Front Panel Fenders & Grille Bolt Kit LH LX

Holden Front Panel Fenders & Grille Bolt Kit LH LX


 $99.95 KIT

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Bolt kit which is for the front panel (nose cone), front guards (fenders) and grille of the vehicle.

This kit has 33 # bolts, 33 # j nuts (Black), 7 # j nuts, 7 # fine screws, 4 cupped washers4 rubber seals.

Please note:

1 # The 33 J nuts are for the inner guards, nose cone and the radiator support panel.

2 # the 4 cupped washers and rubber seals are for the A pillar on the inner to seal the body to the guard.

3 # The 7 J nuts are for the nose cone, 7 screws are for the grille to be screwed to the nose cone.

Note: To fit the J nuts to the panels push the clip onto the panel with the flat side facing out.

Hint: Use anti seize on the threads so the bolts and screws don’t rust into the J nuts.

This product suits LH, LX

  • Torana, Sunbird, S, SL,Gpak, SLR, L34, A9X, SLR5000, SS
  • Sedan, Hatchback
  • Fitter with4 cylinder, Opel 1900, 6 cylinder Red motor, 2250 (138), 2850 (173), 3.3 L (202) 8 cylinder Red motor, 4.2 Lire (253), 5.0 Litre (308) engine

This part suits the following :