Rare Spares Restoration, Spare Parts & Accessories Price List as at 15/04/2021

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Bolt Kits

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
FK1148Tail Light Rim To Base Screw Set HJ HX HZ S'man$7.94 EA
FK1171Tail Light To Bumper Fitting Kit HQ Sedan Coupe$11.95 EA
FK1181Tail Light Lens Screw Kit LH LX Aftermarket Lens$7.94 KIT
FK2020Driving Lights Reinf. Plate Fitting Kit XA - XC$8.94 EA

Bumper Bars & Overriders

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
92042672Fog Light Assy VR - VS SS Front Bumper RH$129.49 EA
92042673Fog Light Assy VR - VS SS Front Bumper LH$129.49 EA

Clips And Fasteners

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
BMC2028Moulding Clip Set XC Sed Tail Light Mould$11.95 KIT

Dash Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
H1166Globe Socket HK Handbrake Warning Light$5.90 EA
H1167Globe Socket Kit HK Holden Dash$39.94 KIT

Dash Lenses

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
9946769LLens HJ HX HZ Dash Warning Lights$26.95 EA
CF2Lens Clock XA XB XC ZF ZG ZH$26.95 EA
CF3Clock Face Lens XW XY ZC ZD$29.95 EA
DIL1000Dash Lens Gauge Cluster HJ - HZ Gts Dash (2)$30.05 KIT
DIL1002ADash Lens Kit Tacho Speedo Gauges & Clock HJ - HZ$85.43 EA
DIL1002BClock Lens Repair Kit HJ Hxhz Including Knob$47.94 EA
DIL1002CLens Kit Speedo/Tacho HJ - WB Sports Dash Only$42.32 EA
DIL1003Lens Kit Tach,Spdo Gts Fuel,Spdo Std HQ Flxdv Only$52.76 EA
DIL1003TLens Kit Tach,Spdo Gts Fuel,Spdo Std HQ Flxdv Only$42.79 EA
DIL1004Lens Kit HQ Gts Dash Flexdrive Gauges No Clock$57.09 EA
DIL1004ALens Kit HQ Gts Dash Flexdrive With Clock$72.95 EA
DIL1004ATLens Kit HQ Gts Dash Flexdrive With Clock$62.07 EA
DIL1004TLens Kit HQ Gts Dash Flexdrive Gauges No Clock$49.21 EA
DIL1005Lens Kit HQ Large Vdo/Brake/Warning Gauges$54.95 EA
DIL1005ALens Kit HQ Vdo/Flexdrive Gauges No Clock$64.96 EA
DIL1005ATDash Lens Kit HQ Vdo/Flexdrive Gauges No Clock$56.73 EA
DIL1005BGauge Lens Kit HQ (Vdo/Flexdrive With Clock)$69.95 EA
DIL1005BTGauge Lens Kit HQ (Vdo/Flexdrive With Clock)$65.40 EA
DIL1005TLens Kit HQ Large Vdo Gauges$42.79 EA
DIL1006Dash Lens Kit LC LJ$71.24 EA
DIL1007Dash Lens Kit LH LX$44.72 EA
DIL1008Dash Lens Kit HD HR Not X2 186S$48.21 EA
DIL1008BDash Lens Kit With Brake Warn Lamp HR Not X2 186S$53.96 EA
DIL1009Dash Lens Kit HD HR X2 186S$49.81 EA
DIL1010Dash Lens Kit HT HG Not Gts$33.64 EA
DIL1011Dash Lens Kit HT HG Gts With Gauges$54.69 EA
DIL1012Lens Speedo & Gauges HK (Clear)$149.95 EA
DIL2000Lens Kit Dashboard XW XY GT$34.95 KIT
DIL2001Lens Kit Dashboard XW XY Not GT$21.95 EA
DIL2002Lens Kit Dashboard XR XT 2 Pieces$34.95 EA
DIL2003Gauge Lens Kit XA XB Speedo & Tachometer$69.95 EA
DIL2004Gauge Lens Kit XA - XB GS GT Additional Gauges$59.57 EA
H1073Wiper Switch Fascia HJ$28.70 EA
H1074Wiper Dwell Switch Fascia HZ WB Commercial$28.70 EA
H1082KHeater Fascia & Knobs Exc Forced Air HJ - WB Commerc$42.96 EA
M38280LLens Warning HJ HX HZ Suit M38280 Dash Fascia Pair$19.94 PAIR

Driving Lights & Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
DLB2001Brackets Driving Lights Pair XT GT$72.05 EA
DLB2002Brackets Driving Light XW GT Pair$85.43 EA
DLB2003Brackets Driving Light XY Pair$52.94 PAIR
DLB2005Bracket Driving Light XB Pair$102.95 EA
DLCROODriving Light Covers XW XY GT Super Roo$74.92 EA
DLMKTDriving Light Mounting Kit XY XA XB XC GT GS Cobra$15.95 KIT
DLR2000Driving Light Lens & Reflector XW XY XA XB XC GT$91.00 EA
F2107Driving Light Kit XY GT$509.76 EA
F2265Driving Light Wiring Loom XA XB$49.95 EA
F2313Driving Light Wiring Loom XW XY$49.95 EA
XA15202ALens Driving Light XW XY XA XB XC$34.95 EA
XW15200BLight Driving XW XY XA XB XC GT GS$134.99 EA

