Rare Spares Restoration, Spare Parts & Accessories Price List as at 21/09/2021

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Air Deflectors

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
90046713Plenum Chamber Cover VB VC VH International A/C$119.94 EA

Battery Cables & Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
F2319Battery Lead Kit XW XY GT$199.95 KIT

Battery Hold Down Kits

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
BB2000Battery Hold Down Kit XW XY ZC ZD$39.94 KIT
BB2000ABattery Hold Down Kit XW XY ZC ZD 351 All 302 Air$49.94 KIT
BC1000Battery Retainer Top With "Holden" On Name On Top$24.95 EA
BH1000Battery Hold Down Kit With Holden Logo$69.95 KIT
BH2000Battery Hold Down Kit XA XB XC ZF ZG ZH$49.95 KIT
H1100ABattery Tray And Mounting Kit HQ - WB Inc Brace$199.95 KIT

Battery Trays

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
RP303Battery Tray HQ HJ HX HZ WB$119.94 EA

Body Moulding Clip Kits

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
H1133Plenum Cover Retaining Clip Kit VB - VS$9.94 KIT

Electrical Clips & Fasteners

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
H1320Plastic Strap Suit HK - WB LC UC VB - VL (3)$12.58 EA

Engine Bay

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
FW1013Grommet Kit VK VL Firewall$34.95 KIT
G2001Choke Firewall Grommet XR XT XW XY XA XB XC$5.94 EA
H1343Resistor Cover (On Plenum) VN VP VR VS$7.94 EA

Engine Bay Clips

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
EC2001Wiring Loom Clip Set XR - XC ZA - ZD Rocker Cover$24.95 EA
EC2011Wiring Loom Strap Set XR - XC ZA - ZH$13.38 EA
FC1003Engine Bay Clips FB EK$16.95 EA
FC1004Wiring Harness Clip/Strap Kit EJ EH$21.95 KIT
FC1004AWiring Harness Clip Set EJ EH$21.95 KIT
FC1005Engine Bay Clips HD HR$27.95 EA
FC1006Engine Bay Clips HK$27.95 EA
FC1007Engine Bay Clips HT$27.95 EA
FC1008Engine Bay Clips HG$27.95 EA
FC1009Engine Bay Clips HQ$24.95 EA
FC1010Engine Bay Clips HJ$24.95 EA
FC1011Engine Bay Clips HX$27.95 EA
FC1012Engine Bay Clips LC LJ$24.95 EA
FC1013Engine Bay Clips LH LX$24.95 EA
FC1014Engine Bay Clips HZ$24.95 EA
RC0038Wiring Harness Clip Set HJ HX HZ LH LX$19.94 EA

Heater Cores

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
F2425Heater Core XW XY ZC ZD$150.00 EA
F2487Heater Core XR XT Early XW With Ramair Heater$195.00 EA

Heater Hoses

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
F2421Heater Hose Patterned 5/8" x 1000Mm XA - XC ZF - ZH$59.95 EA

ID Tag Rivets

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
RV12Rivet Kit ID Plate Set Of 2$21.95 KIT
RV16Rivet Kit ID Plate Set Of 6$59.95 KIT
RV2000Rivet Kit ID Plate Set Of 8$9.94 KIT

Overflow & Washer Bottles

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
7434071Overflow Bottle Radiator HQ HJ HX$64.94 EA
7434071AWindscreen Washer Bottle HK - HQ LJ "Gm" Optikleen$68.95 EA
7434071BWindscreen Washer Bottle HK HT HG LC LJ "Holden"$68.95 EA
7434071PWindscreen Washer Or Overflow Bottle HK - WB LC - LX$64.94 EA
7434262Windscreen Washer Bottle LH - UC HK - G W/O Air Optikl$68.95 EA
92052848Radiator Overflow Bottle VR VS V6 V8$69.95 EA
M033Windscreen Washer Bottle Ford Type Alloy Universal$99.95 EA
MP-TA27Windscreen Washer Bottle Holden Type Alloy Univers$99.95 EA
NWK600Windscreen Washer Kit Suit Ford$39.95 KIT
NWK700Windscreen Washer Kit Suit Holden$39.95 KIT
SSR9Washer Bottle XW XY ZC ZD$69.95 EA
WRCAP1Windscreen Washer Bottle Cap Green HK - WB LC - UC$7.94 EA
WRCAP2Washer Or Overflow Cap Black HK - WB LC - UC$7.94 EA
WRCAP3Windscreen Washer Bottle Cap VL - VS (With Symbol)$7.94 EA
WRCAP4Washer Bottle Cap (Green) HK - WB LC - UC (No Logo)$7.94 EA
XA17618AAWasher Bottle XA Early XB ZF ZG$92.66 EA

