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Brake & Clutch Master Cylinders

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
7426666Clutch Master Cylinder FE - HR & HD - HR Brake W/Disc$115.30 EA
7433520Clutch Master Cylinder HK - HG$139.05 EA

Brake & Clutch Pedal Bush Kits

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
BS1037Clutch Pedal Bolt Kit HQ - WB LH LX Exc 350$12.95 KIT
BS1038Brake Pedal Bolt Kit HQ 350 HQ HJ Auto HX - WB LH$13.95 KIT
CRPB1Clutch Or Brake Rod Push Bush XR - XY ZA - ZD$5.50 EA

Brake & Clutch Pedal Pads

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
PP2005Pad Clutch Pedal XR - XF ZA - ZD F100/250/350 2Wd$10.90 EA
PP2010APad Clutch Pedal Cortina TC TD TE TF$16.01 EA

Clutch Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
2805297Clutch Slave Cylinder HK HT HG 4 Speed$99.95 EA
2807108Lever Clutch Relay HK HT HG LC LJ Torana$57.95 EA
2809745Anchor Clutch Control HK HT HG LC LJ$47.10 EA
2809746Rod Clutch HT HG Except 350$76.27 EA
2816542Clutch Pull Rod Assy HQ HJ All Except 350 Manual$59.95 EA
2823632Clutch Control Rod LH LX Torana 6 Cylinder$39.94 EA
3993851Clutch Fork Boot HK HT HG HQ With Chev Engine$44.95 EA
7409949Clutch Rod & Nuts FE To EK HK HT HG Saginaw$21.95 EA
7409952Clutch Slave Cylinder FE FC FB EK Various Convers$89.95 EA
7410766Adaptor Clutch Slave Cylinder FE FC FB EK & 4 Sp$29.95 EA
7417646Spring Clutch Lever Assist EJ EH HD HR HK$24.95 EA
7424374Clutch Slave Cylinder EH 179 HD HR$102.95 EA
7425514Clutch Slave Cylinder Kit EJ EH HD HR$16.01 KIT
7433895Clutch Fork Ball All Synchro Aussie 4 Speed 6 Cyl$11.95 EA
92002739Clutch Cable UC 4 & 6 Cylinder$102.95 EA
92017387Clutch Cable VB VC VH 6 Cyl 4 Speed Aussie$64.94 EA
92017388Clutch Cable VB VC VH Commodore 8 Cylinder$69.95 EA
92017389Clutch Cable VB - VH 4&6 Cyl 4Sp Torqmaster, 5Sp BW$90.56 EA
92017394Clutch Cable HZ WB 6 Cylinder Pull Type$64.94 EA
92017395Clutch Cable HZ WB 8 Cylinder Pull Type$69.95 EA
92020434Bearing Spigot FX - VT Exc Chev/Buick/Nissan Motors$10.66 EA
92023379Clutch Cable VK VL Commodore 8 Cylinder$79.95 EA
92039430Clutch Fork Cover VN VP VR VS V6 & V8$29.94 EA
9930430Clutch Cable LH LX UC Opel Engine$102.34 EA
9932921Clutch Cable LH LX Torana 8 Cylinder$98.82 EA
9940956Clutch Cable HX - HZ 8 Cyl Push Fork Clutch System$85.94 EA
9942905Clutch Cable HJ HX HZ 6 Cylinder Push Type$123.54 EA
9945722Clutch Fork Spring HZ WB VB - VS$32.95 EA
C30Z7513AClutch Lever Dust Boot 6 Cyl XM XC ZA ZG Hyd Clutc$69.95 EA
C80Z7515AClutch Fork 8/68 XT XW XY XA XB XC XD XE V8$175.00 EA
CC195Clutch Cable XF - G Ute P/Van 5Spd Manual XF Manual$90.99 EA
CC222Clutch Cable Ford EF EL AU XH 6 Cylinder$79.95 ea
CH1000Clutch Hose FE FC FB EK & Some 4 Speed Conversions$42.78 EA
CH1001Clutch Hose EJ EH$48.14 EA
CMCPRPush Rod Adjustable Clutch M.Cyl With Bush XR - XD$39.94 EA
CRS1002Clutch Pedal Return Spring Kit VN - VS Man V6 & V8$49.95 kit
CT22Throw Out Bearing 48 - HZ LC - UC$51.44 EA
DC2000Dust Cover Clutch Fork V8 XR XT XW XY XA XB - XE$34.95 EA
F2056Clutch Slave Cylinder Pipe XW XY$119.94 EA
F2057Clutch Slave Cylinder Pipe XY Ho Only$119.94 EA
F2149Clutch Equalizer Bar Repair Kit XK - XP$32.09 EA
F2270Pedal Box Manual Conversion Kit XW XY ZC ZD$253.51 EA
F2271Pedal Box Manual Conversion Kit XA - XC All XD - XE V8$253.17 EA
F2315Top Loader Clutch Fork Pivot HT Bolt All$69.56 EA
H1381Clutch Fork Dust Cover HZ Pull Type WB VB - VL 8Cyl$29.94 EA
H1432Clutch Fork Seal Retain Spring 3&4Spd HK - HZ LC - UC$24.95 EA
RODCB1Bracket Hydraulic Clutch Conversion Various$124.99 EA
XA7A508BClutch Slave Cylinder XW XY XA XB XC XD XE$61.75 EA