Electrical Clips & Fasteners

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
H1333Tail Light Nut Kit VY VZ WK WL$21.38 KIT

Engine Bay Clips

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
FK1145Fog Lamps & Front Indicators Fitting Kit VR VS$13.95 EA
FK1175Front Indicator Mounting Kit LH LX (2 Lenses)$6.94 KIT

Globe Sockets

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
2817531Licence Plate Light Assembly Holden LC - LJ EJ - EH HZ$34.95 EA
8905102Globe Socket Genuine Nos VK VL VN VP VR VQ VS$22.95 EA
EC0004Headlight Sockets 3 Pin Round H4 (2Qty)$17.94 EA
EC0005Light Socket Kit Universal (2 Pcs) Suits T10 Wedge$19.93 EA
EC1016Socket Rear Indicator Globe HQ Sedan & Monaro$27.05 EA
EC1017Socket Stop Tail Light Globe HQ Sedan & Monaro$27.05 EA
EC1018Globe Holder Fitting HK - VL LC - UC 4 Qty$12.95 EA
EC2003Socket Front Park Light Globe Small Socket XW - XA$23.19 EA
EC2004Socket Front/Rear Indicator Globe With Earth XW - XY$27.05 EA
EC2005Socket Stop Tail Light Globe Double Pin XW XY$27.05 EA
EC2013Socket Globe Holder Rear Indicator XA XB$24.95 EA
EC2014Socket Globe Holder Rear Stop Tail Light XA XB$24.95 EA
H1009Retainer Dome Light Globe Plastic HD - HK$24.95 EA
H1342Tail Light Globe Socket VH VK VN VP VR VQ VS$16.95 EA
X2451Globe Holder N/Plate & Boot Light Ba9s Base Globe$6.95 EA
X2459Globe Holder Early Gmh Stop Tail Bay15d Base Globe$21.95 EA
X2460Globe Holder Early Gmh Indicator Light Bay15s Base$19.95 EA
X2461Globe Holder Early Gmh Stop Tail Bay15d Base Globe$19.95 EA
X2465Globe Holder Ford Stop & Tail Bay15d Base Globes$14.95 EA
X2466Globe Holder Ford Reverse Ba15s Base Globes$14.95 EA
X2470Globe Holder Commodore Stop/Tail Ba15d Base Globe$14.95 EA
X2476Globe Holder Gmh Reverse Rear Light Ba15s Base$12.95 EA

Globes & Bulbs

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
7091897Globe Headlight Lucas FE FC FB EK 12V 50/40 P22d T$19.94 EA
GB1001Bulb Stop & Tail FE - HZ LC - UC$3.16 EA
GB1001ABulb Front Indicator / Park FE - HQ LC LJ$3.16 EA
GB1001BBulb Rear Indicator FE - HZ LC - UC$3.16 EA
GB1002Bulb Front Indicator HJ HX HZ WB LH LX UC$3.53 EA
GB1004Dome Lamp Globe HD - HZ LH - UC$5.94 EA
GB1005Dash Lights Globe 48 - FJ$6.94 EA
GB1006Parker Globe 48 - FJ (6 Volt)$6.95 EA
GB1007Dome Lamp Globe 48 - FJ (6 Volt)$8.51 EA
GBA1000Headlight Globe H4 60/55W Suit Holden Ford Others$9.94 EA

Headlight Adjuster Screws & Retainers

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
HLK1000Headlight Adjustment Kit Suit Mostly Holdens$17.94 EA
HLK1000KHeadlight Adjustment Kit HK Ht HG 7 Inch Pair$29.94 EA
HLK1000KAHeadlight Adjustment Kit HK Ht HG 5 3/4 Inch (2Pr)$32.95 EA
HLK1001Headlight Fitting Kit HQ HJ HX HZ$32.95 EA
HLK1009Headlight Retaining Clip VB VC VH VK Pack of 4$19.94 PACK
HLK1010Headlight Retaining Clip Set VB VC VH VK$11.95 EA
HLK1012Lens To Headlight Body Clip VN & VQ (10 Pcs)$14.95 EA
HLK1013Lens To Headlight Base Clip VL VP (20 Pcs)$28.94 EA
HLK1015Headlight Adjusting Pivot Clips VH VK & WB (4 Pc$14.95 EA
HLK1016Lens To Headlight Base Clip VB VC (6 Pcs)$9.94 EA
HLK1017Headlight Mounting Clip Set 48 - EH For 2 H/Lamps$9.94 KIT
HLK1018Screws Headlight Inner Rim Retaining GM (6)$11.95 KIT
HLK2000Headlight Fitting Kit XD XE XF XG (1 Kit Per Car)$18.94 EA
HLK2001Headlight Adjusting Pivots XE Falcon / Ghia (4)$12.95 EA

