Rare Spares Restoration, Spare Parts & Accessories Price List as at 23/01/2021

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Aerials & Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
92035031Radio Aerial VB VC VH VK VL Commodore$38.06 EA
RA1000Radio Aerial Suit Holden & Ford Universal Chrome$19.95 EA
RA1001Radio Aerial Suit Holden & Ford Universal Black$19.95 EA
RA1003Radio Aerial Manual VN VP VR VS Commodore$34.95 EA
RA1004Radio Aerial Manual VT VX VY VZ Commodore$39.95 EA
RA1005Radio Aerial Mast (Screw Type) VE Commodore Roof$24.95 EA
RA2000Radio Aerial Manual Lockdown XA - XF Falcon$22.95 EA
RA2001Radio Aerial Manual EA EB ED Falcon$29.95 EA
RA2002Radio Aerial Manual EF EL Falcon$37.95 EA
RA2003Radio Aerial Manual AU Falcon$37.95 EA

Battery Cables & Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
F2319Battery Lead Kit XW XY GT$175.57 EA

Battery Covers

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
C1DZ10655BCBattery Cover "Autolite"$149.95 EA

Battery Hold Down Kits

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
BB2000Battery Hold Down Kit XW XY ZC ZD$39.94 EA
BB2000ABattery Hold Down Kit XW XY ZC ZD 351 All 302 Air$49.94 EA
BC1000Battery Retainer Top With "Holden" On Name On Top$24.95 EA
BH1000Battery Hold Down Kit With Holden Logo$67.95 EA
BH2000Battery Hold Down Kit XA XB XC ZF ZG ZH$42.94 EA
H1100ABattery Tray And Mounting Kit HQ - WB Inc Brace$189.95 EA

Cigarette Lighters & Sockets

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
F2191Cigarette Lighter Socket & Retainer XK XR$17.68 PAIR

Cushion Clamps

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
CC1006Cushion Clamp Stainless Steel 6Mm x 15Mm (5)$9.96 PACK
CC1009Cushion Clamp Stainless Steel 9Mm x 15Mm (5)$9.96 PACK
CC1010Cushion Clamp Stainless Steel 10Mm x 15Mm (5)$9.96 PACK
CC1012Cushion Clamp Stainless Steel 12Mm x 15Mm (5)$10.95 PACK
CC1013Cushion Clamp Stainless Steel 13Mm x 15Mm (5)$10.95 PACK
CC1015Cushion Clamp Stainless Steel 15Mm x 15Mm (5)$10.95 PACK
CC1016Cushion Clamp Stainless Steel 16Mm x 15Mm (5)$10.95 PACK
CC1019Cushion Clamp Stainless Steel 19Mm x 15Mm (5)$10.95 PACK
CC1020Cushion Clamp Stainless Steel 20Mm x 15Mm (5)$11.95 PACK
CC1022Cushion Clamp Stainless Steel 22Mm x 15Mm (5)$11.95 PACK
CC1025Cushion Clamp Stainless Steel 25Mm x 15Mm (5)$11.95 PACK
CC1027Cushion Clamp Stainless Steel 27Mm x 15Mm (5)$11.95 PACK
CC1029Cushion Clamp Stainless Steel 29Mm x 15Mm (5)$12.95 PACK

Dash Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
H1166Globe Socket LC Dash LJ HK Handbrake Warning Light$5.90 EA
H1167Globe Sockets HK And LC Dash$43.29 EA

Door Switches

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
CLSK1Courtesy Light Switch Kit HK - WB LC - UC Suit 4 Doors$34.95 KIT
CLSK2Courtesy Light Switch Kit HK - WB LC - UC Suit 2 Doors$17.94 KIT
SW2001ASwitch Door Courtesy Light XR - XC Front XA - XC Rear$16.60 EA
SW2002ACourtesy Lamp Door Switch XK - XP & XW - XY (Rear)$23.94 EA
SW2030Switch Courtesy Lamp FC EK (Spring Type)$42.78 EA
SW2031Switch Courtesy Lamp FE FC (Screw Type)$52.95 EA

Electric Window Switches

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
SW1001Electric Window Switch In Console VB VC VH VK VL$345.00 EA
SW2006Electric Window Switch (Single Type) XC - XE ZH - ZK$49.01 EA

