Brake Hose LC LJ Front Disc Brake

Holden Brake Hose LC LJ Front Disc Brake


 $39.95 EA

Quality ISO 9001 certified system

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Brake hose which is for the front disc brakes of the vehicle.

Please note: This brake hose, washer screws into the disc brake caliper, to the metal bracket on the cross member which is held with a U shaped metal clip, then the metal brake pipe screws into the hose end

Note: This brake hose has supplied with it a clip that goes around the brake hose, 2 Metal retaining brake clips, a spring that goes through the hose clip and to the small hole in the guard to give the hose clearance away from the wheel.

Brake washer is not supplied with hose.

This product suits Holden LC, LJ

  • Torana, S, SL, GTR, XU1
  • Sedan, 2 Door Coupe
  • Fitted with 6 cylinder Red motor, 2250 (138), 2600 (161), 2850 (173), 3300 (202), engine

This part suits the following :