Headlight Lenses & Assemblies

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
HLA1002Headlight Assembly VH - VK Commodore R/H$49.95 EA
HLA1003Headlight Assembly VH - VK Commodore L/H$49.95 EA
HLA1004Headlight Assembly VL Commodore Right Hand$74.95 EA
HLA1005Headlight Assembly VL Commodore Left Hand$74.95 EA
HLA1006Headlight Assembly VN Commodore Right Hand$79.95 EA
HLA1007Headlight Assembly VN Commodore Left Hand$79.95 EA
HLA1042Headlight Assembly VP Commodore Right Hand$69.62 EA
HLA2008Headlight Assembly XF All XG Ute/Van Right Hand$69.95 EA
HLA2009Headlight Assembly XF All XG Ute/Van Left Hand$69.95 EA

Headlight Rim Kits

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
HLRKHJAHeadlight Rim Kit Inn&Out L&R HJ - HZ King Bel Anodi$239.84 EA
HLRKHJBHeadlight Rim Kit Inn&Out L&R HJ HX Gts Sand Black$259.84 EA
HLRKHJPAHeadlight Rim Kit Inn&Out L&R HJ - HZ Prem Anodised$279.88 EA
HLRKHJPSHeadlight Rim Kit Inn&Out L&R HJ - HZ Premier Silver$379.79 EA
HLRKHJSHeadlight Rim Kit Inn&Out L&R HJ - HZ Bel Kwd Silver$259.84 EA
HLRKHJTAHeadlight Rim Kit Inn&Out L&R HJ - HZ Tonner Anodise$259.84 EA
HLRKHJTSHeadlight Rim Kit Inn&Out L&R HJ - HZ Tonner Silver$259.84 EA
HLRKHQAHeadlight Rim Kit Inn&Out L&R HQ All Single Anodis$259.84 EA
HLRKHQBHeadlight Rim Kit Inn&Out L&R HQ SS Gts Black$259.84 EA
HLRKHQPAHeadlight Rim Kit Inn&Out L&R HQ Prem LS Anodised$399.78 EA
HLRKHQPSHeadlight Rim Kit Inn&Out L&R HQ Premier LS Silver$439.78 EA
HLRKHQSHeadlight Rim Kit Inn&Out L&R HQ All Single Silver$259.84 EA
HLRKHXSBHeadlight Rim Kit Inn&Out L&R HX HZ Prem Gts Black$411.80 EA
HLRKLHAHeadlight Rim Kit Inn&Out L&R LH LX Tor Anodised$259.84 EA
HLRKLHBHeadlight Rim Kit Inn&Out L&R LH LX Torana Black$259.84 EA
HLRKLHSHeadlight Rim Kit Inn&Out L&R LH LX Torana Silver$259.84 EA
HLRKLJHeadlight Rim Kit Inn&Out L&R LJ Torana Black$217.84 EA

Headlight Rims & Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
HLR1000Headlight Rim Twin HJ - HZ Prem States & LS Monaro$119.94 EA
HLR1000AHeadlight Rim Set Inner & Outer HJ - HZ Twin H/Light$139.94 EA
HLR1000BHeadlight Rim Set Inner HK - HZ Premier Statesman$69.95 EA
HLR1000CHeadlight Rim HJ HX Gts Sandman Black$99.95 EA
HLR1000DHeadlight Rim HJ - HZ Belmont Kingswood Silver$99.95 EA
HLR1000EHeadlight Rim Twin HZ Gts / Sandman HX Le Black$135.95 EA
HLR1000FHeadlight Rim HJ - HZ Belmont Kingswood Anodised$89.95 EA
HLR1001Headlight Rim LH LX Torana Black$99.95 KIT
HLR1002Headlight Rim LH LX Torana Anodised$99.95 KIT
HLR1003Headlight Rim LH LX Torana Silver$99.95 KIT
HLR1004Headlight Retaining Rim Kit HK - HG HQ LC 7" Pair$59.95 PAIR
HLR1006Headlight Rim LJ Torana Right Hand$78.95 EA
HLR1007Headlight Rim LJ Torana Left Hand$78.95 EA
HLR1008Headlight Rim HQ All Single HJ - HZ 1 Ton Silver$99.95 EA
HLR1008AHeadlight Rim Twin HQ Premier & LS Silver$149.94 EA
HLR1008BHeadlight Rim HQ SS & Gts Black$99.95 EA
HLR1008CHeadlight Rim Twin HQ Premier & LS Monaro Anodised$129.94 EA
HLR1008DHeadlight Rim HQ All Single HJ - HZ 1 Tonne Anodised$99.95 EA
HLR1009Headlight Rims Chrome Suit Some 48 FJ Pair$119.94 EA
HLR1010Headlight Retaining Rim Kit HJ - HZ LJ - LX 7" Pair$59.95 KIT
HLR2000Headlight Rim Chrome Left Or Right Hand XY$49.94 EA
HLR2000AHeadlight Rim Kit Inner Outer Left Or Right XY$89.95 EA

Headlight Switches & Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
SW1016Headlight Switch FE FC FB EK$164.74 EA
SW1017Switch Headlight LH LX UC 7 Pin$49.94 EA
SW1020Switch Headlight Dimmer/Dipper FB - HJ LC - LH$21.95 EA

