Seal Tailgate HD  -  HZ S/Wagon Lower
Seal Tailgate HD   -   HZ S/Wagon Lower

Holden Seal Tailgate HD - HZ S/Wagon Lower


 $53.52 EA

Quality ISO 9001 certified system

There is no substitute for 40 years' experience! That's why Rare Spares guarantee both the quality & fitment of their products!

Tailgate seal which fits on the body of the vehicle.

This seal goes into the C section that is on the lower part of the body.

Hint: Trial fit the rubber in the C section first to see how it fits.

Note: Prepare/ clean the rubber and the C section before fitting, use a contact adhesive to make sure the seal stays in position then adjust the tailgate strikers so the tailgate closes level with the ¼ panels.

This product suits Holden HD, HR, HK, HT, HG, HQ, HJ, HX and HZ

  • Belmont, Kingswood, Premier
  • Wagon
  • Fitted with 6 cylinder Red motor, 149, 161, 179, 186, 8 cylinder V8 Red motor 253 (4.2 Litre), 308 (5.0 Litre), Chevrolet 307, 327, 350 engine.