Body Rubber Kit Mazda 1600 Sedan 73/74


 $846.55 EA

Quality ISO 9001 certified system

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Body Rubber Kit Mazda 1600 Sedan 73/74

This part suits the following :

Kit Contents 7 components with 17 items

 RBC0004Bailey Channel Suit Various Models4 - EA
 RBS0018Boot Seal Suit Various Models1 - EA
 RDS0021Door Seal Suit Various Models 4 - EA
 RDS1012BKPinchweld Door Body Opening Black Various Models4 - EA
 RG180Universal Rubber Glue 25ml Bottle1 - EA
 RM5Rubber Magic Spray 400g Pressure Pack1 - EA
 RRQS402Seal Quarter Glass Mazda 1600 Rear Sedan 2 - EA