Indicator Lenses & Assemblies

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
2805205Front Indicator Body LC LJ$39.95 EA
BFT2000Indicator Assembly With Lens XP (Pair)$110.00 PAIR
BFT2011AIndicator Assembly XA ZF Left Hand Front$185.35 EA
BFT2012Indicator Assembly XA ZF Right Hand Front$185.35 EA
F2344AIndicator Lens & Chrome Surround (Rear) XM XP Pair$149.96 EA
LFT1002Lens & Gasket Front Indicator FC Right Hand$39.94 EA
LFT1003Lens & Gasket Front Indicator FC Left Hand$39.94 EA
LFT1004Lens & Gasket Front Indicator FB EK$42.94 EA
LFT1005Lens & Gasket Front Indicator EJ EH$44.95 EA
LFT1009Lens Front Indicator HK HT HG Left Hand$44.95 EA
LFT1010Lens Front Indicator HK Ht HG Right Hand$44.95 EA
LFT1011Lens & Gasket Front Indicator HQ Clear$39.94 EA
LFT1012Lens & Gasket Front Indicator HQ Amber$39.94 EA
LFT1020Lens & Gasket Front Indicator LC LJ Amber Rhf$43.95 EA
LFT1020AIndicator Assembly LC & Early LJ Front Amber RH$76.95 EA
LFT1021Lens & Gasket Front Indicator LC LJ Amber Lhf$43.95 EA
LFT1021AIndicator Assembly LC & Early LJ Front Amber LH$76.95 EA
LFT1022Lens & Gasket Front Indicator LC LJ Clear Rhf$43.95 EA
LFT1022AIndicator Assembly LC LJ Clear Front Right Hand$76.95 EA
LFT1023Lens & Gasket Front Indicator LC LJ Clear Lhf$43.95 EA
LFT1023AIndicator Assembly LC LJ Clear Front Left Hand$76.95 EA
LFT1024Lens & Gasket Front Indicator HJ HX Right Hand$39.94 EA
LFT1024AIndicator Assembly HJ HX HZ Right Hand Front Park$55.95 EA
LFT1025Lens & Gasket Front Indicator HJ HX Left Hand$39.94 EA
LFT1025AIndicator Assembly HJ HX HZ Left Hand Front Park$55.95 EA
LFT1028Lens & Gasket Front Indicator LH LX$39.94 EA
LFT1031Lens Front Indicator WB Left Hand$49.94 EA
LFT1032Lens Front Indicator WB Right Hand$49.94 EA
LFT1033Indicator Assembly VB VC Left Hand$29.95 EA
LFT1034Indicator Assembly VB VC Right Hand$29.95 EA
LFT1035Indicator Assembly VH Left Hand$34.95 EA
LFT1036Indicator Assembly VH Right Hand$34.95 EA
LFT1037Indicator Assembly VK Right Hand$34.95 EA
LFT1038Indicator Assembly VK Left Hand$34.95 EA
LFT1039Indicator Assembly VL Commodore Left Hand Front$19.94 EA
LFT1040Indicator Assembly VL Commodore Right Hand Front$19.94 EA
LFT1041Indicator Assembly VN VQ Commodore Left Hand Front$32.95 EA
LFT1042Indicator Assembly VN VQ Commodore Right Hand Fron$32.95 EA
LFT1045Indicator Assembly VP Commodore Left Hand$39.94 EA
LFT1046Indicator Assembly VP Commodore Right Hand$39.94 EA
LFT2001AIndicator Assembly XD Left Hand Front$29.95 EA
LFT2002AIndicator Assembly XD Right Hand Front$29.95 EA
LFT2003Lens Front Indicator XP Amber (64 - 5 Us Ford Falc)$39.94 EA
LFT2003AIndicator Assembly XE Left Hand Front$34.95 EA
LFT2004Lens Front Indicator XP (Clear)$39.94 EA
LFT2004AIndicator Assembly XE Right Hand Front$34.95 EA
LFT2007Lens & Gasket Front Indicator Set XW Left Hand$27.94 EA
LFT2007ALens Front Indicator Inner (Orange) LH Falcon XW$21.95 EA
LFT2007BLens Front Indicator (Outer, Inner & Gasket) XW LH$49.94 EA
LFT2008Lens & Gasket Front Indicator Set XW Right Hand$27.94 EA
LFT2008ALens Front Indicator Nner (Orange) RH Falcon XW$21.95 EA
LFT2008BLens Front Indicator (Outer, Inner & Gasket) XW RH$49.94 EA
LFT2009Lens & Gasket Front Indicator XY Left Hand$27.94 EA
LFT2009ALens Indicator Front Inner (Orange) LH Falcon XY$21.95 EA
LFT2009BLens Front Indicator XY L/H Inner Outer & Gasket$49.94 EA
LFT2010Lens & Gasket Front Indicator XY Right Hand$26.95 EA
LFT2010ALens Indicator Front Inner (Orange) RH Falcon XY$21.95 EA
LFT2010BLens Front Indicator XY R/H Inner Outer & Gasket$49.94 EA
LFT2013Lens Front Indicator XB Left Hand$95.87 EA
LFT2030Lens & Gasket Front Indicator XC Right Hand$64.94 KIT
LFT2031Lens & Gasket Front Indicator XC Left Hand$64.94 EA
LRR1001Lens Reverse Light FB EK Sedan/Wagon$29.94 EA
LRS1019Tail Light Lens HT HG Left Hand Wagon Ute Van$74.99 EA
LRS1020Tail Light Lens HT HG Right Hand Wagon Ute Van$74.99 EA
LRS1021Tail Light Lens HK Ht HG Brougham Right Hand$59.95 EA
LRS1021ATail Light Lens HK Ht HG Brougham Left Hand$59.95 EA
LRS1022Tail Light Lens HJ HX HZ Sedan RH$109.95 EA
LRS1023Tail Light Lens HJ HX HZ Sedan LH$109.95 EA
LRS1025Tail Light Lens WB Ute Van$99.95 EA
LRS1038BTail Light Lens & Indicator LJ Right Hand (3)$74.98 EA
LRS1039BTail Light Lens & Indicator LJ Left Hand (3)$74.98 EA
LRT1001Lens Reverse Light Clear FE FC$39.95 EA
LRT1002Lens Rear Indicator FE FC & FB EK Ute / Panel Van$39.95 EA
LRT1003Lens Rear Indicator FB EK Sedan , Stationwagon$37.95 EA
LRT1004Lens Rear Indicator EJ All EH Ute & Panel Van$39.94 EA
LRT1005Lens Rear Indicator EH Sedan Station Wagon$43.95 EA
LRT1006Lens Rear Indicator HD All & HR Ute/Van Rhs$39.94 EA
LRT1007Lens Rear Indicator HD All & HR Ute/Van Lhs$39.94 EA
LRT1008Lens & Gasket Rear Indicator HR Sedan & Wagon$39.94 EA
LRT1012Lens & Gasket Rear Indicator HQ Sedan & Monaro$55.95 EA
LRT1020Lens Rear Indicator LJ Torana Right Hand$36.95 EA
LRT1021Lens Rear Indicator LJ Torana Left Hand$36.95 EA
LRT2002Lens Rear Indicator XM XP Will Fit XK XL$36.95 EA
LRT2005Lens & Gasket Left Hand Rear Indicator XY$36.95 EA
LRT2006Lens & Gasket Right Hand Rear Indicator XY$36.95 EA

