Seal Boot Lid Morris Minor
Seal Boot Lid Morris Minor

British Cars Seal Boot Lid Morris Minor


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Quality ISO 9001 certified system

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Boot (trunk) rubber seal which fits to the opening of the vehicle.

This rubber is a pinch weld rubber seal.

Please note: The opening edge must be cleaned of any dirt before fitting the pinch weld.

Start fitting the pinch weld with the flap of rubber facing out, start in the lower middle of the opening and push on it around the opening until you get near the starting point, carefully cut the rubber and then the pinch weld with a sharp blade approximately 10mm longer and glue the ends together then push the pinch weld back on.

Note: If the vehicle has been repainted you may have to adjust the striker in/down, so the boot lid seals all the way around on the boot/ tailgate. On sedans adjust the striker so the boot lid closes level with the ¼ panels.

This product suits Morris

  • Minor, MM, Tourer, 1000
  • Sedan
  • Fitted with 4 cylinder 918 cc, 948 cc, 1,098 cc

This part suits the following :