Bonnet Lock Plunger & Spring HK HT HG HQ HJ HX HZ LC - LX

Holden Bonnet Lock Plunger & Spring HK HT HG HQ HJ HX HZ LC - LX


 $39.95 EA

Quality ISO 9001 certified system

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Bonnet (hood) lock plunger, spring and retainer which fits to the bonnet of the vehicle.

Fitting tip: Place the bonnet nut on the thread of the plunger (Lock nut not supplied with these parts) place the retainer on the plunger with the flat side down then the spring over the plunger then screw the plunger into the bonnet, screw in or out for adjustment until the bonnet closes level with the guard, then tighten the lock nut to the bonnet.

This product suits Holden HK, HT, HG, HQ, HJ, HX, HZ, LC, LJ, TA, LH and LX

  • Belmont, Kingswood, Premier, Brougham, Monaro, GTS, LS, SS, Silver Anniversary, Chssis Cab, Holden, Sandman, Standard, S, SL, DeLux, GTR, XU1, Gpak, SLR, A9X, SS, SLR5000, Hatchback
  • Sedan, Wagon, Utility (Ute). Panel Van,
  • Fitted with 4 cylinder 1160, Opel, Starfire, 6 cylinder Red motor, 161, 186, 173, 2250, 2600, 2850,3300 (202) 8 cylinder V8, Red motor, 253 (4.2 Litre), 308 (5.0 Litre), Chevrolet 307, 327, 350 engine