Bonnet Release Spring VB VC VH VK Commodore

Holden Bonnet Release Spring VB VC VH VK Commodore


 $24.95 EA

Quality ISO 9001 certified system

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Bonnet (hood) lock release spring which fits into the radiator support panel of the vehicle.

Note: To fit the spring remove the black plastic cover that sits on the radiator support panel, place the spring into the hole in the radiator support panel, then fit the bonnet cable to the end of the spring.

This product suits Holden VB, VC, VH & VK

  • Commodore, L, SL, SL/E, Vacationer, SL/X, SS
  • Sedan, Wagon
  • Fitted with 4 cylinder Starfire, 6 cylinder Red motor and Blue motor 2850 (173), 3300 (202), 8 cylinder V8 4.2 Litre (253), 5.0 Litre (308) engine