud Kit 4 1/2 X 1/4$10.66 EA
JE359Gasket Ext Grey Motor Red 149 179 Ford XK - XP Some$6.96 EA
PPI3514VIntake Manifold Gasket 351 Clevland 4v$37.43 EA

Heating & Cooling Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
CH1102Hose Radiator Upper Gemini 1.6 Petrol TX TC$12.79 EA
CH1253Hose Radiator Upper WB 4.2 5.0 V8$14.95 EA
CH1545Hose Radiator Upper VL Commodore 6 Cyl$19.53 EA
CH1683Hose Engine Water Outlet Rear VN 3.8 V6 VG Ute$15.40 EA
CH1848Hose Radiator Upper VP VQ V6 With Abs$17.08 EA
CH2042Heater Hose Holden VS V6$14.37 EA
CH780Hose Radiator Upper AP5 - VH 6 Cyl$13.33 EA
WP114Water Pump Gasket To Suit VE - V8$19.23 EA

Interior & Soft Trim

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
2810501-HL051H/Lining & Visor LC - J Sedan Twilight Blue Ribbed$246.32 EA
2822224-4PH/Lining & Visor HQ - WB Ute Black Perforated$235.61 EA
7408188V-20PH/Lining & Visor 48 FJ Van White Perforated$246.32 EA
7411357-HL004H/Lining & Visor FE - FC Sedan Neutral Sandpaper$246.32 EA
7411357-HL005H/Lining & Visor FE - FC Sedan White Sandpaper$246.32 EA
7411357-HL017H/Lining & Visor FE - FC Sedan White Perforated$246.32 EA
7429123-20PH/Lining & Visor HD - HR Van White Perforated$246.32 EA
7429123-HL037H/Lining & Visor HD - HR Van Black Golf Ball$246.32 EA
CBWSP.Carpet Super Plush Pile Wheel Arch (Exc Boot Mat)$203.52 EA
CIL.Carpet Loop Pile Front Or Rear (1 Piece) Exc Boot$139.26 EA
CIP.Carpet Cut/Plush Pile Frt Or Rear (1Pce) Exc Boot$160.67 EA
CISP.Carpet Super Plush Frt Or Rear (1Pce) Exc Boot$235.66 EA
F2372Door Handle Repair Kit Internal Xa/B Zf/G 2 Doors$29.46 KIT

Key & Barrel Locks

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
866109Key Blank "Holden" Square Head HQ - HX LJ - LX Dr/Ign$6.94 EA
866110Key Blank "Holden" Round Head HQ - HX LJ - LX Boot$6.94 EA


Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
CHICSBOOKI Remember One Time Chic Henry's Book$39.95 EA
GIFTCARDRare Spares Gift Card From $20.00$50.00 EA
WSMAUManual Workshop AU Series 1,2,3 6 & 8 Cyl Ford$64.22 EA

Panels & Rust Panel Sections

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
RP170ARepair Section 1/4 VB VC VH VK Wagon RH Outer$85.65 EA

Performance Products

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
2174XLTfi Air Cleaner Stud Dualthread 5" Long$8.53 EA
302010ETfi Chrome Air Cleaner 9"X2 5/16" 59Mm Stromberg$42.79 EA
4229Tfi Chrome Distributor Hold Down Chev$10.66 EA
43704Tfi Fuel Fitting Straight 3/8" OD$13.87 EA
446-101Tfi Chrome Air Cleaner 6 3/8"X2" 59Mm Stromberg$37.43 EA
456-101Tfi Chrome Air Cleaner 9"X2 5/16" 59Mm Stromberg$42.79 EA
456-821Tfi Chrome Air Cleaner 9"X2" Weber Adm/Xe - XF$64.22 EA
4672Tfi Chrome Header Bolts 3/8" - 16X1" 12Pk$24.57 
4954Tfi Air Cleaner Riser Kit$26.73 EA
5330Tfi Grommet Pcv Baffle Dsgn 1 1/4" F/Hole$5.30 EA
9139Tfi Carburetor Spacer Phenolic 1/2" Squarebore$53.52 EA
GIL-G351Gilmer Drive Kit Ford Cleveland$321.31 EA
PPI308Tfi Manifold Inlet Set 253/308 - Blue/Black$17.08 EA
TFI66-001Tfi Breather Cap Black Element High Performace$32.09 EA
TFI66-002Tfi Breather Cap Red Element High Performance$32.09 EA
TFI66-003Tfi Breather Cap Blue Element High Performance$32.09 EA
TFI66-006Tfi Breather Cap Push On Red With Sheild$32.09 EA
TFI66-010Tfi Oil Filler Plug - Chrome$13.87 EA
TFI66-011Tfi Twist In Breather$16.01 EA
TFI66-019Tfi Chrome Cap Clamp On 1 3/8" ID Neck$28.86 EA
TFI66-022Tfi Chrome Oil Cap Push In 3/4" Neck Intrnl Baffle$14.95 EA
TFI66-044Tfi Breather Cap Black Element High Performance$37.43 EA
TFI66-046Tfi Breather Cap Push On All Black$16.01 EA
TFI66-049Tfi Breather Cap Twist Black High Performance$37.43 EA
TFI66-050Tfi Water Neck Holden V8 253 - 308 Dual Outlet$53.52 EA
TFI66-051Tfi Water Neck Holden 253/308 V8 Single Outlet$53.52 EA
TFI66-072Tfi Universal Clear View Filter$21.38 EA
TFI66-111Tfi Air Cleaner Nut Large$8.53 EA
TFI66-113Tfi Air Cleaner Stud & Nut 1/4" X 5" Long$8.53 EA
TFI66-220Tfi Crab Stud Kit Short 1 1/2 Inch Gold$10.66 EA
TFI66-221Tfi Carb Stud Kit Short 2" 4Pk$13.87 EA
TFI66-222Tfi Carb Stud Kit 2 1/2" 4Pk$21.38 EA
TFI66-260Tfi Hood Pin Kit Hairpin$21.38 EA
TFI66-261Tfi Chrome Plated Hood Pin Kit Flipover$24.57 EA
TFI66-331Tfi Coil Bracket & Cover Kit$16.01 EA
TFI68-065Tfi Breather Cap Clamp On 1.5 Inch I.D Black$37.43 EA
TFI69-200Tfi Accelerator Bracket Holley 4150 Silver$128.49 EA

Seat Belts

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
K2256Seat Belt Black Parcel Shelf Mount 0/0$128.49 EA
K4408Seat Belt Mounting Bracket Floor Mount Retractable$53.52 EA

Steering & Suspension

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
BJ366LBall Joint Ball Joint Lower LH VR - VS Commodore$54.03 EA
BJ366RBall Joint Lower Ball Joint VR - VS Comm Power Str R$54.03 EA
GNK2Grease Nipple Kit Inc 1/8 Bsp Straight Nple & Boot$10.71 KIT
LB2575Lowering Blocks Holden FX - HD 3"$117.78 KIT
LB3250Lowering Blocks Ford 6 Cyl XR - XF 2"$107.05 KIT
LB3675Lowering Blocks Ford V8 XR - XC ZA - ZH 3"$117.78 KIT
TE2Medium Tie Rod Boot$12.79 PAIR
TE4Large Tie Rod Boot$13.87 EA
TE5Ball Joint Boot Universal$16.01 PAIR