Badge Kit HT Holden Monaro Gts 186S


 $570.38 KIT

Quality ISO 9001 certified system

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Badge Kit HT Holden Monaro GTS 186S

Suits vehicles with the 186S engine

This part suits the following :

Kit Contents 8 components with 12 items

 B1001ABadge "GTS" HK HT HG Monaro Rear Seat1 - EA
 B1002ABadge "GTS" (Red) HT HG Monaro Door Trim2 - EA
 B1042Badge "186s" HK HT Fender2 - EA
 B1046ABadge "Monaro" Chrome HK HT HG3 - EA
 B1047Badge "GTS" Monaro Grille Red HT Only1 - EA
 B1099Badge "GTS" HK HT HG Monaro Glovebox1 - EA
 B1277Badge Grille Emblem Insert HT Belmont Kings Monaro1 - EA
 BD1044Badge Console Insert HT HG GTS With Lion Silver1 - EA