Radiator & Shroud Mounting Bolt Kits

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
RMK1007Radiator Mounting Kit WB VB VC VH VK VL$36.95 KIT
RMK1008Radiator Mounting Kit VN VG VQ VP VR VS$36.95 KIT

Radiator Mounting Brackets & Rubbers

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
F2094Radiator Grille Upper Mounting Kit XW XY ZC ZD$99.95 KIT

Rubber Bumpers Grommets & Insulators

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
7420721Grommet Firewall Heater Hose FE - HT Universal$6.94 EA
FDS1000Fender Dust Deflector Shield Kit Front HQ - WB$44.95 KIT
FW1000Grommet Inner Skirt HD HR HK HT HG Pair$39.94 PAIR
FW1001Grommet Kit 48 FJ Firewall$39.94 KIT
FW1002Firewall Grommet & Seal Kit FE - FC$49.94 KIT
FW1003Grommet Kit FB Firewall$49.94 KIT
FW1003AGrommet Kit EK Firewall$49.94 KIT
FW1004Grommet Kit EJ EH$49.94 KIT
FW1005Firewall Grommet & Seal Kit HD HR$69.95 KIT
FW1006Firewall Grommet & Seal Kit HK HT HG$69.95 KIT
FW1007AGrommet Kit HQ$44.95 KIT
FW1007BFirewall Grommet & Seal Kit HJ$44.95 KIT
FW1007CFirewall Grommet & Seal Kit HX HZ$44.95 KIT
FW1010Grommet Kit LC LJ$49.94 KIT
FW1011AFirewall Grommet & Seal Kit LH LX$49.94 KIT
FW1012Grommet Kit VB VC VH Firewall$34.95 KIT
FW1013Grommet Kit VK VL Firewall$34.95 KIT
FW2000AFirewall Grommet Speedo & Accelerator XR - XY$9.94 EA
FW2003Heater Hose F/Wall Grommet Kit XA - C ZF - H With A/C$16.94 KIT
FW2004Engine Bay Grommet And Seal Kit XR XT XW XY$44.95 KIT
FW2005Engine Bay Grommet And Seal Kit XA XB XC ZF ZG ZH$49.94 KIT
FW500Firewall Grommet Heater Hose & Wire Harness AP5 - VCN/A EA
G1006Heater Fan Wiring Grommet HQ (Lucas)$7.94 PAIR
G2000Brake Line Through Engine Bay Grommet XT - XC ZB - ZH$5.94 EA
GP1019Heater Hose Grommet (2 Hole) Universal (1 Pc)$9.96 KIT
H1265Seal Subframe To Firewall Side Rear 48 - FJ$9.94 EA
WM1000Wiper Mounting Grommet Kit EK EJ EH HD HR LH LX$19.94 KIT

Tee Pieces & Connectors

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
WM0002Windscreen Washer Hoses Tee Connectors Suit 4 Pcs$8.94 EA

Trim Clip Kits

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
TC2007Radiator Upper Seal Retainer Kit XD XE XF XG ZJ ZK$8.95 KIT

Windscreen Washer Pumps

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
2818768KRepair Kit Switch Windscreen Wiper Washer LC LJ$9.96 KIT
90058691Windscreen Washer Pump VR - VS Sedan Ute$39.95 EA
92140526Windscreen Washer Pump VT - VZ WH - WL Sed & Ute$22.95 EA
F2320Windscreen Washer Pump Outlet Preslite XR - XC$64.94 EA
F2351Windscreen Washer Pump Outlet Lucas XW XY XA$59.95 KIT
NRV513Windscreen Washer Non Return Valve$11.95 EA
NWP500Windscreen Washer Pump HZ - VP Commodore$17.68 EA
NWP501Windscreen Washer Pump Falcon XC - BA$24.66 EA
NWP506Windscreen Washer Motor Suit Holden$24.95 EA
VS12134Windscreen Washer Pump Outlet Preslite HQ - HX$69.95 EA
VS12204Windscreen Washer Pump Cover Lucas HQ - HX$59.95 EA