Electrical Clips & Fasteners

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
H1320Plastic Strap Suit HK - WB LC UC VB - VL (3)$12.58 EA

Electrical Terminals & Connectors

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
EC1000Connector Body & Terminal Female LJ - UC EJ - WB White$7.45 EA
EC1000AWire Terminal HQ - HZ (4 Pcs)$10.66 EA
EC1000BConnector Body & Terminal Female LJ - UC EJ - WB Black$5.58 EA
EC1000CWire Terminal Body (Single Short) LH - UC HQ - WB 4Pcs$8.35 EA
EC1001Connector Body & Terminal Male LC - UC EJ - WB$5.58 EA
EC1002Connector Body & Terminal Female/Male LC - UC EJ - WB$9.59 EA
EC1003Connector Body & Terminal Female LJ - UC EJ - WB 2 Pin$5.58 EA
EC1004Connector Body & Terminal Male LC - UC EJ - WB 2 Pin$5.58 EA
EC1005Connector Body & Terminal Female/Male LC - WB 2 Pin$5.58 EA
EC1008Connector Body & Terminal Female/Male LC - WB 4 Pin$8.94 EA
EC1009Connector Body & Terminal Female/Male LC - WB 6 Pin$16.01 EA
EC1010Connector Body & Terminal Female/Male LC - WB 8 Pin$19.95 EA

Globe Sockets

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
8905102Globe Socket Genuine Nos VK VL VN VP VR VQ VS$22.95 EA
EC0004Headlight Sockets 3 Pin Round H4 (2Qty)$17.40 EA
EC0005Light Socket Kit Universal (2 Pcs) Suits T10 Wedge$19.93 EA
EC1016Socket Rear Indicator Globe HQ Sedan & Monaro$27.05 EA
EC1017Socket Stop Tail Light Globe HQ Sedan & Monaro$27.05 EA
EC1018Globe Holder Fitting HK - VL LC - UC 4 Qty$11.95 EA
EC2003Socket Front Park Light Globe Small Socket XW - XA$23.19 EA
EC2004Socket Front/Rear Indicator Globe With Earth XW - XY$27.05 EA
EC2005Socket Stop Tail Light Globe Double Pin XW XY$27.05 EA
EC2013Socket Globe Holder Rear Indicator XA XB$24.95 EA
EC2014Socket Globe Holder Rear Stop Tail Light XA XB$24.95 EA
H1009Retainer Dome Light Globe Plastic HD - HK$21.95 EA
H1342Tail Light Globe Socket VH VK VN VP VR VQ VS$16.95 EA
X2451Globe Holder N/Plate & Boot Light Ba9s Base Globe$6.95 EA
X2459Globe Holder Early Gmh Stop Tail Bay15d Base Globe$20.75 EA
X2460Globe Holder Early Gmh Indicator Light Bay15s Base$19.95 EA
X2461Globe Holder Early Gmh Stop Tail Bay15d Base Globe$19.95 EA
X2465Globe Holder Ford Stop & Tail Bay15d Base Globes$14.95 EA
X2466Globe Holder Ford Reverse Ba15s Base Globes$14.95 EA
X2470Globe Holder Commodore Stop/Tail Ba15d Base Globe$14.95 EA
X2476Globe Holder Gmh Reverse Rear Light Ba15s Base$8.53 EA

Globes & Bulbs

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
127934Bulb 12 - 16 2 Cp Sc Globe 9Mm Dia Ba9s$3.95 EA
GB1001Bulb Stop & Tail FE - HZ LC - UC$3.16 EA
GB1001ABulb Front Indicator / Park FE - HQ LC LJ$3.16 EA
GB1001BBulb Rear Indicator FE - HZ LC - UC$3.16 EA
GB1002Bulb Front Indicator HJ HX HZ WB LH LX UC$3.53 EA
GB1004Dome Lamp Globe HD - HZ LH - UC$5.94 EA
GB1005Dash Lights Globe 48 - FJ$6.94 EA
GB1006Parker Globe 48 - FJ (6 Volt)$6.95 EA
GB1007Dome Lamp Globe 48 - FJ (6 Volt)$8.51 EA
GBA1000Headlight Globe H4 60/55W Suit Holden Ford Others$10.66 EA

