Ford Suspension & Steering Kit Front XD - XF Power Steer


 $849.95 KIT

Quality ISO 9001 certified system

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Suspension & Steering Rebuild Kit Front XD XE XF Power Steering

Kit Contents 20 components with 28 items

 2746Wheel Bearing Kit Front XA-XF ZF-ZL W/Seal2 - KIT
 ABJ10BBall Joint Lower XT XW XY XA XB XC XD-XF ZB-ZL2 - EA
 ABJ3Ball Joint Upper XA-XC XD-XG ZF-ZL2 - EA
 BKLH2Bush Kit Front Suspension Lower Inner XR-XD ZA-ZJ1 - KIT
 BKUG4Bush Kit Front Suspension XC-XG ZH-ZL U/Inner (4)1 - KIT
 BS2011Pitman Arm To Steer/Box Nut & Washer XR-XG ZA-ZL1 - EA
 EEC3388ASpring Saddle Upper Control Arm XK-XF ZA-ZL XG Ute2 - EA
 F2201Coil Spring Insulators Front XD XE XF Pair1 - KIT
 F2383Camber Bolt Kit XR-XD ZA-ZJ FC To 5/81 P5 P61 - KIT
 FEBK7Bumper Control Arm Kit XR - XF ZA - ZL ( 2 Pcs )1 - KIT
 SAK2001Shocker Rubber Kit Front XK-XG ZA-ZL 2 Kits Per Ca2 - KIT
 SBBK4Strut Bar Bush Kit XD XE XF ZJ ZL Both Sides1 - KIT
 SBEK6Stabilizer Bar End Link Kit XR - XF ZA - ZL Pair1 - KIT
 WC2000Grease Cap Front Hub XR-XF ZA-ZL (Pair)1 - EA
 XA3590BPitman Arm XA XB XC XD XE XF ZF-ZL Power Steering1 - EA
 XD3289ATie Rod End Outer XD XE XF ZJ ZK ZL Short2 - EA
 XD3290ATie Rod End Inner XD XE XF ZJ ZK ZL Long2 - EA
 XD3310ATie Rod Steering Adjuster Sleeve XR - XF ZA - ZL2 - KIT
 XD3A525BSteering Shaft Coupling XA-XF ZF-ZL Power Steering1 - EA
 XW3352AIdler Arm 11/69 On XW XY XA XB XC XD XE XF ZC-ZL1 - EA