Rare Spares Restoration, Spare Parts & Accessories Price List as at 22/10/2020

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Spare Wheel & Jack Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
92031234Tool Wrench Wheelnut WB - VN ( VG ) Genuine Holden$13.33 EA
9785616Spare Wheel Nut HK HT HG$29.95 EA
H1385Spare Wheel Hold Down Kit (Rally Type) HQ$88.37 KIT


Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
8075Tfi Wheel Spacer 5 Studs 90X163mm 12Mm Thick$30.86 
8077Tfi Wheel Spacer 5 Studs 90X163mm 3Mm Thick$24.57 EA
8082Tfi Wheel Spacer 5 Studs 90X163mm 8Mm Thick$26.73 EA

Wheel Bearings & Seals

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
WC2000Grease Cap Front Hub XR - XF ZA - ZL (Pair)$16.94 EA
WC2003Wheel Bearing Hub Nut & Washer Retainer Kit XW XY$34.95 KIT
WC2004Wheel Bearing Hub Nut & Washer Retainer Kit XA - XC$34.95 KIT

Wheel Centre Caps & Decals

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
92032247Wheel Centre Cap VB - VZ 15" Steel Wheel "Plastic"$14.95 EA
WC1003Decal Wheel Cap Early HQ Gts Road Wheel (Set Of 4)$73.65 KIT
WC1004Decal Wheel Cap HJ - HX LH - LX Gts Road Whl(Set Of 4)$73.65 KIT
WC1006Road Wheel Centre Cap HQ (Lion W/O Tail Anti Theft$52.99 EA
WC1006AWheel Cap Set With Nuts HQ Gts (4 Wheels)$308.95 EA
WC1007Road Wheel Cap HJ - Z LH - X Lion With Tail Anti Theft$52.97 EA
WC1007AWheel Cap Set With Nuts HJ - HZ Gts LH - LX (4 Wheels)$308.95 EA
WC1008Wheel Centre Cap (Black) Torana LJ (Pair)$99.95 PAIR
WC1008AWheel Centre Cap Kit With Nuts Early LJ Acorn Nuts$239.95 PAIR
WC1008BWheel Centre Cap Kit With Nuts Late LJ Blk Dot Nut$249.95 PAIR
WC1009Wheel Centre Cap (Red) Torana LC (Pair)$99.95 PAIR
WC1009AWheel Centre Cap Kit With Nuts LC Acorn Nuts$239.94 PAIR
WC1011Wheel Cap Set LJ Original Globe Mags (4)$64.22 EA
WC1012Wheel Bearing Hub Cover Holden Front (Pair)$15.91 EA
WC1014Wheel Centre Cap Suits "Slr" Wheel LH LX$46.30 EA
WC2001Wheel Centre Cap 5 Slot Or 12 Slot XW XY XA$63.95 EA
WC2002Wheel Centre Cap "Gt" Emblem XA XB GT 12 Slot$48.93 EA
WM1100Paint Mask Gts Rally Wheel HQ - HZ (Does 4 Wheels)$117.51 EA

Wheel Spacers

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
2807154Spacer Wheel LC 186X LJ Xu1 LX SS HK 327$21.63 EA

Wheel Trims

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
GXCT13-1Wheel Trim 13" Round Edge$21.95 EA
GXCT14-1Wheel Trim 14" Round Edge$22.95 EA
GXCT15-1Wheel Trim 15" Round Edge$22.95 EA
GXCT16-1Wheel Trim 16" Round Edge$23.95 EA
WT1001Trim Wheel Ring HQ HJ HX HZ Gts Square Edge (1)$86.94 EA
WT1004Wheel Trim Ring 14' HQ - HZ Gts Square Edge Set Of 4$339.94 SET
WT1004AWheel Trim Cap & Nut Set Late HJ HX HZ (4 Wheels)$623.90 SET
WT1004BTrim Wheel HQ - Early HJ Caps & Nuts For 4 Wheel$623.90 SET
WT2000Wheel Trim Ring Suit 5 Or 12 Slot Rims XR XT XW XY$85.65 EA