Consoles & Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
6649854Boot Gear Shift FE FC$19.94 EA
C5ZZ7213FShifter Handle T - Bar XT - XA Early XB ZA - ZF$61.81 EA
GK1001Knob Gearshift Round All Aussie 4Sp HQ - HZ LC - LX$59.95 EA
GK1002Knob Gear Shift HQ - WB LJ LH LX UC Column Shift$39.94 EA
GK1003Handle Tee Bar LX Hatchback Automatic$67.95 EA
GK1004Handle Tee Bar Auto HJ - WB LH - UC Not Hatch (Kit)$78.85 EA
GK1007Knob G/Shift Ausse 4Sp LJ Gtr LH Exc L34 LX HQ HJ$49.94 EA
GK1008Knob Gear Shift HT HG Saginaw Or Opel LC Gtr Opel$84.94 EA
GK1009Gearshift Knob Saginaw Woodgrain HK$42.96 EA
GK1011Gear Lever Knob & Bezel '48 - FJ Std (White)$54.95 KIT
GK2001Knob Gearshift XT XW XY XA XB GT Top Loader$32.95 EA
GK2002Gear Knob Single Rail G/Box 4/74 On XB XC TC$50.89 KIT
GS2001Gear Shift Boot Kit XY Manual$69.95 KIT
GS2001AGear Shift Boot Kit XW Manual$69.95 KIT
GS2002Bezel & Indicator Dial XW XY ZC ZD Tbar Auto "Set"$74.95 KIT
GS2004Gear Shift Boot Vinyl XA XB 4 Speed$69.95 EA
GS2005Gear Shift Boot (Vinyl) XC 4 Speed Manual$69.95 EA
GS2006Gear Shift Boot XD Manual (Vinyl)$39.94 EA
GSB1000Gear Shift Boot 4 Speed HK HT HG Gts Monaro$54.95 EA
GSB1001Gear Shift Boot & Retainer Floor 4Sp HQ - HZ LH - LX$59.95 EA
GSB1001AGear Shift Boot Kit Upper & Lower HQ - WB LX 4 Speed$69.95 EA
GSB1002Gear Shift Boot Upper VL 5 Speed$59.95 EA
GSB1002AGear Shift Boot & Surround VL 5 Speed$129.94 EA
GSB1002BGear Shift Boot Retainer VL Manual 5 Speed$49.95 EA
GSB1002CGear Shift Boot Lower VL Manual$24.95 EA
GSB1003Gear Shift Boot HJ HX HZ WB LX 4 Speed$72.94 EA
GSB1003ABoot & Cover Console HJ - WB LX 4 Speed Some Man$119.94 EA
GSB1004ABoot & Cover Console Late Hq, Hj, LH Slr LX SL 4Sp$99.95 EA
GSB1005AConsole Lid Surround & Boot Early HQ Gts 4Sp Silvr$139.94 EA
GSB1005ABConsole Lid Surround & Boot Late HQ HJ LH Slr LX$129.94 EA
GSB1006Gearshift Boot & Surround Early HQ Gts 4 Sp Silver$99.95 EA
GSB1006AGearshift Boot & Surround Early HQ Gts 4 Spd Black$99.95 EA
GSB1006ABConsole Lid Surround & Boot Early HQ 4Spd (Black)$119.94 EA
GSB1007Boot Console LJ 4 Speed Black Orignal Pattern$99.95 EA
GSB1008Boot Console LC 4 Speed Silver Original Pattern$99.95 EA
GSB1009Boot Auto Trans Shifter Lower Dust Cover HK HT HG$34.95 EA
GSB1010Gear Shift Boot Lower HK HT HG Saginaw$119.94 EA
GSB1011AConsole Insert Kit Lid & Boot HK - G Manual$175.00 EA
GSB1011WNConsole Insert Kit HG Manual Walnut$349.94 EA
GSB1012Gear Shift Boot Lower HK Opel$39.94 EA
GSB1014Gear Shift Boot Under Floor HQ - HZ LH - LX 4 Speed$39.94 EA
GSB1015Gear Shift Boot 4 & 5 Speed VB VC VH VK$49.94 EA
GSB1016Gear Shift Boot (Lower) LC - LJ With Aussie 4 Speed$49.94 EA
GSB1017Gear Shift Boot Manual VN VP VR VS V6 V8$49.94 EA
GSB1017AGear Shift Boot Surround & Retainer VN VP VR VS$299.95 KIT
GSB1017BGear Shift Boot Retainer VN VG VP VR VS Manual$49.95 EA
GSB1017CGear Shift Boot Lower VN VG VP VR VS V6 & 8 Manual$42.96 EA
GSB1018Gear Shift Boot Lower Kit T5 Trans VL VN VP VR VS$49.95 KIT
GSB2000Gear Shift Boot to Floor BW 4 Speed XB XC$59.95 EA
GSB2008Gear Shift Boot Lower Kit T5 Trans XF - BF$49.95 KIT
GSS1000Gear Shift Boot Spring Manual VN VP VR VS V6 V8$9.96 EA
H1169Rubber Insert Tee Bar Shifter Handle HT HG Auto$19.94 EA
TBBRepair Kit T - Bar Auto Ford XT - XC ZC - ZH P5 P6 L$8.03 EA

