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Arm Rests & Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
ARS1004Armrest Long Type Sleeve Retainer Kit VB - VL (2)$24.95 KIT
FK2026Armrest Fitting Kit XA XB GT Fairmont Front (Pair)$42.94 KIT

Badge Retaining Clips

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
FK1105Badge Clip Kit Speed & Seal Letters 48 FX Boot Lid$12.95 EA
FK2010Badge Grille Retainer Set XW XY XA$5.94 EA
NS0039Badge Clip Push In Type (12 Pcs)$9.94 EA
NS0042Badge Retainer Socket Suit Plastic Push In$16.94 KIT
NS0043Badge Letter Clip Set Push In Type$9.96 EA
TC1023Bonnet Insulator Retainer Kit VN - VS & VT - VE$26.95 EA

Body Moulding Clip Kits

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
BB0001Bumper Bar Retainer VR VS (2 Pcs)$14.95 EA
BMC0002Moulding FC Quarter Bolt & Clip Set$11.95 KIT
BMC0006Moulding End Clip Set HR - HZ LC - LX$7.94 KIT
BMC1001Moulding Clip Set HK HT HG Fender Front Eyebrow$11.95 KIT
BMC1004Moulding Clip Set HK HT HG Door Belt Mould RR Sed$19.94 KIT
BMC1006Moulding Clip Set HK HT HG Door Lower Monaro$22.95 KIT
BMC1020Moulding Clip Set HK HT HG Wheel Arch All 4$49.94 KIT
BMC1029Moulding Clip Set HG Kinswood Lower Quarter Sedan$29.94 KIT
BMC1032Moulding Clip Set HG Kinswood Lower Quarter Wagon$24.95 KIT
BMC1036Fender Lower Moulding Clip Set HK (8 Pcs)$16.94 KIT
BMC1037Quarter Panel Moulding Clip Set HK K/Wood (20 Pcs)$17.94 KIT
BMC1039Wheel Arch Moulding Clip Set HD HR (Comp Car Set$69.95 KIT
BMC1041Moulding Clip Set HQ Tailgate Centre Station Wagon$11.95 KIT
BMC1042Moulding Clip Set HQ - Hzs/Wagon Side Glass$39.94 KIT
BMC1042AMoulding Clip Set HK - T - G S/Wagon Side Glass$44.95 KIT
BMC1045Front Fender Moulding Clip Set HR (2 Mouldings)$39.94 KIT
BMC1047Moulding Cap Kit HJ$9.94 KIT
BMC1049Drip Rail Moulding Clip Set VK VL (10)$34.95 KIT
BMC1051Bumper Bar Moulding Clip Set VL Calais$10.95 KIT
BMC1052Body Side Mould Clip Set HZ WB (40Pcs)$34.95 KIT
BMC1053Moulding Clip Set EH Sedan Wagon$110.00 KIT
BMC1054Moulding Clips Suit VL$12.95 KIT
BMC1056Moulding Clips And Screws HR (10)$39.94 KIT
BMC1059Quarter Panel Lwr Mould Clip Set HK - G Monaro$8.94 KIT
BMC1062Rivet Moulding Stud Replacment Kit (15)$11.95 KIT
BMC1063Rivet Sets Moulding Retaining Holden (8Pcs)$11.95 KIT
BMC1064Moulding Clips Stud Type Suit HK - HQ LC - UC (20Pcs)$12.95 KIT
BMC1065Moulding Clips & Rivets Suit HK - HQ LC - UC (20 Each)$29.94 KIT
BMC1100Moulding Clip Set FC$109.95 KIT
BMC1101Moulding Retainer Clip/Screw Kit FC - EK Various$18.94 KIT
BMC1300Bumper Bar Moulding Retainers & Clip Set VL Calais$49.94 KIT
BMC1306Bumper Bar Front Moulding Clip Set VL Exc Calais$12.95 KIT
BMC1308Bumper Bar Mould Clip Set VL Sed Rear (Exc Calais)$16.94 KIT
