Rare Spares Restoration, Spare Parts & Accessories Price List as at 18/10/2021

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Body Rubber Kits

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
DAT10Body Rubber Kit Datsun 180B Wagon$574.67 KIT
DAT11Body Rubber Kit Datsun 180B Coupe$901.41 KIT
DAT9Body Rubber Kit Datsun 180B Sedan$646.72 KIT

Body Rubbers & Seals

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
RBC0004Bailey Channel Suit Various Models$32.95 EA
RBS0015Boot Seal Suits Various Models$49.95 EA
RBS4022Boot Seal Datsun 1600/180B Sedan$72.05 EA
RDB0010Door Belt Or Quarter Belt Suit Various Models$58.29 EA
RDB4181Door Belt Datsun 180B Coupe Outer$29.70 EA
RDB4182Belt Quarter Panel Outer 180B Sss Coupe 74/78$26.40 EA
RDB4183Door Belt Inner Suit Various Models$29.70 EA
RDB4184Belt Quarter Panel Inner Datsun 180B Coupe Pair$26.40 EA
RDS3001Door Seal Lower Kit Suit Various Models$37.07 KIT
RDS4030Door Seal Datsun 200B 180B 1600 120Y 1200 1000$64.22 EA
RGDSLSeal Glass Divider Suits Various Models LH$34.95 EA
RGDSRSeal Glass Divider Suits Various Models RH$34.95 EA
RRRS301Seal Door Roof Rail LH Suits Various Models$74.22 EA
RRRS302Seal Door Roof Rail RH Suits Various Models$74.22 EA

Clips & Fastener Kits

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
DBC1003Door Belt Clip Suit Japanese Cars (6 Pcs)$9.94 EA

Door Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
DBC1003Door Belt Clip Suit Japanese Cars (6 Pcs)$9.94 EA


Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
DM1014Door Mirror Classic And Racing Bullet Style L Or R$84.94 EA
URBMPMirror Set Exterior LH & RH Classic Racing Bullet$159.90 EA

Panels & Rust Panel Sections

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
RP524Door Skin Lower Datsun 200B 77 - 80 4 Door RhfN/A EA
RP532Repair Section 1/4 Panel Datsun 180B 73 - 76 RHN/A EA
RP533Repair Section 1/4 Panel Datsun 180B 73 - 76 LHN/A EA
RP700Fender Section Lower Datsun 200B Right HandN/A EA
RP701Fender Section Lower Datsun 200B Left HandN/A EA