Dash & Speedo Decals

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
D1001Speedo Face Decal 140 Mph HQ$15.53 EA
MSC2000Decal Metric Speedo Conversion FB EK Holden$28.86 EA
MSC2001Decal Metric Speedo Conversion EH Holden$27.59 EA
MSC2004Decal Metric Speedo Conversion HT & HG Holden$29.94 EA
MSC2101Decal Metric Speedo Conversion HD HR Holden$26.46 EA
MSC2102Decal Metric Speedo Conversion HQ Gts$36.16 EA
MSC2103Decal Metric Speedo Conversion HB LC LJ Torana$30.26 EA
MSC2104Decal Metric Speedo Conversion LC LJ Gtr XU - 1$30.05 EA

Dash Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
GK1002Knob Gear Shift HQ - WB LJ LH LX UC Column Shift$39.94 EA
GK1011Gear Lever Knob & Bezel '48 - FJ Std (White)$54.95 KIT

Diff & Rear Axle Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
3931171Limited Slip Diff Lubricant Tag HK HT Salisbury$29.94 EA
7400749Axle Key 48 FJ$11.95 EA
7407392Seal Differential Pinion Late FJ FE FC FB EK EJ$19.95 EA
7419736Seal Oil Rear Axle FB EK Some EJ EH HD HR HK HT HG$9.96 EA
7435153Gasket Differential To Housing All Banjo Type$9.94 EA
7449801Gasket Diff Salisbury LH - LX HQ - VK$13.95 EA
AUF5002Rear Axle Bearing Seal XR - XC ZA - ZG Drum or Disc 9"$9.96 EA
AUF5004Rear Axle Bearing Seal XR - XC ZA - ZG Drum Excl 9"$9.96 EA
B7A4035AGasket Differential Centre 9" XW - XC ZC - ZH$12.95 EA
BS1041Diff Cover Bolt Kit HQ - WB LX UC (Salisbury)$19.94 EA
DGS2000Gasket & Nut Set Diff Centre 9" XW - XC ZC - ZH$24.95 SET
DPG1000Diff Filler Plug Grommet VK - VS C/Dore XD - XF Falcon$11.95 EA
F2307Diff Spring Spacer 6Mm XW On$13.87 EA
FK1097Nut Retainer Salisbury Diff Pinion HK - VH LH - UC$7.94 EA
FK2024Diff Centre To Housing Nut & Washer Kit XT - XC 9"$12.95 EA
VS21368Diff Gasket Borg Warner Ford XT - EA Holden VL - VS$14.95 EA

Engine & Transmission Mount Bolts

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
BS1010Trans Mount Nut/Bolt Set EH - HR Manual Ex Ute/Van$13.95 EA
BS1011Trans Mount Nut/Bolt Set EH - HR Auto & Ute/Van Man$15.95 EA
BS1012Trans Mount Nut & Bolt Set HK HT HG (All)$16.94 EA
BS1013Trans Mount Nut/Bolt Set HQ - WB VB - VK 6 & 8 Cyl$15.95 EA
BS1025Transmission Oil Pan Bolt Kit Holden HD - VL$24.95 PACK
BS1027Engine To Gear Box Bolt Set 6 Cyl Man 48 - HZ LC - LX$11.95 EA
BS1029Torque Convertor To Flexplate Bolt Set HD - VL LC - UC$15.95 KIT
BS1031Extension Housing Bolt Kit Turbo 350/400 HQ - WB$17.68 EA
BS1040Torque Converter Cover Bolt Set HK - HQ 307 327 350$10.66 EA
BS1042Extension Housing Bolt Kit Trimatic LJ - UC HQ - WB$8.03 KIT
BS2001Transmission Mount Nut & Bolt Set XR - XF ZA - ZL$22.95 EA
BS2012Bell Housing & Inspction Plate Bolt Kit XR - XC Auto$17.94 SET
FK1053Bell Housing Bolt Kit 4 Speed/Auto V8 HT - VL LH LX$8.94 EA
FK1055Crossmember To Body Bolt Kit LH LX 4 Speed$15.95 EA
FK1059Transmission Cross Member Bolt Kit HQ HJ HX HZ WB$7.45 KIT
FK2004Torque Convertor Mounting Nut Set XR - XE V8$12.95 EA

