Rare Spares Restoration, Spare Parts & Accessories Price List as at 20/04/2021

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Dash & Console Parts

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
D1002Decal Speedo HQ 220 Kph$19.94 EA
SD1003Switch Decals Original Symbols On Grey HJ - Z, LH - UC$20.03 EA

Dash & Speedo Decals

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
BD4225Decal "Gt - Ho" Glovebox XY Gtho$16.94 EA
D1001Speedo Face Decal 140 Mph HQ$15.95 EA
D1003Decal Tacho HQ 7000 Rpm$19.94 EA
DD1001Gauge Decal Set (Yellow) Torana LX Ss/Slr W/Park$53.94 EA
GD2001DDecal Speedo XW XY Conversion 120 Mph To 200 Kph$19.94 EA
GD2001EDecal Speedo XW XY Conversion 140 Mph To 220 Kph$19.94 EA
MSC2000Decal Metric Speedo Conversion FB EK Holden$27.94 EA
MSC2001Decal Metric Speedo Conversion EH Holden$27.94 EA
MSC2004Decal Metric Speedo Conversion HT & HG Holden$29.94 EA
MSC2101Decal Metric Speedo Conversion HD HR Holden$27.94 EA
MSC2102Decal Metric Speedo Conversion HQ Gts$36.95 EA
MSC2103Decal Metric Speedo Conversion HB LC LJ Torana$32.95 EA
MSC2104Decal Metric Speedo Conversion LC LJ Gtr XU - 1$30.05 EA
VS16363Decal Air Conditioner Control Panel VK Commodore$34.95 EA
VS16364Decal Heater Control Panel VK Commodore$34.95 EA
VS17118Decal Air Conditioner Control Panel VL Commodore$34.95 EA
VS17119Decal Heater Control Panel VL Commodore$34.95 EA

Dash Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
VS16363Decal Air Conditioner Control Panel VK Commodore$34.95 EA
VS16364Decal Heater Control Panel VK Commodore$34.95 EA
VS17118Decal Air Conditioner Control Panel VL Commodore$34.95 EA
VS17119Decal Heater Control Panel VL Commodore$34.95 EA

