Handbrake Cable EK Automatic (Front)

Holden Handbrake Cable EK Automatic (Front)


 $34.95 EA

Quality ISO 9001 certified system

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Handbrake (emergency brake) cable front which fits to the handbrake handle of the vehicle.

Please note: This front cable is for EK fitted with automatic transmission.

This front handbrake cable fits into the handbrake handle pull shaft,

To start, pull the shaft fully out, put the end of the cable up through the shaft and place the ball in the hole then twist the handle and push it home until it stops then fit the other end through the firewall and pulleys to the intermediate cable.

Note: Once the cable has been fitted into the handbrake pull rod, push the cable retainer/ collar down to cover the cable hole. This cable has no brackets included with the cable.

Hint: Lubricate the handbrake pull shaft and pulleys before fitting the cable.

This product suits Holden EK

  • Standard, Special
  • Sedan, Wagon
  • Fitted with 6 cylinder Grey motor engine.

This part suits the following :

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