Engine & Transmission Mounts

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
7432236Mounting Trans EH - WB Some VB - VL Some LJ - LX Some$49.94 EA
ARC2DD6068AMounting Gear Box XK XL$44.23 EA
EM1004ATransmission Mounting Kit EH HD HR$69.96 EA
EM1005ATransmission Mount Kit Powerglide HD HR HK HT HG$69.96 EA
EM1005BTrans Mount Kit HQ - WB VB - VK LC - LJ Trimatic & M21$69.96 KIT
EM1005CTransmission Mounting Kit HQ - VB Turbo 400$49.94 kit
EM1005DTransmission Mount Kit Turbo 350 HZ - WB VB - VH V8$69.96 KIT
EM1005ETransmission Mount Kit Turbo 700 VN VP VR VS V8$69.96 KIT
EM1018Trans Mount Retainer Most EH - WB LJ - LX VB - VL VN - VS$25.95 EA
EM2002Transmission Mount & Bolt Kit XR - XF ZA - ZL Ltd$55.95 KIT
H1128Transmission Mount Support Insulator LH LX UC Auto$16.94 EA

Floor Pans & Boot Floor Sections

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
F2348Transmission Tunnel Hump Cover XR - XY ZA - ZD$174.94 EA

Gaskets & Seals

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
10054241Seal O Ring Speedo Sleeve Th350 & P/Glide$14.95 EA
401670NExtension Housing Seal Ford XK - XF Holden HD - VS$11.95 EA
7400297Rear Axle Oil Seal Holden 48 FJ FE FC$12.79 EA
7403035Seal Oil Gear Box Selector 48 FJ FE FC FB EK$11.95 EA
7405896Gasket Set Gearbox 3 Speed 48 - EK Grey Motor$24.95 KIT
7407392Seal Differential Pinion Late FJ FE FC FB EK EJ$19.95 EA
7419736Seal Oil Rear Axle FB EK Some EJ EH HD HR HK HT HG$9.96 EA
7426898Gasket Set Gearbox 3 Speed Crash Box EJ - HK$24.95 SET
7430921Seal O Ring Speedo Cable Aussie / Trimatic 13/16"$3.95 EA
7434266Seal Speedo Cable Shaft All Syncro Trimatic$3.95 EA
7435153Gasket Differential To Housing All Banjo Type$9.94 EA
7449801Gasket Diff Salisbury LH - LX HQ - VK$13.95 EA
95710600Gasket Set Gearbox 3 & 4 Speed Aussie Box HT - WB$17.99 KIT
AUF5002Rear Axle Bearing Seal XR - XC ZA - ZG Drum or Disc 9"$9.96 EA
AUF5004Rear Axle Bearing Seal XR - XC ZA - ZG Drum Excl 9"$9.96 EA
B7A4035AGasket Differential Centre 9" XW - XC ZC - ZH$12.95 EA
DGS2000Gasket & Nut Set Diff Centre 9" XW - XC ZC - ZH$24.95 SET
DPG1000Diff Filler Plug Grommet VK - VS C/Dore XD - XF Falcon$11.95 EA
H1067Gear Box Extension Housing Seal 48 - HK 3 Speed$33.95 EA
VS21368Diff Gasket Borg Warner Ford XT - EA Holden VL - VS$14.95 EA

Gear Box Rebuild Kits

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
7430864Gearbox Overhaul Kit 3 Speed 48 FJ FE FC FB EK$195.65 KIT
C5ZZ7208AShifter Lever Spring Rebuild Kit Toploader XR - XB$46.30 EA
F2424Borg Warner Single Rail Gear Shifter Repair Kit$56.60 EA
GK2Gearbox Rebuild Kit 3Spd EJ EH 149 No Thrst Washer$200.85 KIT
GK3Gearbox Overhaul Kit 3 Speed Crash EH - HK Not 149$200.85 KIT

