Barrel & Keys Boot Lock HR

Holden Barrel & Keys Boot Lock HR


 $59.95 EA

Quality ISO 9001 certified system

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Boot (deck) lid barrel and keys which fit in the boot of the vehicle.

This barrel and keys comes supplied with barrel and keys, gasket, retainer clip to hold the barrel to the boot lid.

Please note: When fitting the barrel to the boot lid make sure that the gasket is in place and the metal leg is in the back of the barrel spring, place the barrel into the lock the push the retainer on the barrel through the inside of the boot, the retainer clip passes through the gaps in the outer case.

Hint: If the vehicle has been repainted, check that the barrel will fit into the boot, in most cases the paint on the boot hole will need to carefully sanded back for the barrel to fit to avoid chipping the paint.

This product suits Holden HR

  • Standard, Special, Premier
  • Sedan
  • Fitted with 6 cylinder Red motor, 161, 186 engine.

This part suits the following :