Decal Ford Under Bonnet

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
ACD2001Decal Air Cleaner XR GT Front$14.37 EA
ACD2014Decal Air Cleaner XC ZH "5.8 V8"$19.23 EA
ACD2020Decal Air Cleaner "351 V8" XA - B ZF - G Lrg A/Cleaner$19.53 EA
AD1000BAlternator Decal"Email 35 Amp" (Aluminium)$16.45 EA
AD2000CDecal Air Cleaner XR GT Rear$7.02 EA
AD2000DDecal Air Cleaner Autolite 250 Cubic Inch XY ZD$15.95 EA
AD2000MDecal Air Cleaner XD XE 4.9 Blue "Four Barrel"$22.95 EA
AD2001Air Cleaner & Rocker Cover Decal XD XE ZJ ZK "4.9"$14.95 EA
AD2002Air Cleaner & Rocker Cover Decal XD XE ZJ ZK "5.8"$14.95 EA
BD2001Decal Kit XY GT$72.05 KIT
BD2033Decal Kit XR GT$69.95 KIT
BD2034Decal Kit XT GT$69.95 KIT
BD2035Decal Kit XW GT 351 Cleveland 4V$72.05 KIT
BD2036Decal Kit XA GT$79.95 KIT
BD2037Decal Kit XW GT 351 Windsor$72.05 KIT
BD2069Decal Kit XA ZF 302 V8 With Small Air Cleaner$79.95 KIT
BD2069LDecal Kit XA ZF 302 V8 With Large Air Cleaner$87.51 KIT
BD2070Decal Kit XA ZF 351 V8 With Small Air Cleaner$79.95 KIT
BD2070LDecal Kit XA ZF 351 V8 With Large Air Cleaner$79.95 KIT
BD2071Decal Kit XB GT$89.95 KIT
BD2072Decal Kit XB ZG 302 V8 With Small Air Cleaner$79.95 KIT
BD2072LDecal Kit XB ZG 302 V8 With Large Air Cleaner$79.95 KIT
BD2073Decal Kit XB ZG 351 V8 With Small Air Cleaner$79.95 KIT
BD2073LDecal Kit XB ZG 351 V8 With Large Air Cleaner$79.95 KIT
BD2074Decal Kit XC ZH 4.9 V8$79.95 KIT
BD2075Decal Kit XC ZH 5.8 V8$79.95 KIT
BD2076Decal Kit XD ZJ 4.9 V8$79.95 KIT
BD2077Decal Kit XD ZJ 5.8 V8$79.95 KIT
BD2078Decal Kit XE ZK 4.9 V8$82.35 KIT
BD2079Decal Kit XE ZK 5.8 V8$82.35 KIT
BD2398LDecal "302 V8" XA XB ZF ZG (Large Air Cleaner)$20.54 EA
BD4226Decal XW XY ZC ZD Brake Fluid Autolite$12.79 EA
BD4242Decal Air Cleaner XR GT "289 High Performance"$18.94 EA
BD4369Decal XA XB Air Cleaner "351 4v V8"$19.94 EA
BD4371Decal "4.9 V8" Air Cleaner XC ZH$19.23 EA
BD4381Decal Battery Warning Shocker Tower XA - XD ZF - ZJ FC$16.94 EA
