Ford Fuel Tank Kit XB ADR27 Sed Coupe Std From 12/74 With 5/16 Sender


 $1,079.95 KIT

Quality ISO 9001 certified system

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Fuel Tank Kit XA XB ZF ZG P5 6Cyl & V8 Sedan Coupe Standard To 12/74 With 5/16" Fuel Sender

This part suits the following :

Kit Contents 3 components with 3 items

 F2105Hose Fuel Filler To Tank XA XB XC Sedan1 - KIT
 SU2010NFuel Tank Sender 5/16" XA XB ZF ZG Sedan Coupe Standard Tank1 - EA
 XB9002FFuel Tank Standard XB XC ADR27 Sedan Coupe 12/74 on1 - KIT