Rear Hatch Hinge Covers LX Torana (Pair)

Holden Rear Hatch Hinge Covers LX Torana (Pair)


 $34.95 EA

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Rear hatch hinge covers (pair) which is for the Hatchback lid of the vehicle.

This kit has 2 hatch hinge covers and 4 screws to attach the covers to the body to cover the hinges.

This product suits Holden LX and UC

  • Torana, SL, Sunbird, SS, A9X
  • 2 Door Hatchback Coupe
  • Fitted with 4 cylinder Opel, Holden Starfire, 6 cylinder, 2250 (138), 2850 (173), 3300 (202), 8 cylinder V8 4.2 Lire (253), 5.0 Litre (308) engine.

This part suits the following :