Interior Light Lenses

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
C0AF13788AInterior Light Rim XM XP$24.95 EA
LII1001Lens Interior FE FC FB EK$37.95 EA
LII1002Dome Light Lens EJ EH HD HR HK Clear$34.95 EA
LII1002ADome Light Lens EJ EH HD HR HK Cream$34.95 EA
LII1003Lens Dome Light HT - WB LH - UC VH - VL$29.94 EA
LII1003BDome Light & Surround HT - WB LH - UC VH - VL Black$69.95 EA
LII1003CDome Light & Surround HT - WB LH - UC VH - VL Chrome$69.95 EA
LII1004Lens Interior Dome VB - VL Sl/E Calais Also S/Man$64.94 EA
LII1007Lens Rear Pillar Interior HK - VH LX Hatchback$19.94 EA
LII1007ALens Inter Light HK HT HG Monaro & Brougham$19.94 EA
LII1007BPillar Light (Interior Rear) HK - VH LX H/Back (Pair$59.95 EA
LII1007CPillar Light (Rear) HK - G Coupe & Brougham (Pr)$64.94 PAIR
LII1007DPillar Light LX Hatch Interior Rear$34.95 EA
LII1014Lens Interior Dome Light LC LJ$36.95 EA
LII1014KITSwitch Repair Kit Interior Light LC LJ Torana$15.95 EA
LII1015Dome Light VN VP VR VS Without Reading Lights$49.94 EA
LII2001Lens & Base Chrome Dome Light Interior XR - XC ZA - ZH$39.94 EA
LII2001AInterior Light Base Chrome XR - XY XA - XC ZA - ZH$34.95 EA
LII2002Interior Light Lens XM XP$24.95 EA
LII2003Lens Dome Light XK XL XM XP XR XT ZA ZB Some$12.95 EA
LII2004Lens Dome Light Interior XR - XF ZA - ZJ$21.95 EA
LII2005Lens Internal Side Light XW XY ZC ZD Sun Roof$19.94 EA
LII2006Lens Interior Light Rear Pillar XA XB ZF ZG$19.94 EA
LII5000Lens Dome Light VH CH VJ CJ VK CK CL CM Valiant$27.52 EA

Lamps & Lenses

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
92042672Fog Light Assy VR - VS SS Front Bumper RH$129.49 EA
92042673Fog Light Assy VR - VS SS Front Bumper LH$129.49 EA
ANT10476Headlight Covers Half Moon 7 1/2" Chrome Pair$35.29 PAIR
FK1176Front Indicator To Bumper Screw Kit HQ Both Sides$9.96 KIT
FLSSVRVSFog Light Set VR VS SS Front Bumper LH & RH$258.98 PAIR

