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Seat Belt Badges

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
SBD1001Badge Kit Seat Belt GM Metal Lion HK - HZ LC - UC 5Pkt$32.95 EA
SBD1001ABadge "Lion" Seat Belt Set HK - HZ Ute/Van (3 Pcs)$19.94 EA
SBD1002Badge Kit Seat Belt GM Press HK - HZ LC - UC 5 Packet$32.95 EA
SBD1002ABadge "Gm Press" Seat Belt Set HK - HZ Ute/Van (3 Pc$19.94 EA
SBD1004Badge "Gm Press" Seat Belt Set LC LJ Sa Build (5)$34.95 EA

Seat Belts & Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
11467Cover Apv Inertia Reel For Parcel Shelf Mount$14.95 EA
11993Cover Apv Inertia Reel Lap Sash Vert/Angle$14.95 EA
H1340Seat Belt Guide Kit VN VR VP VS VT VY VQ$6.94 KIT
H1422Seat Belt Guide Kit Rear Sedan VK VL Commodore$49.95 KIT
K2256Seat Belt Black Parcel Shelf Mount 0/0$129.95 EA
K3627Seat Belt Black WB States/1Tonne LH Buckets 80 - 88$219.95 EA
K4400Seat Belt Reinforcing Plate Fitting Kit 80 x 50Mm$34.95 EA
K4408Seat Belt Mounting Bracket Floor Mount Retractable$49.95 EA
K4417Seat Belt Reinforcing Plate Centre Mount 100X40mm$34.95 EA
K4418Seat Belt Reinforcing Plate Off Centre 100 x 40Mm$34.95 EA
SB1100Seat Belt Inertia 48 - HZ Sed Wag LC - UC Bucket Fr$129.95 EA
SB1101Seat Belt Inertia 48 - HZ Sed Wag Bench Seat Front$129.95 EA
SB1102Seat Belt Lap Sash 48 - HZ LC - UC LH - RH Side Rear$129.95 EA
SB1103Seat Belt Lap Centre 48 - HZ LC - UC Front or Rear$99.95 EA
SB1104Seat Belt Inertia Drop Link HQ HJ HX Coupe Front$171.34 EA
SB1105Seat Belt Inertia 48 - HG HQ - HZ Bucket Seat Ute Van$129.95 EA
SB1106Seat Belt Inertia 48 - HG HQ - HZ Bench Seat Ute Van$129.95 EA
SB1107Seat Belt Lap VB VC VH VK VL VN VP Centre Rear$99.95 EA
SB1108Seat Belt Lap Sash 48 - HZ Sed Wag LC - UC Bucket Fr$129.95 EA
SB1109Seat Belt Inertia VB VC VH VK VL RH Front$169.95 EA
SB1110Seat Belt Black VB VC VH VK VL LH Front$169.95 EA
SB1113Seat Belt Inertia WB Ute & Van Bucket Fr LH - RH$129.95 EA
SB1114Seat Belt Inertia VK VL Commodore LH Rear$119.96 EA
SB1115Seat Belt Inertia VK VL Commodore RH Rear$119.96 EA
SB1120Seat Belt Black VN VP Commodore Front Right Hand$159.95 EA
SB1121Seat Belt Holden VN VP Commodore Front Left Hand$159.95 EA
SB1122Seat Belt Holden VP VR VS Sedan Rear Right Side$159.95 EA
SB1123Seat Belt Holden VP VR VS Sedan Rear Left Side$159.95 EA
SB2100Seat Belt Lap Sash Web XK - XY LH - RH Side Front$129.95 EA
SB2101Seat Belt Inertia Web XK - XC LH - RH Side F or R$129.95 EA
SB2102Seat Belt Lap Sash Web XK - XC LH - RH Side Rear$129.95 EA
SB2103Seat Belt Lap Web XK - XC Centre Front & Rear$99.95 EA
SB2104Seat Belt Inertia Drop Link XA XB XC Coupe Front$169.95 EA
SB2105Seat Belt Inertia XA XB XC Bucket Front LH - RH$129.95 EA
SB2106Seat Belt Inertia XD - XF Sedan RH - LH Side Rear$129.95 EA
SB2107Seat Belt Inertia XD Falcon RH Bucket$169.95 EA
SB2108Seat Belt Inertia XD Falcon LH Bucket$169.95 EA
SB2109Seat Belt Inertia XE XF Falcon RH Bench Ute Van$169.95 EA
SB2110Seat Belt Inertia XE XF Falcon LH Bench Ute Van$169.95 EA
SB2111Seat Belt Inertia XE XF Falcon RH Bucket$179.95 EA
SB2112Seat Belt Inertia XE XF Falcon LH Bucket$179.95 EA
SB2113Seat Belt XD XE XF Centre Rear$99.95 EA
SB3000Seat Belt Buckle Ret/Spring HK - HG HQ LJ XR - XB Some$24.95 KIT
SBC1000ASeat Belt Top Covers Large Pair Black$34.95 PAIR
SBC1000BHSeat Belt Top Covers Black With Hook Pair$34.95 PAIR
SBC1000DLSeat Belt Top Covers Small Black Suit Drop Link Pr$34.95 PAIR
SBC1000GSeat Belt Top Covers Large Grey Ford/Holden Pair$29.94 PAIR
SBC2000Seat Belt Top Cover Large Black With Hook Ford/Hol$52.94 EA
SBC2001Seat Belt Top Cover With Hook Large Black Ford/Hol$26.95 EA
SBD1000Decal Kit Seat Belt Button GM (5)$12.95 SET
SBD2000Decal Set Seat Belts Ford Oval Release Butt XW XY$32.95 EA
SBD2001Decal Set Seat Belts Press Ford Late XB XC ZG ZH$21.95 EA