Moulding Kit HK HT HG Fender "Eyebrow" Pair

Holden Moulding Kit HK HT HG Fender Eyebrow Pair


 $119.94 KIT

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Eye brow moulding kit (PAIR) which fits to the guards (fender) of the vehicle.

This kit has 1 Left and 1 Right guard moulding, 8 rivets and 8 clips.

1 # to fit the rivets to the guards size the rivet before drilling, make sure that the holes are clear then use a pop rivet gun to the apply the rivets into the panels, fit the clips to the rivets by placing the clip over the head of the rivet then push the clip sideways to lock the clip to the rivet.

2 # push the end clips, flat side to the bonnet into the bonnet moulding; use the bonnet to line the clips to the holes in the bonnet before fitting the moulding to the bonnet.

3 # where possible hook the moulding under the edge of the clips, then push the moulding over the clips so that the moulding sits against the panel, then fit the washers and screws to bonnet moulding tighten until the screw head just touches the washer against the bonnet.

This product suits Holden HK, HT and HG

  • Belmont, Kingswood, Premier, Brougham
  • Sedan, Wagon, Utility (Ute), Panel Van
  • Fitted with 6 cylinder Red motor, 161, 186, 8 cylinder V8 Red motor 253 (4.2 Litre), 308 (5.0 Litre), Chevrolet (Chev), 307, 327, 350 engine

This part suits the following :