Headlight Switches & Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
2812188Headlight Switch HR HK Ht HG LC LJ (8 Pin)$49.94 EA
7419496Headlight Switch EJ EH HD$76.95 EA
92025991Knob Headlight Low Profile VK$19.94 EA
EC1015Headlight Wiring Terminal Blocks 48 - EK (Pair)$65.00 EA
F2293Driving Light Switch And Bezel XW XY GT$46.01 EA
SW1015Headlight Switch 48 FJ$171.34 EA
SW1016Headlight Switch FE FC FB EK$164.74 EA
SW1017Switch Headlight LH LX UC 7 Pin$48.04 EA
SW1019Headlight Switch HQ HJ HX HZ All WB Commercial$49.94 EA
SW1020Switch Headlight Dimmer/Dipper FB - HJ LC - LH$21.63 EA
SW2003Switch Headlight XR XT XW XY ZA ZB ZC ZD$44.95 EA
SW2004Switch Headlight XM XP$69.95 EA
SW2005Switch Dimmer/Dipper XM - XA ZA - ZF$21.95 EA
VS16255Switch Dimmer/Dipper LX Torana Only$19.94 EA

Horns & Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
7422319Horn Contact EJ EH Thru Wheel$42.78 EA
C1DD13A809ARetainer Horn Ring XK - XT ZA - ZB$14.95 EA
C9AZ13A875CHorn Rubber Steering Wheel XW XY GT / GS$94.95 EA
D1AZ13A875AHorn Rubber Steering Wheel XA Rally Pack$119.96 EA
F2189Horn Set High & Low Tone XR XT XW ZA ZB ZC$76.99 EA
F2190Horn Set High & Low Tone XY XA XB XC ZD ZF ZG ZH$78.95 SET
G5011Horn Contact Through Steering Wheel 48 FJ$31.94 EA
HK001Horn Contact Button Kit FE FC FB EKN/A EA
HRSWFHorn Rubber Steering Wheel XB Filler Only$34.95 EA
SM141HBHorn Contact XM XP$34.95 EA

