Body Rubber Kit Holden 48 FX Ute

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 $1,499.95 KIT

Quality ISO 9001 certified system

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Body Rubber Kit FX Ute

This part suits the following :

Kit Contents 29 components with 37 items

 7400740Grommet Fuel Tank 48 FJ1 - EA
 7401730Cowl Vent Seal 48 FJ1 - EA
 7401847Seal Instrument Mounting 48 FJ1 - EA
 7405493Seal Headlight To Body 7" Universal2 - EA
 7408797Seal Vent Window Front Pillar 48 FJ FE FC FB EK2 - EA
 BK1001ABonnet Bumper Kit Lacing & Side Seal FX1 - KIT
 CVDT1Cowl Vent Drain Tube Kit FX FJ1 - KIT
 DSG1001Dip Switch Gasket 48 FX FJ1 - EA
 FMK1Fender Mounting Seal Kit 48 FJ Front (1 Fender)2 - KIT
 FW1001Grommet Kit 48 FJ Firewall1 - KIT
 GBK1001Glovebox Bumper Kit 48 FJ FE FC FB EK HD HR1 - KIT
 H1206Tailgate Bumper 50 FJ Ute Panel Van (Pair)1 - KIT
 HS1000BDust Seal Headlight Outer 7" Pair Lucas1 - KIT
 PB1000Bumper Brake & Clutch Pedal Kit 48 FJ (2 Pcs)1 - KIT
 RBC1062Bailey Channel & Pillar Kit 48 FX FJ FE FC FB EK EJ EH One Door2 - EA
 RDB1011Door Belt 48 FJ Front LH Outer or RH Inner2 - EA
 RDB1011ADoor Belt 48 FJ Front RH Outer or LH Inner2 - EA
 RDS1001Door Seal 48 FJ2 - EA
 RDS1061Seal Spare Wheel Door 48 FJ Ute Van1 - EA
 RG180Universal Rubber Glue 25ml Bottle1 - EA
 RM5Rubber Magic Spray 400g Pressure Pack1 - EA
 RQLF101Seal Quarter Vent Window FX Left Hand Front1 - EA
 RQLF102Seal Quarter Vent Window FX Right Hand Front1 - EA
 SC1Steering Column Seal Kit 48 FX FJ (3 Pce)1 - KIT
 SK1001Gasket Wiper Pivot 48 FJ Kit Of 21 - KIT
 VR1000Rivet Vent Window Pivot 48 FJ For 2 Windows1 - KIT
 WSEALWindscreen Sealer Tube 520g2 - EA
 WSF105AWindscreen Seal 48 FJ All & Rear 50 FJ Ute Stand1 - EA
 WSF105CWindscreen Seal 48 FJ All Standard With Centre B1 - EA