Gear Shifters & Linkages

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
2812313Gear Shift Assembly LC LJ 4 Speed Chrome Shifter$489.94 EA
2812578Shifter & Gear Knob Aussie 4 Speed Bench Seat$550.00 EA
2812578KShifter & Linkage Kit Aussie 4 Speed Bench Seat$699.94 KIT
2825519Shifter & Gear Knob Aussie 4 Speed Bucket Seats$550.00 EA
2825519KShifter & Linkage Kit Aussie 4 Speed Bucket Seat$699.94 KIT
3922514Gear Shift Mechanism Saginaw HK HT HG$309.99 EA
CP1071Gear Shift Rod Retainer Univ.Applications (6 Qty)$19.94 KIT
F2379Gearshift Insulator Kit XF - AU Column Shift Auto$11.95 KIT
F2424Borg Warner Single Rail Gear Shifter Repair Kit$56.60 EA
GSBK001Gear Shift Bush Kit FE - HR Holden 3 Speed$19.94 EA
GSBK002Gear Shift Bush Kit HK Holden 3 Speed$8.94 EA
GSBK003Gear Shift Bush Kit HT Holden 3 Speed$16.94 EA
GSBK004Gear Shift Bush Kit HG Holden 3 Speed$16.94 EA
GSBK005Gear Shift Bush Kit HQ - WB LH - UC Aussi Trim & Turbo$19.94 EA
GSBK006Gear Shift Bush Kit HQ - WB 3 Speed Column Shift$16.94 EA
GSBK007Gear Shift Linkage Adjuster Kit Aussie 4 Speed$16.94 EA
GSBK008AGear Shift Bush Kit 48 - FJ Holden 3 Speed$11.95 EA
GSLKLinkage Kit Aussie 4 Speed Shifter$180.19 EA
GSRK1001Shift Rod Kit HQ HJ HX HZ Console Shift Turbo Tran$69.95 EA

Rubber Bumpers Grommets & Insulators

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
FW2000AFirewall Grommet Speedo & Accelerator XR - XY$9.94 EA

Sandwich Plates & Inspection Plates

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
F2007Sandwich Plate Convertor Cover C4 XR - XE ZA - ZK V8$74.94 EA
F2008Sandwich Plate Conv. Cover Late C4 C10 Fmx XR - E V8$74.94 EA
F2027Inspection Plate Lower Bellhousing C4 XR - XE ZA - ZK$25.95 EA
F2028Inspection Plate Lwr Bellhousing C10 Fmx XR - XE V8$25.95 EA
H1338Flywheel Plastic Cover Right Hand VY VZ Manual$6.94 EA
H1344Transmission Converter Cover (Left Hand) VY VZ$6.94 EA
SSR17Sandwich Plate Clev/Wind Toploader S/Rail XR - XE$59.95 EA