Wheels Nuts & Studs

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
WC1016Wheel Cap Nut Cover Set Plastic Black VE (5)$32.08 KIT
WC1017Wheel Cap Nut Cover Set Plastic VT - VZ (5)$49.95 KIT
WN10025Wheel Nut FJ FE FC FB EK EJ EH HD HR HK Set Of 5$10.19 EA
WN1002A5Wheel Nut Kit 1 Wheel LC LJ (Early Acorn Type)St$26.24 EA
WN10035Wheel Nut Kit 1 Wheel LH - LX A9x HX - Hz(Chrome Dome)$26.24 EA
WN10045Nut Wheel Kit HQ LJ LH LX Short With Black Centre$35.99 EA
WN10055Wheel Nut HG HQ HJ HX HZ WB & LC UC Set Of 5$12.16 SET
WN10065Wheel Nut Set VB - VZ Chrome Acorn$13.33 EA
WN10075Wheel Nut Set VB - VZ Chrome Bulge Nut$15.40 EA
WN10085Wheel Nut Set Holden 7/16" Chrome Acorn (5)$15.95 KIT
WN10095Wheel Nut Set Holden 7/16" Chrome Bulge (5)$15.95 KIT
WN10105Wheel Nut Set Holden 7/16" Chrome Mag Nut Std (5)$15.95 KIT
WN10115Wheel Nut Set VB - VZ Standard (5)$12.95 KIT
WN20005Wheel Nut & Washer XY Gtho/ Cobra Bathurst (5Pcs)$32.09 EA
WN20025Wheel Nut Set XW XY GS One Wheel$24.10 EA
WN20035Wheel Nut Set Ford 1/2" Chrome Acorn (5)$15.95 KIT
WN20045Wheel Nut Set Ford 1/2" Chrome Bulge (5)$15.95 KIT
WN20055Wheel Nut Set Ford 1/2" Chrome Mag Nut Standard 5$15.95 KIT
WN20065Wheel Nut Set XK - XY XA - XC XG - XH EA - AU Standard (5)$9.96 KIT
WN20075Wheel Nut Set XD XE XF Standard (5)$19.95 KIT
WN3000Wheel Nut Washers To Suit Mag Nut (5)$7.95 KIT
WS1001Wheel Stud Holden FJ - HG LC - LJ$4.98 EA
WS10015Wheel Stud (Pack Of 5) Holden FJ - Hg, LC LJ Torana$14.95 EA
WS10015AWheel Stud And Nut Set Of 5 FJ - HK$19.94 KIT
WS10015BWheel Nut And Stud HT HG LC LJ (Set Of 5)$19.94 EA
WS1001CWheel Stud HQ HJ HX HZ WB LH LX UC Not A9x$6.94 EA
WS1001DWheel Stud And Nut HQ HJ HX HZ WB LH LX UC Not A9x$6.95 EA
WS1002Wheel Studs VB - VP TX - TF Fr & Rr VR - VZ Rr Only (5)$29.95 KIT
WS1002AWheel Studs & Nuts VB - VP Fr & Rr VR - VZ Rr Only (5)$39.95 KIT
WS1015CWheel Stud And Nut HQ - WB LH - UC Not A9x (5)$35.45 EA
WS1015DWheel Stud HQ HJ HX HZ WB LH LX UC Not A9x Set 5$32.35 EA
WS2000Wheel Studs XK - XT Front, XE - XF ZA - ZK Rear Drum (5)$24.95 KIT
WS2001Wheel Studs XR - XD Rear Drum, XE - ED Rear Disc (5)$24.95 KIT
WS2002Wheel Studs XW - XY Frt Disc, XB - XC ZG - ZH Rr Disc (5$29.95 KIT
WS2003Wheel Studs XB - XF EA - ED Front Disc, ZA - ZL Drum (5)$29.95 KIT
WS2004Wheel Studs XD ZJ FC Front Or Rear Disc (5)$24.95 KIT