Bumper Kit Bonnet Torana UC

Holden Bumper Kit Bonnet Torana UC


 $19.95 KIT

Quality ISO 9001 certified system

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Bonnet (hood) Rubber bumper kit which goes in the font guard (fender) and the radiator support panel of the vehicle. The side bonnet bumper rubbers go in the front guards (fender).

To install the side rubbers to the guard, size the hole in the rubber first using a piece of stiff fencing wire or a small screwdriver cut the end off with no sharp edges, then lubricate the domed head and carefully push the head through the hole.

Please note: The nuts go on the screws first to lock the screw against the radiator support panel clips then push/twist the round bumper over the screw head, adjust the screws so the bonnet is level with the guards.

This product suits Holden UC

  • Torana, Sunbird, SL, SL/E
  • Sedan, 2 Door Hatchback

Fitted with 4 cylinder Stare fire, 6 cylinder 2850, (13), 3300 (202) engine

This part suits the following :