BD4382Decal Battery Warning Shocker Tower XR - XY ZA - ZD$15.95 EA
BD4383Decal XY GT Air Cleaner Shaker "Autolite"$13.42 EA
BD4388Decal Air Cleaner "351 V8" Small XA XB Except GT$20.54 EA
BD4396Decal Air Cleaner XW GT "351 High Performance"$14.89 EA
BD4398Decal "302 V8" Small Air Cleaner XA XB ZF ZG$19.23 EA
BD4399Decal XR GT XT GT ZA Brake Fluid$12.95 EA
BD4434Decal Brake Fluid XA - XC ZF - ZH$12.79 EA
BD4461Decal Electronic Ignition System Warning XC XD XE$12.95 EA
BD4574Decal Air Cleaner XT Gt"302 High Performance"$18.94 EA
CD2000Decal Coil XW XY ZA ZB ZC ZD Silver Print On Clear$12.95 EA
CD2003Decal Coil XA XB XC XD XE ZF ZG ZH ZJ ZK Bosch$4.22 EA
ED2000FDecal Exhaust Emission XC 351 5.8 (Yellow)$8.62 EA
ED2000GDecal Exhaust Emission XD 302/351 Late (Orange)$12.79 EA
ED2001Decal Exhaust Emission XT GT XW 302 W C8ae - 9C485 - B$13.33 EA
ED2002Decal Exhaust Emission XW ZC 351 Cleveland$13.33 EA
ED2004Decal Exhaust Emission XY XA XB 351 Cleveland 4V$16.95 EA
ED2008Decal Exhaust Emission XA XB$10.65 EA
ED2011Decal Exhaust Emission XC 302 4.9 Electronic Dist.$14.95 EA
ED2015Decal Exhaust Emission XE ZK 4.9 302 & 5.8 351 V8$13.33 EA
OD2000Decal Oil Cap XW XY ZC ZD V8$13.33 EA
OD2001Decal Oil Cap XA ZF With Speedo In Miles$13.33 EA
OD2002Decal Oil Cap XB ZG With Speedo In Kilometers$13.33 EA
RCD2003Decal Rocker Cover End XW GT HO XY GT (Ck608a1)$13.33 EA
RD2004Decal Regulator XT ZB (Email) Arcbdf10316a$8.29 EA
RD2005Decal Regulator Email XW XY ZC ZD$7.02 EA
RD2008Decal Regulator "Autolite" XW XY (C8tf - 10316 - A)$7.94 EA
RSD2000Decal Radiator Support Panel XR XT XW XY ZA - ZD$10.66 EA
RSD2001Decal Radiator Support Panel XA ZF$17.46 EA
RSD2002Decal Radiator Support Panel XB ZG$17.46 EA
RSD2003Decal Radiator Support Panel XC XD XE ZH ZJ ZK V8$10.66 EA
RSD2004Decal "Warnings" Rad Support Panel XD XE ZJ ZK$10.65 EA
RSD2005Decal Radiator Fill On Fan Shroud XD XE ZJ ZK V8$13.95 EA
WD1000HWiper Motor Decal (Ford) (Preslite System) XC ZH$7.45 EA