BMC1309Rear Drip Moulding To Body Clip Set VN Sedan$19.95 KIT
BMC1310Retainer Kit B Pillar Outer Mould VN - VS$11.95 KIT
BMC1312Moulding Clips Set Door VK VL (18)$9.96 KIT
BMC1313Sill Mould Complete Fitting Kit VL Calais$99.95 KIT
BMC1314Sill Mould VL Calais & VN - VS Stud Replacement Kit$29.95 KIT
BMC1315Moulding to Fender Plastic Rivet VL Calais (2)$7.95 PAIR
BMC1401Mould To Body Clip Set Rear Window VB & VQ S/Man$9.94 KIT
BMC2003Bonnet Moulding Clip Set XR XT XW XY ZA ZB ZC ZD$19.94 KIT
BMC2005Eyebrow Moulding Clip Set XW XY XA$7.94 KIT
BMC2006Door Waist Moulding Clip Set XW XY$34.95 KIT
BMC2008Grille Insert Retainer Clip Set XY$29.94 KIT
BMC2009Screw Set Grille Panel Mounting XW XY$9.94 KIT
BMC2017Moulding Clip Set XA - XC Coupe Top of Door$24.95 KIT
BMC2029Bonnet & Eyebrow Moulding Clip Set XA$34.95 KIT
F2102Retainer W/S Mould Clip Lwr Rear XW - Y Gt/Fair 2Pcs$6.49 EA
F2183Moulding Clip Set Door XT - XC$14.95 EA
FK1048Skirt Mounting Kit VR VS SS & S Front$59.95 EA
FK1049Skirt Mounting Kit VR - VS SS & S Rear$79.95 EA
FK1085Screw Kit VX VY VE Various Applications$6.94 EA
H1133Plenum Cover Retaining Clip Kit VB - VS$9.94 EA
H1182Moulding Retainer Kit Per Mould HR$7.94 KIT
MB0001Plate And Bolt Type Clip 16Mm X 22Mm (4 Pcs)$14.95 EA
MB0002Plate And Bolt Type Clip 13Mm X 18Mm (4 Pcs)$14.95 EA
MB0003Plate And Bolt Type Clip 19Mm X 63Mm (4 Pcs)$18.94 EA
MB0004Moulding Clip (Metal With Nuts) (5 Pcs)$22.95 EA
MB0006Moulding Metal Push On With Screw Clip Set$12.95 EA
MB0007Side Moulding Clip With Nut (Univ. Appln) (2 Pcs)$6.20 EA
MB0008Plate And Stud Type Clip Set 5/8" X 17X32" (4Pcs$12.95 EA
MB0009Retainer Plate & Stud Type 20X12mm 3Mm Thread 4Pcs$15.95 EA
MB0010Moulding Clips$17.94 EA
MP0001Moulding Retainer Clip (10 Pcs)$12.95 EA
MP0007Moulding Plastic To Suit Stud Clip Set$6.70 EA
MP0014Moulding Plastic To Suit Stud Clip Set$6.70 EA
MP0023Universal Moulding Clip Set 5/8" x 5/8"$7.94 KIT
MS0001Spring Tail Clip 10 - 24 X 5/8" Bolt (4 Pcs)$12.95 EA
MS0004Spring Tail Clip Set 13Mm X 23Mm X 18Mm Stud$15.95 EA
MS0006Universal Spring Clip Set 3/4"X15/16" Push$7.94 EA
MS0009Universal Spring Clip Set 1 3/4"X1 3/4" Pus$11.95 EA
MS0014Universal Spring Tail Clip Set 10 - 24 X 3/4"$12.79 EA
MS0015Spring Tail Clip Set 10 - 24 x 3/4" Plate 16 x 3/4"$10.66 KIT
ST0063Screw Pack Suit Moulding 8 - 18 X 5/16" XT XC ZA ZF$14.95 EA
TC1027Screw & Screw Socket Grommet VT VE (8 Pcs Of Each)$14.95 EA
TC1028Screw & Screw Socket Grommet VN - VS (8 Pcs Of Each)$10.45 EA
WRK1005Rivets Window Regulator To Door VB - VR Universal$9.94 EA

Bolt Hex Head Machine

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
BS0006Screw Pan HD Kit 10G - 16 X 3/4" With U Nuts$13.95 EA