Lens Gaskets & Seals

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
7404042Gasket Tail Light FJ Sedan To Body$27.94 EA
7405493Seal Headlight To Body 7" Universal$12.95 EA
7405493BSeal Headlight To Body Lucas 7"$13.93 EA
7405781Gasket Mounting Headlight Bosch Pairs$35.84 PAIR
7421755Gasket Headlight Base EH Holden$12.95 EA
F2485Seal Tail Light Bezel To Body XA Sedan Only (2)$16.95 PAIR
F2486Seal Tail Light Bezel To Body XB XC Sedan Only (2)$16.95 PAIR
GFT1000Indicator Gasket Set FE Front (Does Both Sides)$19.95 SET
GFT1001Gasket Set Front Indicator FC All$11.95 SET
GFT1002Gasket Set Front Indicator FB EK All$11.95 SET
GFT1003Gasket Set Front Indicator EJ EH All$11.95 SET
GFT1004Gasket Set Front Indicator HD All$15.95 SET
GFT1006Gasket Set Front Indicator HK HT HG$12.95 SET
GFT1007Gasket Set Front Indicator HQ$15.95 SET
GFT1008Gasket Set Front Indicator HJ HX HZ$12.95 SET
GFT1009Gasket Set Front Indicator Lens LC LJ All$12.95 SET
GFT1010Gasket Set Front Indicator LH LX All$14.95 SET
GFT2002Gasket Set Front Indicator XR XT$9.94 EA
GFT2003Gasket Set Front Indicator XW$17.94 EA
GFT2004Gasket Set Front Indicator XY$15.95 EA
GFT2005Gasket Set Front Indicator XA$19.94 EA
GFT2006Gasket Set Front Indicator XB (Pair)$15.95 PAIR
GFT2007Indicator Lens Gasket Set XC Front (Pair)$15.95 PAIR
GSL1000Gasket Set Side Light HQ All HJ - HZ Ute/Van/Wag 1/4$12.95 EA
GSL2000Side Light Gasket Set XA XB XC ZF ZG ZH$11.95 PAIR
GSM1001AGasket Set Side HQ All HJ - HZ Ute Van Wag Rear 1/4$6.94 KIT
GTL1001Gasket Set Tail Light FE FC All FB EK Ute P/Van$24.95 SET
GTL1002Gasket Set Tail Light FB EK Sedan Wagon$24.95 SET
GTL1003Gasket Set Tail Light EJ All EH Ute Panel Van$15.95 SET
GTL1004Gasket Set Tail Light EH Sedan Wagon$15.95 SET
GTL1005Gasket Set Tail Light HD All HR Ute Panel Van$21.40 EA
GTL1006Gasket Set Tail Light HR Sedan Wagon$24.95 SET
GTL1007Gasket Set Tail Light HK Sedan Monaro$21.40 EA
GTL1008Gasket Set Tail Light HK Ht HG Wagon Ute Panel Van$21.95 SET
GTL1009Gasket Set Tail Light Ht Sedan Monaro$12.95 EA
GTL1010Gasket Set Tail Light HG Sedan Monaro$24.95 SET
GTL1011Gasket Set Tail & Indicator Light HQ Sedan Monaro$24.95 SET
GTL1012Gasket Set Tail Light HQ - HZ Wagon Ute Van$15.95 SET
GTL1013Gasket Set Tail Light LH LX$27.94 PAIR
GTL1014Gasket Set Tail Light HJ HX HZ Sedan Monaro$15.95 EA
GTL1015Gasket Set Tail Light WB Ute Panel Van$14.95 EA
GTL1016Gasket Set Tail Light LJ$14.95 EA
GTL1017Gasket Set Tail Light LC$27.94 EA
GTL1018Tail Light Housing to Boot Lid Gasket FX$32.95 KIT
GTL1019Gasket Set Tail Light UC$59.95 PAIR
GTL1020Gasket Set Tail Light To Body Seal VH VK VL$39.95 PAIR
GTL2003Gasket Set Tail Light To Body XR (2 Pcs)$29.93 PAIR
GTL2003AGasket Set Tail Light Lens XR (2 Pcs)$29.93 PAIR
GTL2004AGasket Set Tail Light ( Lens & Body ) XT 4Pcs$39.94 PAIR
GTL2005Gasket Set Tail Light XW$15.95 EA
GTL2005AGasket Set Tail Light XW$39.95 KIT
GTL2006Gasket Set Tail Light XY (4)$19.94 EA
GTL2006AGasket Set Tail Light XY (Complete Set Both Sides)$39.95 SET
GTL2007Gasket Set Tail Light XA Sedan Comp Set Both Sides$29.95 EA
GTL2008Gasket Set Tail Light XA Coupe$34.95 EA
GTL2009Gasket Set Tail Light XB Sedan$34.95 EA
GTL2010Gasket Set Tail Light XB XC Coupe$22.95 SET
GTL2011Gasket Set Tail Light XC Sedan$34.95 EA
GTL2012Gasket Tail Light Pair XM - P Sed Wag Coupe Grey$19.94 PAIR
GTL2014Gasket Set Tail Light XK - XL Sedan XK - XP Ute/Van$19.94 PAIR
GTL2015Gasket Set Tail Light To Body XW XY (2Pcs)$19.94 PAIR
GTL2016Gasket Set Tail Light XA - B - C Ute Van Wagon (Pair)$35.95 PAIR
GTL2017Gasket Set Tail Light ZD Fairlane (Pair)$42.94 Pair
HS1000BDust Seal Headlight Outer 7" Pair Lucas$29.94 PAIR
HS1001Headlight Gasket & Screws Kit "Lucas" EJ EH (Pr)$34.95 EA
LENSGMLens Gasket Material 5Mm (500 X 400) Sheet$12.95 EA