Speedo Cables, Drives & Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
12338069Speedo Gear Housing Retainer Th350/400 700R4 4L60eN/A EACH
2805893Speedo Cable Ass HT 6 & 8 Cyl Pglide Wt 7.35X14tyr$89.95 EA
2805894Speedo Cable Assembly HT 6Cyl Pglide Ex 7.35X14$89.95 EA
2806048Speedo Cable HK HT HG Saginaw Muncie Powerglide$89.95 EA
2806555Speedo Cable Blanking Grommet HT HG Saginaw$7.95 EA
2806786Speedo Cable Assembly LC 6 Cyl 4 Speed Exc Aussi$89.95 EA
2814249Speedo Cable Assembly HQ Saginaw & Muncie$89.95 EA
2817826Speedo Cable Assembly HT HG 3Sp All Sync & Trimat$89.95 EA
2817826LSpeedo Cable 3 & 4 Sp Aussie & Trimatic 80" Long$89.95 EA
2817827Speedo Cable Assy LC LJ 6 Cyl All Except Opel 4s$89.95 EA
2817829Speedo Cable Assembly HK 3 Speed All Syncrho$89.95 EA
345215Speedo Gear Adaptor Th350 P/Glide Saginaw Muncie$42.96 EACH
3708148Speedo Gear Housing Retainer Th350 / 200 - 4R$9.96 EACH
7404033Speedo Cable Assembly 48 FJ$89.95 EA
7409978Speedo Cable Assembly FE FC$89.95 EA
7412932Speedo Cable Assembly FB EK Manual$89.95 EA
7417685Speedo Cable Assembly EJ EH Manual$89.95 EA
7417770Speedo Cable Assembly EK Auto$89.95 EA
7418651Speedo Cable Assembly EJ EH Automatic$89.95 EA
7430648Speedo Cable Assembly HR 4 Speed Opel$89.95 EA
7430787Speedo Cable Assembly HD HR 3Spd. Manual$89.95 EA
7431219Speedo Cable Assembly HD HR Powerglide Auto$89.95 EA
7433991Speedo Cable Assembly HK 6Cl Auto Exc 7.35X14 Ty$89.95 EA
7437471Speedo Cable Assembly HK 3 Speed Non Synchro 1St.$89.95 EA
92003653Speedo Cable Ass VB VH VK 4Sp Torquemaster$89.95 EA
92007986Speedo Cable Assembly VC VH Speedo To Transducer$89.95 EA
92007987Speedo Cable Assy VC VH Trans To Transducer Some$89.95 EA
92016189Speedo Cable Assembly VH VK 6Cyl$89.95 EA
92018977Speedo Drive Gear Clip 3 Speed 4 Speed Trimatic$3.95 EA
92025125Speedo Cable VL Comm 6Cyl Manual Turbo$89.95 EA
92025966Speedo Cable VL Comm 8 Cyl Auto$85.94 EA
92031668Speedo Cable VL 6Cyl Auto Turbo & Non Turbo$89.95 EA
92031669Speedo Cable VL Comm 6Cyl Man Non Turbo$89.95 EA
9940225Speedo Cable Assembly UC 6&8Cyl 3&4Sp Trm Exmc6$89.95 EA
9943803Speedo Cable Assembly HJ Trimatic/All Aust Not G$89.95 EA
9943804Speedo Cable Assembly HQ - HZ Turbo & P/Glide Ex Gts$89.95 EA
9943805Speedo Cable Assembly HQ - WB 3 & 4 Sp Aust & Trimat$89.95 EA
9943806Speedo Cable Assembly HJ - WB T/H 350/400 Sag Muncie$89.95 EA
9943810Speedo Cable Assembly LH 6 & 8 Cyl 4Sp Man \ Aut$89.95 EA
9947986Speedo Cable Assembly VB VC VH VK 4 Speed & Trim$89.95 EA
9947987Speedo Cable Assembly VB Turbo 400 VB - VH Turbo 3$89.95 EA
9947987LSpeedo Cable VB - VK Turbo 350 400 (180Cm Long)$89.95 EA
AR387601SRetainer Speedo Cable XR XT XW XY - XC ZA - ZH$11.95 EA
ARC4DA17260BSpeedo Cable Assembly XK XL XM XP Manual$89.95 EA
ARC5DA17260ASpeedo Cable Assembly Falcon XP Auto B/W - 35 Only$89.95 EA
CRC0DF17260ASpeedo Cable Assembly XK XL XM All XP Some Auto$89.95 EA
FK1179Speedo Drive / Cable Fitting Kit HK - WB LC - UC$12.95 KIT