Decal Holden Under Bonnet

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
3946860Decal Rocker Cover HT HG HQ 350$34.76 EA
50029PPower Steering Pump Decal VK - VL$9.96 EA
50030Decal Fan Shroud HR Broadcast Label VC - VH - VK$9.96 EA
50031VL Radiator Decal...Broadcast$9.96 EA
7448542Decal Brake Fluid HD - HG LC - LJ With Discs$12.06 EA
92000852Decal Emission HZ & VB 3.3 Litre$21.95 EA
92004628Decal VC VH WB Air Cleaner "3.3 Litre" Blue$21.95 EA
92011770Decal VB - VH WB VK - 2800Cc Air Cleaner Blue "Gmh" 6c$25.95 EA
92021085Decal Emission Control VH VK 5.0 Litre Inc Hdt$19.95 EA
92036382Decal Vehicle Emission Control Information VN V8$13.33 EA
92045611Decal Emission Control VP VR VS V8$12.65 EA
9943941Decal Emission Control HJ & VC VH Hdt 4.2 Ltr$19.95 EA
9946994Decal Emission LX Torana HZ & VB 4.2 Litre$11.95 EA
AD1000Decal Bosch Alternator HR - HG 9 120 060 600 6 Cyl$5.94 EA
AD1002Decal Alternator Plate "Bosch"$5.94 EA
BD1040Decal HQ HJ Hx, LH "Beware Of Fan"$10.70 EA
BD1041Oil Cap Decal EH HK HT HG HQ$9.94 EA
BD1042Decal 48 FJ FE FC FB EK EJ EH Gmh Battery$21.95 EA
BD1043Decal EH - HG Rocker Cover Yellow "Use Ms Oil"$9.94 EA
BD1046Decal Emission LX Torana HZ & VB 5 Litre$14.95 EA
BD1047Decal LJ Rocker Cover "3300 Xu1"$34.95 EA
BD1048Decal HT HG HQ Air Cleaner "253 Holden"$21.95 EA
BD1049Decal HT HG HQ Air Cleaner "253 Gmh"$20.96 EA
BD1050Decal "4.2 Litre" Aircleaner LH Slr & HJ Gts$22.95 EA
BD1051Decal HZ VB Air Cleaner "4.2 Litre"$24.95 EA
BD1052Decal VB VC VH VK HZ Air Cleaner "Gmh" V8$25.95 EA
BD1053Decal 5.0 Litre Air Cleaner LH Torana And HJ 5 Ltr$19.94 EA
BD1054Decal VB HZ Air Cleaner "5.0 Litre"$24.95 EA
BD1056Decal Clean Filler Cap Brake Fluid LX$15.95 EA
BD1058Decal Set Wiring Loom LX$12.95 EA
BD1059Decal HZ VB VC VH VK WB Air Cleaner Blue "Gmh" V8$25.95 EA
BD1060Decal Air Cleaner Bluehz WB VC VH VK VL 5.0 Litre$20.96 EA
BD1061Decal Air Cleaner "4.2 Litre" (Blue) WB VC VH$27.94 EA
BD1062Decal HK Air Cleaner Chrome "327"$14.95 EA
BD1063Decal HK Air Cleaner Clear "327"$14.95 EA
BD1064Decal HT HG HQ Air Cleaner Clear "350$20.55 EA
BD1065Decal HT HG HQ Air Cleaner "308 Gmh"$21.95 EA
BD1066Decal HT HG HQ Air Cleaner "308 Holden"$20.96 EA
BD1107Decal Fan Warning HZ WB VB VC VH VK VL & LX Torana$11.95 EA
BD1109Decal Fan Warning & Cooling System VN S2 VP - S All$18.94 EA
BD1207Decal FE - FC Oil Cap "Flush Every 5000 Miles"$14.95 EA
D1004Decal Wiper Motor 2817696 " Qp " HQ HJ HX Preslite$6.94 EA
D1005Decal Radiator Xu1 "Ln" 2823865$6.94 EA
D1018Decal Horn HQ HJ Prem LS State Re & Rf$5.94 EA
D1032Decal "Qp" Wiper Motor HQ HJ$5.94 EA
D1035Decal Wiper Motor HQ HJ HX HZ "Hr"$6.94 EA
DAC3Decal (Brown) FE Early FC Air Cleaner "Ac"$14.95 EA
DAC5Decal Air Cleaner HR$42.79 EA
DAC7Decal Air Cleaner (Brown W/Out "Front") EK$21.95 EA
DAC8Decal Air Cleaner (Brown With "Front" On Lhs) EJ$19.95 EA
DB1000Battery Decal GM Heavy Duty HJ HX LH LX$15.95 EA
DOC4Decal HD HR Oil Cap$7.93 EA
DOF001Decal Pf10 Ac Blue Oil Filter$7.95 EA
DOF002Oil Filter Decal Pf24 Ac (White)$15.95 EA
DOF003Decal "Pf10 Ac" Oil Filter Yellow On Black$10.19 EA
DS1000Decal Set Wiper , Horns, Rad Tank, M/Cyl Cap LC LJ$6.38 EA
NSCO1Decal Nasco Small - Hi - Note Horn Also Universal$10.95 EA
R206ADecal Air Cleaner HK HT HG "307" "Ac F11564"$7.77 EA
RCD1000Decal Rocker Cover 5 Litre HK - Pair$39.94 PAIR
RCD1001Rocker Cover Decal HQ "202 High Compression"$24.95 EA
RCD1002Rocker Cover Decal HQ "202 Low Compression"$24.95 EA
RCD1003Decal Rocker Cover "173 High Compression" HQ LH LX$19.94 EA
RCD1008ADecal LC LJ Rocker Cover "2850" Torana$32.10 EA
RCD1009ADecal LC LJ Rocker Cover "3300" Torana$32.10 EA