Wiper Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
EHWLRKWiper Arm Pivot Repair Kit EH OnlyN/A KIT
F2185Wiper Arm Clip XR - XC ZA - ZH$7.94 EA
F2298Wiper Linkage Arms XD - XF XG - XH ZJ - ZL Pair$79.95 EA
F2331Grommet Wiper Motor Pivot To Cowl XD - XH ZJ - ZL$9.96 EA
F2337Wiper Linkage Assembly XW - XY$234.95 KIT
G1012Windscreen Washer Pump Motor To Res Grommet HZ - VP$5.94 EA
H1122Wiper Motor & Linkages Clip Set LC LJ$17.94 EA
H1172Wiper Linkage Retaining Clip EK - EH$12.95 KIT
H1210Wiper Blade Replacements 48 FX FJ Pair$42.94 KIT
H1268Wiper Pivot Gasket FB EK Pair$11.95 EA
H1268AWiper Pivot Gasket FE FC Pair$11.95 KIT
H1334Plenum Drain Strainer Kit VN VP VR VS (2 Pcs)$9.94 KIT
H1370Windscreen Washer Nozzle Kit VB - VR Comm, WB (2)$54.95 KIT
H1378Windscreen Washer Nozzle VS VT VX VY VZ (2)$61.75 KIT
M32582Wiper Blade Single 48 FX FJ$24.95 EA
SK1001Gasket Wiper Pivot 48 FJ Kit Of 2$11.95 KIT
SP1986Wiper Linkage Retaining Clip LC LJ LH LX UC Torana$6.94 EA
WAA2000Wiper Arms XR XT ZA ZB XW XY GT Pair$74.95 EA
WARKTRepair Kit Wiper Arm Small Right Hand XC ZH$24.95 KIT
WB1001Wiper Blade & Arm Set 48 FX FJ Pair$149.94 KIT
WB1010Wiper Blades LX SS Slr5000 A9x Will Fit LC LJ LH$74.95 EA
WB2000Wiper Blade Set XR XT XW XY GT (Pair)$74.95 EA
WB2001Wiper Arms & Blades Set XR XT XW XY GT (4 Pcs)$139.95 EA
WM1000Wiper Mounting Grommet Kit EK EJ EH HD HR LH LX$19.94 KIT
WM1000AWiper Mounting Grommet Kit HK HT Hg, LC LJ$21.95 KIT
WM1000BWiper Mounting Kit HQ HJ HX HZ WB LC LJ$29.95 KIT
WM1003Wiper Linkage Grommet Kit 48 FJ FE FC FB (2 Pcs)$19.94 KIT
WM1004Washer Reservoir Small Parts Kit Wb, Commodore$19.94 KIT
WM1006Wiper Pivot Repair Kit HQ HJ HX HZ$42.96 KIT
WM2000Wiper Motor Mounting Kit XT - XC ZB - ZH$19.94 KIT
WM2001Wiper Motor Mounting Kit XR ZA$14.95 KIT
WM2002Wiper Motor Mounting Kit XT XW XY XA XB XC ZC - ZH$15.35 KIT
WN1101Nozzle Washer Kit LC LJ HK HT HG Belmont Black$69.95 KIT
WN1101AWasher Nozzle Kit HK HT HG Exc Belmont (Black)$64.96 KIT
WN1101BNozzle Washer LC LJ HK HT HG Belmont Black$44.95 EA
WN1102Nozzle Washer Kit LC LJ HK HT HG Belmont Chrome$74.95 KIT
WN1102AWasher Nozzle Kit HK HT HG Exc Belmont (Chrome)N/A KIT
WN1102BNozzle Washer LC LJ HK HT HG Chrome$47.95 EA
WN1103Windscreen Washer Nozzle Kit VB - VR$69.95 KIT
WN1104Windscreen Washer Nozzle Kit VT VX VY VZ$82.35 KIT
WN1106Windscreen Washer Nozzle Set HQ HJ HX HZ (Pair)$69.95 KIT
WN1107Windscreen Nozzle Kit HQ HJ HX HZ$99.95 KIT
WN2100Windscreen Washer Jet Kit XR - XY ZA - ZD With Screws$43.66 KIT
WP100Wiper Pivot Assembly Both Sides EJ EH Change Over$419.99 EA
WWH1000Windscreen Washer Hose Kit HQ HJ HX$22.95 KIT
WWH1001Windscreen Washer Hose Kit LH LXN/A KIT