Ignition Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
B6A12029BIgnition Coil Yellow Top XR - XB To 12/73 ZA - ZD 8Cyl$95.00 EA
BIM024Module Distributor VC - VL 6 & 8 Cyl Hei Check Appli$99.95 EA
C4DZ12043ACoil Mounting Bracket XR - XB ZA - ZF 8Cyl$37.43 EA
D0ZZ12259ASpark Plug Leads Autolite Set XW XY ZC ZD 351C$194.95 EA
DD12Distributor Vacuum Advance Unit XK - XY 6 Cylinder$102.95 EA
DD-190Distributor Vacuum Advance Unit XR XT XW XY V8$69.95 EA
F2116Spark Plug Lead Separator Kit XR - XF ZA - ZL$21.95 EA
F2248Spark Plug Autolite 24 Cleveland Gtho/Cold 8 Pcs$32.09 EA
F2249Spark Plug 25 Autolite Cleveland Standard 8 Pcs$32.09 EA
F2250Spark Plug 45 Autolite Windsor XR - XY Standard 8Pcs$32.09 EA
GB501Distributor Cap EH - HK Bosch XT XW ZB ZC 6 Cyl$49.95 EA
GB502Rotor Button EH - VB Bosch XT - XB ZB - ZD LC - UC 6 Cyl$29.95 EA
GB503Condenser EH HD HR HK 6 Cyl$20.55 EA
GB504Contact Set FJ - HK 6 Cyl Bosch$26.73 EA
GB529Contact Set XT XW ZB ZC 6 Cyl Bosch AP6 - VF 6 Cyl$19.95 EA
GB530Condenser XT - XD 6 Cyl XA - XC 8 Cyl TC - TE Cortina$21.37 EA
GB534Contact Set HT - HZ VB LC - UC XY - XD ZD - ZG 6Cyl TC - TE$18.16 EA
GB536Rotor Button HT - HZ LH LX VB XW - XC ZC - ZH V8 Some$89.95 EA
GB538Condenser HT - HZ LC - UC VB 6Cyl, HT - HZ LH LX V8$24.57 EA
GB539Distributor Cap HK - VB LC - UC XY - XC ZD - ZG 6 Cyl$35.95 EA
GB61Condenser FJ FE FC FB EK EJ 138 Grey Motor$39.95 EA
GB700Contact Set Bosch System XW - XC ZC - ZH V8$19.95 EA
GB701Condenser Bosch System XW XY ZC ZD V8$39.95 EA
GB73Rotor Button FJ FE FC FB EK EJ 138 Grey Motor$59.95 EA
GB74Distributor Cap FJ FE FC FB EK EJ 138 Grey Motor$74.95 EA
GB75Distributor Cap Valiant AP5 AP6 VC VE VF VG 6 Cyl$39.95 EA
GB752Contact Set LC LJ 6 Cylinder Gtr Xu1$20.31 EA
GB787Rotor Button XC XD 6Cyl Iron Head TC - TE Cortina$19.95 EA
GB827Rotor Button WB VC VH 6Cyl Blue VK 6Cyl Black Efi$29.95 EA
GB829Distributor Cap WB VC VH 6Cyl Blue VK 6Cyl BlackN/A EA
GB830Distributor Cap WB VC VH VK VL 8 Cylinder$49.95 EA
GB856Rotor Button VK 6Cyl Carb Only$29.95 EA
GB862Distributor Cap XF - EL ZL - NL 6 Cylinder$29.95 EA
GB864Rotor Button XF 6 Cyl Leaded - 01/1986$29.95 EA
GB865Rotor Button XF 6 Cyl Unleaded Efi$25.70 EA
GB926Distributor Cap HT - HZ VB VN - VT V8 XW - XE ZC - ZH V8$39.95 EA
GD11ECondenser Holden Delco System 48 FJ HB LC LJ$9.96 EA
GD143VContact Set HK HT HG HQ With Chev Engine$37.43 EA
GD209Condenser TX TC TD TE TF TG Gemini Petrol Engine$10.66 EA
GD214Contact Set TX TC TD TE TF TG Petrol Engine$9.96 EA
GD366Distributor Cap TX TC TD TE TF TG Petrol Engine$23.51 EA
GD527Rotor Button TX - TG Gemini Petrol Engine$10.66 EA
GD607Distributor Cap HK HT HG HQ Chev V8 Delco Remy$64.22 EA
GD659Rotor Button HK HT HG HQ With Chevrolet Engine$29.95 EA
GD86Cap Distributor 48 50 Holden Wth Delco Distributor$59.95 EA
GF75Rotor Button XR - XY ZA - ZD V8 Autolite System$17.95 EA
GF79Condenser XR - XY ZA - ZD V8 Autolite System$11.73 EA
GF82VContact Set XR - XY ZA - ZD V8 Autolite System$18.16 EA
GF90Distributor Cap XR - XY ZA - ZD V8 Autolite System$35.29 EA
GH618Distributor Cap VL Commodore 6 Cyl Rb30e Inc Turbo$53.50 EA
GH619Rotor Button VL Commodore 6 Cyl Rb30e Inc Turbo$29.95 EA
GL103Condenser HD - HJ LC - UC 6 Cyl Lucas System$17.08 EA
GL19VContact Set HD - HJ LC - UC 6 Cyl Lucas System$20.55 EA
GL74Rotor Button XK XL XM XP XR ZA 6 Cyl.All$29.95 EA
GL80VContact Set XK - XR ZA 6 Cyl Lucas System$19.95 EA
GL91Distributor Cap XK XL XM XP XR ZA 6 Cyl Lucas$31.01 EA
GT40Ignition Coil Without Resistor Sports$59.95 EA
GT40RIgnition Coil Resistor Type$59.95 EA
H1005Spark Plug Lead Carrier Kit HQ - WB V8, LH - LX$21.38 EA
H1092Spark Plug Lead Separator Kit HK - WB$5.40 EA
H1093Spark Plug Lead Separator Holder Kit VC - VL V8$19.95 PAIR
RE60Voltage Regulator Holden VN - Vt, Ford EF - EL$79.95 EA
SU12Ignition Coil Bosch (Ic31)$45.95 EA
SU12RIgnition Coil Bosch (Ic32r)$45.95 EA
SW-3Solenoid Starter Motor XR - XA ZA - ZF V8 Windsor Clev$35.99 EA