Decal Kit Holden Under Bonnet

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
92040861Decal Emission Control VN Series 2 & VP V6$12.95 EA
ACD1001Decal "186" Air Cleaner HK HT HG$22.95 EA
D1034Decal Radiator And Generator HD - HG LC Gtr , Xu1$12.95 EA
ED1001Decal Kit Engine Bay EH "179"$61.95 EA
ED1002Decal Kit Engine Bay EH "149"$59.95 EA
ED1003Decal Kit Engine Bay HD "149"$62.94 EA
ED1004Decal Kit Engine Bay HD "179"$62.94 EA
ED1005Decal Kit Engine Bay HR 186$85.43 EA
ED1007Decal Kit Engine Bay HQ "308 Gmh"$41.95 EA
ED1007ADecal Kit Engine Bay HQ "202 High Compression"$42.94 EA
ED1008Decal Kit Engine Bay HD "X2"$78.14 EA
ED1009Decal Kit Engine Bay HR "X2 186"$82.91 EA
ED1010Decal Kit Engine Bay HR HK HT HG "186S"$82.35 EA
ED1011Decal Kit Engine Bay HT HG "253"$53.94 EA
ED1012Decal Kit Engine Bay HT HG "308"$51.94 EA
ED1013Decal Kit Engine Bay + Diff Tab HT HG "350"$72.05 EA
ED1013ADecal Kit Engine Bay + Diff Tab HT HG "350" Rock E$72.05 EA
ED1014Engine Decal Kit LX 5 Litre$53.52 EA
ED1015Engine Decal Kit LJ XU - 1$99.44 EA
ED1016Engine Decal Kit HT HG "253" Gmh$54.95 KIT
ED1017Engine Decal Kit HT HG "308" Holden$54.95 KIT
ED1018Engine Decal Kit Holden HQ "253 Gmh"$47.95 EA
ED1019Engine Decal Kit Holden HQ "308 Holden"$47.95 EA
ED1020Engine Decal Kit Holden HQ "253 Holden"$46.95 EA
ED1021Engine Decal Kit HJ LH "4.2 Litre"$32.95 KIT
ED1022Engine Decal Kit HJ LH "5.0 Litre"$32.95 KIT
ED1023Engine Decal Kit (Red) HZ - VB "4.2 Litre"$64.96 KIT
ED1023AEngine Decal Kit (Red) LX "4.2 Litre"$95.94 KIT
ED1023BEngine Decal Kit (Red) VC VH "4.2 Litre"$69.95 KIT
ED1023CEngine Decal Kit (Red) VK "4.2 Litre"$64.94 KIT
ED1024Engine Decal Kit HZ - VB "5.0 Litre" Red$64.94 KIT
ED1024AEngine Decal Kit LX (Red) "5.0 Litre"$96.35 KIT
ED1024BEngine Decal Kit VC VH "5.0 Litre" Red$57.95 KIT
ED1024CEngine Decal Kit VK (Red) "5.0 Litre"$59.95 KIT
ED1025Engine Decal Kit Holden HZ "4.2 Litre" Red$69.95 KIT
ED1026Engine Decal Kit HZ "5.0 Litre"$53.52 KIT
ED1027Engine Decal Kit (Red) HZ "3.3 Litre"$69.95 KIT
ED1028Engine Decal Kit (Red) HZ - VB "3.3 Litre"$57.95 KIT
ED1028AEngine Decal Kit (Red) VC VH "3.3 Litre"$57.95 KIT
ED1028BEngine Decal Kit (Red) VK "3.3 Litre"$57.95 KIT
ED1029Engine Decal Kit Holden HZ - VB "4.2 Litre" Blue$57.09 KIT
ED1029AEngine Decal Kit (Blue) VC VH "4.2 Litre"$57.95 KIT
ED1030Engine Decal Kit "5.0 Litre" Blue HZ - VB$69.95 KIT
ED1030AEngine Decal Kit (Blue) VK "5.0 Litre"$69.95 KIT
ED1030BEngine Decal Kit (Blue) VL "5.0 Litre"$70.17 KIT
ED1032Engine Decal Kit (Blue) WB - VH "3.3 Litre"$70.64 KIT
ED1033Engine Decal Kit (Blue) HZ "4.2 Litre"$64.96 KIT
ED1036Engine Decal Kit (Blue) HZ "3.3 Litre"$64.11 KIT
ED1037Engine Decal Kit Holden HZ "5.0 Litre" Blue$69.95 KIT
ED1038Decal Kit "2.85 Litre" Engine (Blue) VB - VK$57.95 KIT
ED1039Engine Bay Decal Kit FE FC$74.97 EA
ED1040Supplementary Decal Kit HD - HG$41.94 EA
ED1041Supplementary Decal Kit LC LJ$69.95 EA
ED1042Engine Bay Decal Kit FB$53.94 EA
ED1043Engine Bay Decal Kit EK$53.94 EA
ED1044Engine Bay Decal Kit EJ$53.94 EA
ED1045Decal Kit HK HT HG 186$74.95 EA
ED1046Engine Bay Decal Kit "5 Litre" HK$85.94 EA
ED1047Engine Bay Decal Kit + Diff Tab "327" HK$45.95 EA
ED1049Engine Decal Kit Holden HR HK HT HG 161$64.94 KIT
R206ADecal Air Cleaner HK HT HG "307" "Ac F11564"$7.77 EA

Decals & Transfers General

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
40042ADecal VC "Advance Australia"$14.95 EA
92024432Decal "Holden Australia's Driving Future" Sedan$21.95 EA
92052789Decal "Abs" Rear Window VR - VS Commodore$22.95 EA
NSCO2Decal Nasco Tiny - G/Lever Lock FE - HR Also Univers$11.95 EA