Bolt Kits

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
AB1005ATrunnion Carby And Clip Kit 48 FJ FE$19.94 EA
BB1019Bumper Bar Front Centre Fascia Fitting Kit VK$29.95 KIT
BB1020Bumper Bar Fascia Fitting Kit VK VL Front or Rear$24.95 KIT
BB1021Bumper Bar Fascia Centre Front Fitting Kit VN - VS$12.95 KIT
BB1022Bumper Rear Centre Fitting Kit VN - VS Sed & Wag$49.95 KIT
BP0001Universal Bolt & Washer Kit 1/4" - 20 X 7/8"$9.94 EA
BP0004Hex Head Bolt Kit 5/16" 18 X 13/16" 4 Pcs$9.94 EA
BP0007Hex Bolt Kit HD 3/8" - 16 X 1 1/2" Captive Washer$7.94 EA
CBM0002Universal Bolt And J Nut Kit 5/16"$49.94 KIT
CBM1000Front Panel & Fender Bolt Kit HQ HJ HX HZ$89.95 KIT
CBM1000KFront Panel Grille H/Lamp Bolt Kit HQ Single$69.95 KIT
CBM1000KAFront Panel Grille & Headlight Bolt Kit HQ Twin$79.95 KIT
CBM1011Bumper Bar Bracket Bolt Kit LC LJ Rear$24.95 KIT
CBM1011ABumper Bar Bracket Bolt Kit Front LC LJ Early$24.95 KIT
FK1070Crossmember To Body Bolt Kit HK HT HG Not Chev$19.94 EA
FK1103Fuel Tank Mounting Bolt Kit FE - EK S/Wag Ute Van$11.95 EA
FK1104Fuel Tank Mounting Screw Kit FX - FJ All, FE - EK Sed$9.96 KIT
FK1148Tail Light Rim To Base Screw Set HJ HX HZ S'man$7.94 EA
FK1162Fuel Filler Door Fitting Kit HQ - HZ LH - UC$7.94 EA
FK1164Number Plate Fitting Kit Ford Or Holden$5.95 PAIR
FK1171Tail Light To Bumper Fitting Kit HQ Sedan Coupe$11.95 EA
FK1181Tail Light Lens Screw Kit LH LX Aftermarket Lens$7.94 KIT
FK2005AFuel Tank Bolt Kit Concourse XR - XC ZA - ZH$34.95 KIT
FK2020Driving Lights Reinf. Plate Fitting Kit XA - XC$8.94 EA
FK2027Cowl Panel Screw Set XA XB ZF ZG$9.94 KIT
FK2033Bucket Seat To Floor Fitting Kit XA XB (2 Seats)$69.95 KIT
FK2039Cowl Panel Grille Fitting Kit XD - XH ZJ - ZL FC - FD$7.95 KIT
H1402Harmonic Balancer Bolt & Washer 253 308 HT - VT LH - X$19.95 EA
SD1100Exhaust Pipe To Manifold Stud Kit HG - HZ V8$9.94 EA
SD1102Exhaust Pipe To Manifold Stud Kit WB - VL V8$9.94 EA
SD1105AInlet Manifold Bolt Kit 253 308 HQ$24.95 EA
SD1105CInlet Manifold Bolt Kit 253 308 WB VC VH VK VL$27.94 EA
SD1105DInlet Manifold Bolt Kit 304 Efi V8 VN - VT$26.95 EA
SM0005Screw Pack Pan HD Cr Rec Mach No.10 - 24 X 3/8"$5.94 KIT
ST0064Hex Bolt Kit Washer HD 10G - 16 X 3/8" Zp Tap$9.94 EA

Bonnet Cables & Fittings

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
BR1004Bonnet Cable Retaining Kit VB VC VH$9.94 KIT
BR1005Bonnet Cable Retaining Kit VK VL$9.94 KIT
BR1006Bonnet Cable Retaining Kit VN VP VR VS$9.94 KIT

Bonnet Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
NS2006Nut Set XA Bonnet Inserts GT$6.94 EA

Bonnet Inserts

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
FK1027Bonnet Grille Fitting Kit VH VK Commodore (Pair)$9.96 EA