Indicator Switches & Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
7430631Indicator Switch HK HT Hg, LC With BearingN/A EA
A5007Universal Turn Signal Indicator Switch Assmbly$59.95 EA
C5VY13341BSwitch Indicator XR XT ZA ZB$149.94 EA
H1321Indicator Lever, Dimmer Switch & Knob LX Torana$64.96 EA
SC1000Indicator Repair Kit EJ EH HD HR$39.94 EA
SC1001Indicator Return Cancelling Plate HK HT HG LC$24.95 EA
SC1002Indicator Return Springs Kit HQ - WB LJ - UC VB - VL$8.95 EA
SC2000Repair Kit Ind Switch XL - (From June)(To June) - XM$32.95 EA
SC2002Indicator Repair Kit XR XT GT XW - XA ZC - ZF$49.94 EA
TS1006DCCombination Switch HX - WB VB VC & UC Torana Red$65.45 EA
TS1007BKCombination Switch VH VK Commodore Black$66.89 EA
TS1007DCCombination Switch VH VK Commodore Red$65.45 EA
TS1008Combination Switch VL Commodore Black$61.75 EA
V1000Indicator Switch Cancelling Cam Valiant VE - VH$32.95 EA
XY13341ASwitch Indicator XW XY XA ZC ZD ZF$144.99 EA


Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
F2436Fuse Box Cover XA XB ZF ZG$49.94 EA

Keys & Barrels

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
SL1003Barrel & Keys Ign Lock HQ - HX HZ Early LJ - LX$48.09 EA

Loom & Electrical Tape

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
B11666Wiring Harness Tape 1.0" Wide X 140' Non Adhesive$24.95 EA
B11669Wiring Harness Tape Cloth Type 3/4" Wide (30M Roll$24.66 EA
FLT19Car Builders Wiring Loom Fleece Tape 19Mm x 15M$5.01 ROLL
UBTCar Builders Underbody Loom Tape 19Mm x 25M$9.00 ROLL

Loom Covers & Retainers

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
F2475Loom Covers Carpet Wire & Screw Set XR - XY (4)$129.95 KIT

Oil Senders & Switches

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
3815936Sender Unit Oil Pressure HK - HQ With Chev Engine$22.95 EA
6U5T9278DASender Unit Oil Pressure BA BF FG Fgx Territory$34.95 EA
7419530Sender Unit Oil Pressure 48 FJ$29.95 EA
7419533Sender Unit Oil Pressure FJ (Late) FE FC FB EKN/A EA
7429181Sender Oil Press For Guage HD - HQ WB State VB - VK UC$85.65 EA
7441302Sender Unit Oil Pressure With Lights Holden$24.95 EA
9932442Sender Unit Oil With Gauge LH LX HJ HZ$99.95 EA
ASW102Sender Unit Oil Pressure XK - XF 6 XR - XE V8 W/Light$14.95 EA
C9ZZ9278AOil Pressure Sender Unit XR XT XW XY XA XB GT$59.95 EA

Radios & Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
RR1000Radio Fascia Kit HK HT HG Push Button$124.95 EA
RR1001Radio Fascia Kit HK HT HG Manual Deluxe 11$124.95 EA

Sealed & Semi Sealed Beams

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
HLA1008Headlight Sealed Beam 7" Round Hi/Low W/O Parker$32.08 EA
HLA1008BHeadlight Semi Sealed Beam 7" Round W/Out Parker$43.95 EA
HLA1008BBHeadlight Halogen Conversion 7" H4 60/55W W/O Park$53.52 EA
HLA1009Headlight Sealed Beam 5 3/4" High Beam & Low Beam$22.00 EA
HLA1010Headlight Sealed Beam 5 3/4" High Beam$21.37 EA
UNL-H7019CHeadlight 7" Crystal H4 Semi Sealed Conversion$49.95 EA

Switches & Senders

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
SW1027Ignition Switch Column HQ - WB LJ - UC$109.95 EA
SW1028Ignition Switch VB VC VH VK VL$99.95 EA