Decals Body Holden

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
2806921TRDecal HG Monaro Fender "350" Small$11.95 EA
2815386Decal HG Monaro Boot "Gts 350"$17.94 EA
40071Decal "Ss" Grille Boot VK Hdt$19.94 EA
7434182Decal HD - HG LC LJ Limited Slip Differential$13.95 EA
92008723Jack Instructions Decal VB - VL Inside Boot$14.95 EA
92048246Decal VR VS Commodore "Srs Air Bag"$14.95 EA
92052433Decal "Holden" VR VS SS Boot Lid$28.60 EA
9933719Decal Air Conditioned HQ HJ HX HZ LH LX Torana$27.05 EA
9936113Decal Jacking Instructions HZ$28.95 EA
9936332Decal "Ss" LX Hatchback Rear Panel$25.95 EA
9942756Paint Mask "Gts" HX Rear Door (Exc Black Car)$38.94 EA
9942760Paint Mask "Gts" Boot (Exc Black Car) HX Gts$22.95 EA
9942985Decal "Torana" Front Panel LX$16.95 EA
B1183Decal "Lion / Holden" Tailgate VN VP VR Ute Comm$49.95 EA
BD1001Body Decal Kit HG 350 Gts Monaro Fender&Boot "350"$39.94 EA
BD1002Body Decal Kit LC LJ XU - 1 (3 Pcs) "Gtr XU - 1"$49.94 EA
BD1003Body Decal Kit HQ Monaro Gts "350" (3 Pcs)$40.28 EA
BD1004Body Decal Kit HQ "Ss" Fender & Boot (3 Pcs)$49.94 EA
BD1005Body Decal Kit LH Slr/5000 Fender & Boot "Slr/5000$59.93 EA
BD1006Body Decal Kit HJ Monaro Gts (3 Pcs) "Gts"$55.28 KIT
BD1008Body Decal Kit VH SS Commodore Fender & Boot "Ss"$59.95 EA
BD1009Decal Kit "Ss" Rear Doors VT Ser1 & VS Ser3 Ute$79.95 PAIR
BD1010Body Decal Kit VN SS Commodore Complete$339.85 KIT
BD1011Decal "Lion Holden" Boot Spoiler VN SS$21.95 EA
BD1012Boot Spoiler Decal "Ss" VN Commodore$24.95 EA
BD1013Body Decal Kit VP SS Commodore Complete$199.95 KIT
BD1014Decal "Holden" Boot Lid VP SS Suit VR$36.95 EA
BD1015Decal "Ss" VP SS Commodore Deck Lid$25.95 EA
BD1019Body Decal Kit VR VS "Ss" Commodore$129.94 KIT
BD1045Decal HQ Monaro Fender "350" Large$13.83 EA
BD1117Body Decal Stripe Kit VL Berlina Sed Red & Silver$159.95 KIT
BD1121Fuel Filler Door Filling Inst. Decal HQ - HZ LH - UC$16.94 EA
BD1123Decal Body Stripe Kit LX "Ss" Hatch Orange / Red$299.00 EA
BD1128Stripe Kit VN Executive Bumper Bar (4Pce)$59.95 KIT
BD1200Body Decal Stripe Kit HQ SS (10Pce)$199.95 EA
ED1045Decal Kit HK HT HG 186$74.95 EA
GWT1001Gross Weight Tag FJ Ute / Panel Van 28 Cwts$35.95 EA
GWT1002Gross Weight Tag FE FC EJ Ute 29 Cwts$35.95 EA
GWT1003Gross Weight Tag FB EK Ute/Van EH Ute 32 Cwts$35.95 EA
GWT1005Gross Weight Tag EH Panel Van 33 Cwt$35.95 EA
GWT1006Gross Weight Tag HD HR Ute 33 1/2 Cwts$35.95 EA
GWT1007Gross Weight Tag HD HR Panel Van 34 Cwts$35.95 EA
GWT1008Gross Weight Tag HK Ht HG Ute 38 1/2 Cwts$35.95 EA
JD1000Jack Usage Decal HQ$17.94 EA
JD1002Jack Usage Decal LX Sedan$19.94 EA
SLR KITPaint Mask Kit LX "Slr 5000"$152.94 KIT

