Handbrake Release Knob LH LX UC Torana

Holden Handbrake Release Knob LH LX UC Torana


 $54.95 EA

Quality ISO 9001 certified system

Officially endorsed by GMH under the Holden Restoration Parts by Rare Spares program to be as close to original specification as possible.

Knob handbrake (emergency brake) which fits to the dash of the vehicle. (Late type)

Please note: This handbrake knob with the twist / pull logo is fitted to the brake release shaft in the dash and is held in place with an Allen key set screw (grub screw).

Note: The set screw is not part of the knob.

This knob also suits UC Torana fitted with a bench seat.

This product suits Holden LH, LX and UC


  • Torana, S, SL, Sunbird, SS, A9X, SLR, SLR5000
  • Sedan, 2 Door Hatchback
  • Fitted with 4 cylinder, Starfire, 6 cylinder Red motor, 2250 (138), 2850 (173), 3300 (202), 8 cylinder V8, 4.2 Litre (253), 5.0 Litre (308), engine.

This part suits the following :