Caliper Pin Insulators XW XY XA XB Kelsey-Hayes Girling

Ford Caliper Pin Insulators XW XY XA XB Kelsey - Hayes Girling


 $39.94 EA

Quality ISO 9001 certified system

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Brake caliper pin insulators which suits KELSEY-HAYES/GIRLING discs of the vehicle.

Please note: These caliper pin insulators are to stop the disc pad retaining pins from vibrating in the caliper and fit into the holes in the caliper frame.

Note: Once the caliper is back in place refit to pin R clips/ spring to secure to brake pins and brake pad in the brake caliper.

This product suits Ford XW, XY, XA and XB

  • Falcon, 500, Futura, Fairmont, GS, GT,
  • Sedan, 2 Door Hardtop, Wagon, Utility (Ute), Panel Van
  • Fitted with 6 cylinder, 188 cu in (3.1 L), 221 cu in (3.6 L), 200 cu in (3.3 L), 250 cu in (4.1L), 8 cylinder, 302 (4.9 L), 351 (5.8 L), engine.