Holden Bumper Bar Kit HQ Sedan Coupe Rear With Taillight & Indicator Lenses


 $934.59 KIT

Quality ISO 9001 certified system

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Bumper Bar Kit HQ Sedan/Coupe Rear With Taillight & Indicator Lenses

Includes bumper bar bracket bolts, bumper bar bolts and tail light to bumper fitting kit

Also suits Monaro

This part suits the following :

Kit Contents 6 components with 8 items

 2811519Bumper Bar Rear HQ Sedan Monaro Chrome1 - EA
 BB1006FBumper Bar Bolt Kit HD HR LC LJ HQ Sedan Wagon Rear1 - KIT
 CBM1000EBumper Bar Bracket Bolt Kit HQ HZ Sedan Wagon Monaro Rear1 - KIT
 FK1171Tail Light To Bumper Fitting Kit HQ Sedan Coupe1 - KIT
 LRS1016Tail Light Lens HQ Sedan & Coupe2 - EA
 LRT1012Indicator Lens Rear HQ Sedan & Monaro2 - EA