Mouldings & Finishing Strips

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
F2054Front Indicator Lens Moulding Set Falcon XW Lh&Rh$24.95 EA
F2344Indicator Lens Chrome Surround (Rear) XM XP (Pair)$85.65 PAIR
H1247Tail Light Rim Kit HK Gts Premier Pair With Nuts$475.00 PAIR
MH1000AMoulding Headlight Lower VB VC Commodore Left Hand$49.94 EA
MH1001Moulding Headlight Lower VH Commodore Pair$89.95 EA
MH1002Moulding Headlight Side VB VC Commodore Pair$61.75 EA
MT1000Tail Light Moulding Kit VL Sedan (Exc Calais)$79.95 PAIR
MT1003Tail Light Moulding Kit VK Sedan (Exc Calais)$69.95 EA
MT1004Tail Light Moulding Kit VL Calais Sedan$150.00 PAIR

Number Plate Lamp Lenses

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
LNP1000Number Plate Light Lens Set FB EK Pair Sedan$99.95 EA
LNP1001ALens Licence Plate Light LH LX UC Torana$19.94 EA

Nut Kits

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
FK1028Tail Light To Body Nuts LC - LX HK - HG All HJ - HZ Sed$7.94 EA
FK1029Park Lamp To Body Nut Set HK HT HG HJ HX HZ$4.95 EA
FK1034Tail Light WB Statesman Fitting Kit (2)$5.94 EA
FK1102U Nut Tail Light Extension VK VL (8 Pcs)$6.94 EA
FK1154Tail Light Fitting Kit WB Ute/Van (2)$5.94 EA
FK1156Tail Light Fitting Kit WB One Tonner (2)$5.94 EA
FK1157Headlight Fitting Kit WB Commercial Rectangular 2$7.94 EA
FK1158Headlight Fitting Kit WB Statesman (2)$7.94 EA
FK1172Tail Light Stud & Nut Fitting Kit LC Torana$54.95 KIT

Rubber Bumpers Grommets & Insulators

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
F2410Tail Light Globe Holder Boot Kit XA Early XB 6Pcs$40.16 EA
FW1002AGrommet Headlight Wiring Harness Lucas FE - EK Pr$44.95 PAIR
SK1005Boot EH Indicator Front Kit Of 2$21.95 EA

Screw Kits

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
FK1143Taillamp Lens Screw Kit HQ - HZ Wagon Ute Van 12 Pcs$7.94 EA
FK1178Pillar Lamp Fitting Kit HK - VL LH - UC (4 Pcs)$4.95 EA
FK1186Tail Light Lens Fitting Kit UC (2)$18.49 KIT
FK2016Headlight Rim Screw Set XW$7.94 EA
FK2021Tail Light & Indicator Lens Screw Kit XW XY$9.94 EA
FK2022Tail Light To Body Screw Kit XW XY$19.94 EA
FK2031Tail Light Fitting Kit Lens To Base & Body ZD Pair$17.95 PAIR
LSS1000Lens Screw Set LC LJ Front Indicators$5.94 EA

Sealed & Semi Sealed Beams

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
HLA1008Headlight Sealed Beam 7" Round Hi/Low W/O Parker$32.08 EA
HLA1008AHeadlight Sealed Beam 7" Round Hi/Low W/Parker$32.08 EA
HLA1008BHeadlight Semi Sealed Beam 7" Round W/Out Parker$43.95 EA
HLA1008BBHeadlight Halogen Conversion 7" H4 60/55W W/O Park$54.95 EA
HLA1008CHeadlight Semi Sealed Beam 7" Round With Parker$43.95 EA
HLA1008CBHeadlight Halogen Conversion 7" H4 60/55W W/Parker$54.95 EA
HLA1009Headlight Sealed Beam 5 3/4" High Beam & Low Beam$22.00 EA
HLA1010Headlight Sealed Beam 5 3/4" High Beam$21.37 EA

Side Lamps & Lenses

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
LSM1001ALight Side HQ All HJ - HZ Ute Van Wagon Rear 1/4 PnlN/A EA
LSM1004Light Side Indicator Fender Clear VP VR VS VT VX$29.95 PAIR
LSM1011LLight Side Indicator Fender Vent Insert VZ SS L/H$79.95 EA
LSM1011RLight Side Indicator Fender Vent Insert VZ SS R/H$79.95 EA
VZSSIKLight Side Indicator Fender Vent Insert VZ SS Pair$159.90 KIT

Tail Light Kits

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
EHITLKRear Ind & Tail Light Lens Kit EH Sedan/Wagon$191.73 EA
EJITLKRear Ind & Tail Light Lens Kit EJ All, EH Ute/Van$175.71 EA
FBITLKRear Ind/Tail/Reverse Light Lens Kit FB EK Sed/Wag$270.62 EA
HDITLKRear Ind & Tail Light Lens Kit HD All HR Ute/Van$181.16 EA
HQITLKRear Indicator & Tail Light Lens Kit HQ Sed/Coupe$201.78 EA
HRITLKRear Ind & Tail Light Lens Kit HR Sedan/Wagon$159.76 EA
VKTLKCALTail Light & Extension Kit VK Calais$308.13 EA
VKTLKSLTail Light & Extension Kit VK SL$263.95 EA
VLTLKBERTail Light & Extension Kit VL Berlina Sedan$327.81 EA
VLTLKCALTail Light & Extension Kit VL Calais$424.63 EA
VLTLKEXECTail Light & Extension Kit VL Executive & SL$302.24 EA
XYITLKRear Indicator & Tail Light Lens Kit XY All$153.78 EA