Decals Ford Body

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
BD2000Decal "Super Roo" Fender ( Small ) XY GT (Pair)$27.94 pair
BD4352Decal XB GT Fender Large Black "Gt 351"$29.95 EA
BD4378Stripe Kit XY Falcon GT Gold$189.95 KIT
BD4379Stripe Kit XY Falcon GT Black$185.39 KIT
BD4386Decal XB GT Fender Large Silver "Gt 351"$29.95 EA
BD4401Stripe Kit XR GT Black$110.00 KIT
BD4407Stripe Kit XW XY GS Falcon Gold$106.05 KIT
BD4408Stripe Kit XW XY GS Falcon Black$100.16 KIT
BD4410Stripe Kit XT Falcon GT Red Reflective$138.71 KIT
BD4411Stripe Kit XT Falcon GT Gold Reflective$163.37 KIT
BD4412Stripe Kit XT Falcon GT White Reflective$141.39 KIT
BD4413Stripe Kit XW Falcon Sedan GT Gold$185.39 KIT
BD4414Stripe Kit XW Falcon GT Black$185.39 KIT
BD4421Stripe Kit XB GS Falcon Gold$135.51 KIT
BD4422Stripe Kit XB GS Falcon Sedan Black$135.51 KIT
BD4458Stripe Kit XW GT Orange Non Reflective$185.39 KIT
BD4459Stripe Kit XY GT Falcon Orange$185.39 KIT
BD4571Stripe Kit XW XY GS Orange$99.95 EA
BD4576Decal "Super Roo" Fender (Large) XW GT (Pair)$39.94 EA
BD4578Decal Fender Kit XC Cobra (Pair) "Cobra"$62.94 PAIR
BD4579Decal Boot XC Cobra "Cobra"$31.39 EA
BD4580Decal XB GT Boot Black "Gt 351"$14.95 EA
BD4581Decal XB GT Boot Silver "Gt 351"$19.94 EA
JD2001Decal Jack Usage XA$16.94 EA
JD2002Jack Usage Decal XB$13.33 EA
JD2003Jack Usage Decal XC$13.33 EA
JD2004Jack Usage Decal XD$13.33 EA
JD2005Jack Usage Decal XE$13.33 EA

Decals Interior

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
9930170Tyre Placard HQ S/Wagon Statesman V8 Exc 350$19.94 EA
9937548Tyre Placard LH (L34 Eng.)Lx (A9x)$22.95 EA
9938405Tyre Placard HQ Sedan Coupe Statesman V8$24.95 EA
9941508Tyre Placard LX 6 Cyl "Sl" Sedan$19.94 EA
9942992Placard Tyre HX Van All Ute With Air V8$19.94 EA
9947526Tyre Placard HZ Kingswood SL$19.94 EA
BD1202Fuse Cover Decal HQ HJ$15.74 EA
BD1203Fuse Cover Decal HX HZ WB$19.94 EA
D2001Decal Ignition Switch Acc/Lock/Off/On XA XB ZF ZG$13.33 EA
GD2001BDecal Tacho 8000 Rpm Late XW XY GT$19.94 EA
GD2001CDecal Speedo XW XY 140 Mph$19.94 EA
GD2001DDecal Speedo XW XY Conversion 120 Mph To 200 Kph$19.94 EA
GD2001EDecal Speedo XW XY Conversion 140 Mph To 220 Kph$19.94 EA
SVISInstruction Steering Column Lock/Sunv Slv XA - XB$26.24 EA

Decals Valiant

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
DB5001Decal "Hemi 245" Air Cleaner VG - VH 1Bbl$18.15 EA
DB5002Decal "Hemi 215" Air Cleaner VG - VH - VJ 1Bbl$18.15 EA

Heater Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
VS16363Decal Air Conditioner Control Panel VK Commodore$34.95 EA
VS16364Decal Heater Control Panel VK Commodore$34.95 EA
VS17118Decal Air Conditioner Control Panel VL Commodore$34.95 EA
VS17119Decal Heater Control Panel VL Commodore$34.95 EA

Seat Belts & Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
SBD1000Decal Kit Seat Belt Button GM (5)$12.95 SET
SBD2000Decal Set Seat Belts Ford Oval Release Butt XW XY$32.95 EA
SBD2001Decal Set Seat Belts Press Ford Late XB XC ZG ZH$21.95 EA

Wheel Centre Caps & Decals

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
WC1003Decal Wheel Cap Early HQ Gts Road Wheel (Set Of 4)$74.94 KIT
WC1004Decal Wheel Cap HJ - HX LH - LX Gts Road Whl(Set Of 4)$74.94 KIT