Rare Spares Restoration, Spare Parts & Accessories Price List as at 18/10/2021

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Body Rubbers & Seals

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
GP1004Grommet Kit Blind Centre Flange 44.5Mmod 38.1Mmid$9.94 KIT
GP1013Grommet Blind Centre Flange 53Mmod 35Mmid$9.96 KIT
GP1016Grommet Kit Blind Centre Flange 19Mmod 14.3Mmid$12.95 KIT
GP1025Grommet Kit Blind 23Mm$7.95 KIT
GP1037Bumpers Universal$14.95 EA
GP1038Rubber Bumpers Universal$8.95 KIT
GP1044Grommet Kit Blind Centre Flange 25.4Mmod 19Mmid$12.95 KIT

Clips & Fastener Kits

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
BP0001Universal Bolt & Washer Kit 1/4" - 20 X 7/8"$9.94 KIT
CBM0002Universal Bolt & J Nut Kit 5/16"$54.95 KIT
GP1001Grommet Kit Blind Centre Flange 17.5Mmod 12.7Mmid$10.95 KIT
GP1003Grommet Kit Blind Centre Flange 33.3Mmod 27Mmid$8.94 KIT
GP1006Grommet Kit Blind Centre Flange 12.7Mmod 9.5Mmid$7.94 KIT
GP1007Grommet Kit Blind Centre Flange 20.6Mmod 17.5Mmid$10.88 KIT
GP1008Grommet Kit Blind Centre Flange 25.4Mmod 14.3Mmid$8.94 KIT
GP1011Grommet Blind Centre Flange 59Mmod 50.5Mmid$5.90 KIT
GP1012Grommet Blind Centre Flange 58Mmod 36.5Mmid$6.48 KIT
GP1015Grommet Kit Blind Centre Flange 57.1Mmod 44.5Mmid$13.95 KIT
GP1019Heater Hose Grommet (2 Hole) Universal (1 Pc)$9.96 KIT
GP1021Grommet Kit Blind 39Mm$8.94 KIT
GP1042Grommet Kit Blind Centre Flange 16Mmod 11Mmid$12.58 KIT
GP1043Grommet Kit Blind Centre Flange 20.6Mmod 16Mmid$12.95 KIT
GP1045Grommet Kit Blind Centre Flange 31.8Mmod 25.4MmidN/A KIT
GP1046Grommet Kit Blind Centre Flange 38.1Mmod 31.8Mmid$17.94 KIT
MP0018Moulding Clip Side Body Universal 10 Pieces$8.94 EA
MP0023Universal Moulding Clip Set 5/8" x 5/8"$7.94 KIT
MS0006Universal Spring Clip Set 3/4"X15/16" Push$7.94 EA
MS0009Universal Spring Clip Set 1 3/4"X1 3/4" Pus$11.95 EA
MS0014Universal Spring Tail Clip Set 10 - 24 X 3/4"$12.79 EA
NS0009Nut Set Universal Plastic Push In$7.94 EA
NS0028Universal Speed Nut 1/4" Clip Set$7.94 EA
NS0029Universal Speed Nut 1/8" Push On Clip Set$7.94 EA
NS0030Universal Speed Nut 5/32" Push On Clip Set$7.94 EA
NS0031Universal Speed Nut 3/16" Push On Clip Set$7.94 EA
NS0032Universal Speed Nut 3/32" Push On Clip Set$7.94 EA
NS0033Universal Speed Nut 12 Gauge Push On Clip Set$7.94 EA
NU0004Universal U Nut Type 8 Gauge Clip Set$9.94 EA
NU0005Universal Nut U Type Sprg M5 Clip Set$10.95 EA
SG0001Universal Screw Grommet Clip Set$14.95 EA
SG0002Universal Screw Grommet Clip Set$7.94 EA
ST0045Screw Self Tappers Ford$7.94 EA
TC0024Universal Splash Guard Clip Set$10.45 EA


Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
6U5T9278DASender Unit Oil Pressure BA BF FG Fgx Territory$34.95 EA


Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
6U5T9278DASender Unit Oil Pressure BA BF FG Fgx Territory$34.95 EA

Engine Bay

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
GP1019Heater Hose Grommet (2 Hole) Universal (1 Pc)$9.96 KIT

Fuel & Exhaust Systems

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
CP1026Accelerator Spring Universal Set Of 4$19.94 EA
CP1026AAccelerator Spring Universal$7.94 EA
CP1026CAccelerator Spring Universal$7.94 EA
CP1026DAccelerator Spring Universal$7.94 EA
CP1026EAccelerator Spring Universal$7.94 EA
CP1026FAccelerator Spring Universal$7.94 EA
CP1026HAccelerator Spring Universal$12.95 EA

Heating & Cooling Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
CS1112Hose Clamp Worm Drive W:9 D:8 - 12Mm (4)$9.96 KIT
CS1116Hose Clamp Worm Drive W:9 D:8 - 16Mm (4)$9.96 KIT
CS1120Hose Clamp Worm Drive W:9 D:12 - 20Mm (4)$9.96 KIT
CS1127Hose Clamp Worm Drive W:12 D:16 - 27Mm (4)$9.96 KIT
CS1132Hose Clamp Worm Drive W:12 D:20 - 32Mm (4)$10.95 KIT
CS1135Hose Clamp Worm Drive W:12 D:23 - 35Mm (4)$10.95 KIT
CS1140Hose Clamp Worm Drive W:12 D:25 - 40Mm (4)$10.95 KIT
CS1145Hose Clamp Worm Drive W:12 D:30 - 45Mm (2)$6.95 KIT
CS1150Hose Clamp Worm Drive W:12 D:32 - 50Mm (2)$6.95 KIT
CS1160Hose Clamp Worm Drive W:12 D:40 - 60Mm (2)$6.95 KIT
CS1170Hose Clamp Worm Drive W:12 D:50 - 70Mm (2)$6.95 KIT
CS1180Hose Clamp Worm Drive W:12 D:60 - 80Mm (2)$7.95 KIT
CS1190Hose Clamp Worm Drive W:12 D:70 - 90Mm (2)$8.95 KIT

Interior & Soft Trim

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
SSBH03Autotecnica Sport Seat Classic PU Leather Pair$559.96 PAIR