SC002Speedo Cable EJ - HG LC - LJ XK - XY Toyota 5Spd 1600Mm$89.95 EA
SC007Speedo Cable HQ - WB LH - UC With Ford Toploader G/Box$89.95 EA
SCFJCSpeedo Cable FX - HG With Toyota 5 Speed Box 2000Mm$89.95 EA
SCHQCSpeedo Cable HQ - WB LH - UC With Toyota 5 Speed G/Box$89.95 EA
SG1000Gear Speedo Drive 4 Speed Trimatic White 8 TeethN/A EA
SG1001Gear Speedo Drive Trimatic 4 Spd Dk Blue 9 Th V8$39.94 EA
SG1003Gear Speedo Driven EH HD HK Ht HG Light Blue 22Th$39.94 EA
SG1004Gear Speedo EH M & H, T,G M, A 3.55 HR M3.36 Red$39.94 EA
SG1005Gear Speedo Hd,R 3.55 HK M Ht,G A 3.90 Yelw 24 Th$44.95 EA
SG1006Gear Speedo Driven Aus 3&4 Spd Trim 19 Teeth$39.94 EA
SG1007Gear Speedo Driven Aus 3&4 Spd Trim 20 Teeth White$39.94 EA
SG1008Gear Speedo Driven Aus 3&4 Spd Trim 21 Teeth Green$39.94 EA
SG1009Gear Speedo Driven Aus 3&4 Spd Trim 22 Th Dark Blu$39.94 EA
SG1010Gear Speedo Driven Aus 3&4 Spd Trim 23 Teeth Red$39.94 EA
SG1011Gear Speedo Driven Aus 3&4 Spd Trim 24 Teeth Yell$39.94 EA
SG1012Gear Speedo Drive Aussie 3 Speed All Synchro$44.95 EA
SG1013Gear Speedo Driven Aus 3&4 Sp 25 Teeth Light Blue$39.94 EA
SG2001Gear Speedo Driven 18Th Yellow C4/C6/C10/Fmx/Aod$55.00 EA
SG2004Gear Speedo Driven 16Th Purple C4/C6/C10/Fmx/Aod$55.00 EA
SG2005Gear Speedo Driven 20Th Black C4/C6/C10/Fmx/Aod$59.95 EA
SG2006Gear Speedo Driven 17Th Purple Top Loader 4Spd$49.94 EA
SG2007Gear Speedo Driven 20Th Blue Top Loader 4 Spd$49.94 EA
SG2008Gear Speedo Driven 16Th Orange Top Loader 4Spd$49.94 EA
SG2010Gear Speedo Driven 19Th Pink Top Loader 4Spd$59.95 EA
SG2011Gear Speedo Driven 17Th Green C4/C6/C10/Fmx/Aod$49.94 EA
SG2014Gear Speedo Driven 21Th Purple C4/C6/C10/Fmx/Aod$59.95 EA
SG2015Gear Speedo Driven 21Th White Top Loader 4Spd$49.94 EA
SG2016Gear Speedo (Drive) XR - XB Toploader Pink 6 Teeth$64.22 EA
SG2017Gear Speedo Driven 18Th White Top Loader 4 Speed$49.94 EA
SG2018Gear Speedo (Drive) XR - XB Toploader Black 7 Teeth$64.94 EA
SG2020Gear Speedo 19 Teeth Pink XD - BF$74.92 EA
SG4009Gear Speedo Driven Th350 4Spd P/Gld 22 Teeth Green$54.95 EA
SG4011Gear Speedo Driven Th350 4Spd P/Gld 24 Teeth Yello$49.94 EA
SG4013Gear Speedo Driven Th350 4Spd P/Gld 17 Teeth Purpl$53.50 EA
SG4014Gear Speedo Driven Th350 4Spd P/Gld 18 Teeth Brwn$54.95 EA
SG4015Gear Speedo Driven Th350 4Spd P/Gld 19 Teeth White$53.50 EA
SG4016Gear Speedo Driven Th350 4Spd P/Gld 20 Teeth Blue$53.50 EA
SG4017Gear Speedo Driven Th350 4Spd P/Gld 21 Teeth Red$54.95 EA
XA17260ABSpeedo Cable Assembly XA - 6/74 XB Bw 3/4 Sp.Auto 6c$89.95 EA
XA17260CBSpeedo Cable Assembly XA XB XC V8 C4 Fmx Automatic$89.95 EA
XA17260DASpeedo Cable Assembly XA XB XC Bw 3&4 Speed V8$89.95 EA
XA17260EASpeedo Cable Assembly XA XB Top Loader$89.95 EA
XB17260ASpeedo Cable Assembly XB XC 6/74 Bw 4/3 Spd Auto$89.95 EA
XT17260BSpeedo Cable Assembly XR XT ZA ZB Manual/Auto V8$89.95 EA
XW17260DSpeedo Cable Assembly XW XY ZC ZD 302 C4 250 2v$89.95 EA
XW17260ESpeedo Cable Assembly XW XY Toploader ZC 351 Fmx$89.95 EA
XY17260ASpeedo Cable Assembly XW XY ZC ZD 6Cyl All V8 Ma$89.95 EA