Taillight Lenses & Assemblies

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
LRS1002Tail Light Lens FJ Sedan$54.95 EA
LRS1003Tail Light Lens FE FC All FB EK Ute & Panel Van$39.95 EA
LRS1004Tail Light Lens FB EK Sedan & Wagon$54.95 EA
LRS1005Tail Light Lens EJ All EH Ute & Panel Van$39.94 EA
LRS1006Tail Light Lens EH Sedan & Station Wagon$43.95 EA
LRS1007Tail Light Lens HD All HR Ute & Panel Van RH$39.94 EA
LRS1008Tail Light Lens HD All HR Ute & Panel Van LH$39.94 EACH
LRS1009Tail Light Lens HR Sedan Station Wagon$39.94 EA
LRS1014Tail Light Lens HG Sedan & Monaro Right Hand$99.95 EA
LRS1015Tail Light Lens HG Sedan & Monaro Left Hand$99.95 EA
LRS1016Tail Light Lens HQ Sedan & Coupe$44.95 EA
LRS1017Tail Light Lens HQ - HZ Wag Ute Van States$74.99 EA
LRS1017PTTail Light Lens HQ - HZ Wag Ute Van States Tinted$149.97 PAIR
LRS1040Tail Light Lens LH LX Torana Silver$129.94 EA
LRS1041Tail Light Lens LH LX Torana G Pack Slr Black$129.94 EA
LRS1046ATail Light Assemblies VB - VL Wag Pair LH & RH$199.95 PAIR
LRS1048Tail Light Assembly VK SL Sedan RH$64.22 EA
LRS1049Tail Light Assembly VK SL Sedan LH$64.22 EA
LRS1050Tail Light Assembly VK Calais Sedan RH$64.22 EA
LRS1051Tail Light Assembly VK Calais Sedan LH$64.22 EA
LRS1052Tail Light Assembly VK SS Berlina & VL Group A RH$74.92 EA
LRS1053Tail Light Assembly VK SS Berlina & VL Group A LH$74.92 EA
LRS1054Tail Light Assembly VL Sedan SL Executive RH$64.22 EA
LRS1055Tail Light Assembly VL Sedan SL Executive LH$64.22 EA
LRS1056Tail Light Assembly VL Berlina Sedan RH$79.95 EA
LRS1057Tail Light Assembly VL Berlina Sedan LH$79.95 EA
LRS1058Tail Light Assembly VL Calais Sedan RH$85.65 EA
LRS1059Tail Light Assembly VL Calais Sedan LH$85.65 EA
LRS1060Tail Light Assembly VN Berlina Right Hand$64.96 EA
LRS1061Tail Light Assembly VN Berlina Left Hand$64.96 EA
LRS1062STDTail Light Assembly VN Executive Sedan Right Hand$64.22 EA
LRS1063STDTail Light Assembly VN Executive Sedan Left Hand$64.22 EA
LRS1064Tail Light Assembly VN Calais Right Hand$96.35 EA
LRS1065Tail Light Assembly VN Calais Left Hand$96.35 EA
LRS1066Tail Light Assembly VN - VS Non Smoked Ute & Wag RH$39.95 EA
LRS1067Tail Light Assembly VN - VS Non Smoked Ute & Wag LH$39.95 EA
LRS1068Tail Light Assembly VN Exec Sed Smoked Right Hand$64.22 EA
LRS1069Tail Light Assembly VN Exec Sed Smoked Left Hand$64.22 EA
LRS1072Tail Light Assembly VN - VS Smoked Ute & Wag RH$53.50 EA
LRS1073Tail Light Assembly VN - VS Smoked Ute & Wag LH$53.50 EA
LRS1076Tail Light VR VS S & SS Berlina & Calais Sedan RH$76.32 EA
LRS1079ATail Light Lens LC "S" Left Hand$109.95 EA
LRS1080ATail Light Lens LC "S" Right Hand$109.95 EA
LRS1100Tail Light Lens & Indicator UC Left Or Right$189.95 EA
LRS2003Tail Light Lens XM XP Sedan & Wagon & Coupe$58.86 EA
LRS2005Tail Light Lens XT All$39.95 EA
LRS2007Tail Light Lens & Moulding LH Or RH XW$89.95 EA
LRS2008Tail Light Lens XY Right Hand$39.94 EA
LRS2009Tail Light Lens XY Left Hand$39.94 EA
LRS2022Tail Light Lens & Indicator XC Coupe Black$139.21 EA
LRS2022ATail Light Lens & Indicator XB Coupe Chrome$164.74 EA
LRS2027Tail Light Assembly XE Sedan Left Hand$107.05 EA
LRS2028Tail Light Assembly XE Sedan Right Hand$107.05 EA
LRS2033Tail Light Assembly XD XE XF XG XH Ute / P/Van LH$42.78 EA
LRS2034Tail Light Assembly XD XE XF XG XH Ute P/Van RH$42.78 EA
LRS2054Tail Light Lens XA Coupe (Pair)$349.95 EA