Steering Column & Honeypot Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
ARC4DA7228AWHoneypot Gearchange XK XL XM XP Auto 2 & 3 SpeedN/A EA

Switches & Senders

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
SW546Switch Reverse Light Toploader XW XY XA XB$81.30 EA

Transmission Components & Shifters

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
1239445Transmission Shift Cable HQ HJ HX HZ WB Turbo 400$149.91 EA
7432236Mounting Trans EH - WB Some VB - VL Some LJ - LX Some$49.94 EA
92006660Shifter Cable Trans Turbo 350 HQ HJ HX HZ WB$54.95 EA
92026804Transmission Kick Down Cable VN - VP V8 Auto$59.95 EA
C60Z7A187DKickdown Cable XR - XY ZA - ZD With C4 Transmission$50.94 EA
F2114T Bar Selector Indicator XW XY ZC ZD Auto$44.95 EA
F2355Neutral Start Safety Switch XR - XC C4 C9 C10 Auto$129.73 EA

Universal Joints & U Bolts

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
CP1129Locking Tabs Uni Joint U Bolt EH - WB LC - UC 2 Pcs$10.66 EA
UJ1000Universal Joint Late 48 FJ FE FC FB EK Front$26.47 EA
UJ1001Universal Joint 50 FJ FE FC Panelvan Ute Only$44.64 EA
UJ1002Universal Joint Rear 48 FJ$225.01 EA
UJ1003Universal Joint Rear FE FC FB EK EJ$99.95 EA
UJ1004Universal Joint Late EJ HZ LC - UC 6 Cyl Frt Or RR$26.47 EA
UJ1005Universal Joint HK 307 Some Front Or Rear$26.47 EA
UJ1006Universal Joint HK V8 Banjo Exc 307 Man F/R$29.95 EA
UJ1007Universal Joint HT HG HQ 253 307 308 Man F/R$29.95 EA
UJ1008Universal Joint HK Salbry HT HG 350 Auto Rear$54.95 EA
UJ1009Universal Joint Man 350 HT HG Rear$79.57 EA
UJ1010Universal Joint Man 350 HT HG Front$34.49 EA
UJ1011Universal Joint HQ 350 HJ - WB Turbo 350 F&R$34.49 EA
UJ1012Universal Joint HJ - WB LH - Lxv8 Man/Trim F&R$29.95 EA
UJ1013Universal Joint HJ - WB Turbo 400 Front$34.49 EA
UJ1014Universal Joint HJ - WB Turbo 400 Rear$29.95 EA
UJ1015Universal Joint WB 6 Cyl F&R$29.95 EA
UJ2000Universal Joint XK XR 6 Cyl Front & Rear$26.47 EA
UJ2001Universal Joint XR XT V8 Front$34.95 EA
UJ2002Universal Joint XR XT V8 Rear$59.95 EA
UJ2003Universal Joint XT XW 6 Cyl Front Or Rear$29.95 EA
UJ2004Universal Joint XW Sedan , Wagon V8 Exc GT Rear$59.95 EA
UJ2005Universal Joint XW Sedan , Wagon V8 Exc GT Front$34.95 EA
UJ2006Universal Joint XW Ute Van V8 Front$29.95 EA
UJ2007Universal Joint XW Ute Van V8 Rear$59.95 EA
UJ2008Universal Joint XY Front Or Rear Exc 351$29.95 EA
UJ2009Universal Joint XY 351 Exc Gtho Rear$59.95 EA
UJ2010Universal Joint XY 351 Exc Gtho Front$29.95 EA
UJ2011Universal Joint XY 351 Gtho Front$42.37 EA
UJ2012Universal Joint XY 351 Gtho Rear$49.94 EA
UJ2013Universal Joint XA XC Exc 9" , GT Front Or Rear$29.95 EA
UJ2014Universal Joint XA XC With 9" Exc GT Front$29.95 EA
UJ2015Universal Joint XA XB With 9" Exc GT Rear$59.95 EA
UJ2016Universal Joint XA XB GT Exc HD Shaft Rear$59.95 EA
UJ2017Universal Joint XA XB GT Exc HD Shaft Front$34.95 EA
UJ2018Universal Joint XA XB GT With HD Shaft Rear$49.94 EA
UJ2019Universal Joint XA XB GT With HD Shaft Front$42.37 EA
UJ2020Universal Joint XC With Rear Disc Rear$51.45 EA
UJ2021Universal Joint XC With Rear Disc Front$29.95 EA
UJ2022Universal Joint XC 351 Sedan Front$29.95 EA
UJ2023Universal Joint XC 351 Rear$59.95 EA
UJ2024Universal Joint XC 351 Exc Sedan Front$34.95 EA
UJ2025Universal Joint XD XF Front Or Rear$29.95 EA
UJ2026Universal Joint ZA ZB 6 & 8 Front$34.95 EA
UJ2027Universal Joint ZA ZB 6 & 8 Rear$59.95 EA
UJ2028Universal Joint ZC 6 Cyl Front$29.95 EA
UJ2029Universal Joint ZC 6 Cyl Rear$51.45 EA
UJ2030Universal Joint ZD - NA 6 Cyl Front Or Rear$29.95 EA
UJ2031Universal Joint ZA ZB V8 Front$34.95 EA
UJ2032Universal Joint ZC 302 3Sp V8 Front$29.95 EA
UJ2033Universal Joint ZC 302 3Sp V8 Rear$51.45 EA
UJ2034Universal Joint ZC - ZF 351 With Fmx Front$34.95 EA
UJ2035Universal Joint ZC - ZF 351 With Fmx Rear$59.95 EA
UJ2036Universal Joint ZD ZF ZG 302 ZH 4.9 Front Or Rear$29.95 EA
UJ2037Universal Joint ZH 5.8 L Front Int Clip$29.95 EA
UJ2038Universal Joint ZH 5.8 L Rear Int Clip$59.95 EA
UJ2039Universal Joint ZH 5.8 L Front Ext Clip$34.95 EA
UJ2040Universal Joint ZH 5.8 L Rear Ext Clip$59.95 EA
UJ2041Universal Joint ZJ ZK V8 Front Or Rear$29.95 EA
UJK001Tailshaft Uni Joint U Bolt Kit HQ - WB 1 Ton, HQ 350$54.95 EA
UJK002Tailshaft Uni Joint U Bolt & Nut Kit EH - HZ LC - UC$54.95 EA
UJK003Tailshaft Uni Joint U Bolt Kit HK - HG Salisbury 10$49.94 EA
UJK004Tailshaft Uni Joint U Bolt Kit Xr/T Xw188 XY - Xc351$25.95 EA


Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
TFI66-630Tfi Shift Boot Small Rubber (Replaces 6283)$21.95 EA