Bonnet Insulator Clips

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
TC1021Bonnet Insulator Retainer Kit VB VC VH VK (18 Pcs)$32.95 EA
TC1022Bonnet Insulator Retainer Kit VL (11 Pcs)$19.94 EA
TC1024Bonnet Insulator Retainer Kit (4 Pcs)$7.95 EA
TC1033Bonnet Seal Retainer Kit VN VP (7 Pcs)$6.94 EA
TC1036Bonnet Insulator Clip Kit HT HG$19.94 EA
TC1037Bonnet Insulator Clip Kit HQ HJ HX HZ WB$27.94 EA

Bonnet Insulators & Fittings

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
TC1021Bonnet Insulator Retainer Kit VB VC VH VK (18 Pcs)$32.95 EA
TC1022Bonnet Insulator Retainer Kit VL (11 Pcs)$19.94 EA
TC1023Bonnet Insulator Retainer Kit VN - VS & VT - VE$26.95 EA
TC1024Bonnet Insulator Retainer Kit (4 Pcs)$7.95 EA
TC1033Bonnet Seal Retainer Kit VN VP (7 Pcs)$6.94 EA
TC1036Bonnet Insulator Clip Kit HT HG$19.94 EA
TC1037Bonnet Insulator Clip Kit HQ HJ HX HZ WB$27.94 EA

Bonnet Moulding Clip Kits

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
BMC1000Bonnet Moulding Clip Set HK HT HG$29.94 KIT

Bonnet Scoops & Fittings

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
FK1084Screws & Hardware A9x Scoop To Bonnet LX$15.95 EA

Boot Moulding Clips & Retainers

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
BMC1009Moulding Clip Set Boot HQ Mon / King HZ States/Prm$19.94 KIT
BMC1023Moulding Clip Set HK Monaro Boot Lid$59.95 KIT
BMC1023ABoot Lid Moulding Clip Set HG Gts Monaro$29.94 KIT
BMC1048Moulding Cap Kit VH Commodore Boot Moulding$9.94 KIT
BMC1201Boot Moulding Clip Set VB VC (16 Pcs)$11.95 KIT
BMC1311Boot Mould Clip Set HT Monaro/Kingswood Sedan Only$16.94 KIT
BMC2011Boot Moulding Clip Set XY Falcon GT$24.95 KIT
BMC2012Boot Moulding Clip Set XW GT$36.95 KIT

Brake Clips & Fasteners

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
BP1009Brake Shoe Spring Kit EH Ute HD HR LC - UC Exc L34$72.05 KIT
BP2004Brake Backing Plate To Spindle Bolt Frnt Drum XR - A$27.94 EA
FK1109Clevis Pin Kit EJ - HR Brake & Clutch HQ HJ Brake$6.38 EA
FK1121Handbrake Assembly Fitting Kit HK HT HG$5.94 EA
RC0010Brake Line Clip Pack Suits Most Models$11.95 EA
RC0029Brake Line Retaining Clip (6 Pcs)$15.95 EA

Bumper Bars & Overriders

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
BB1003Bumper Bar Bolt Kit 48 FJ Front Or Rear$24.95 KIT
BB1004Bumper Bar Bolt Kit FE FC Front Or Rear$39.95 KIT
BB1005Bumper Bar Bolt Kit FB EK Front$24.95 KIT
BB1006Bumper Bar Bolt Kit HD HR Sedan Wagon Front & Rear$49.94 KIT
BB1006ABumper Bar Bolt Kit HD HR Ute Van Front & Rear$34.95 KIT
BB1006BBumper Bar Bolt Kit Hk,T,G Sed Wagon Frt & Rear$54.95 KIT
BB1006CBumper Bar Bolt Kit HK HT HG Ute Van Front & Rear$49.94 KIT
BB1006DBumper Bar Bolt Kit HD HR HQ LC LJ Front$24.95 KIT
BB1006EBumper Bar Bolt Kit HK HT HG Front HD HR Rear$34.95 KIT
BB1006FBumper Bar Bolt Kit HD HR LC LJ HQ Sed Wag Rear$32.95 KIT
BB1006GBumper Bar Bolt Kit HK HT HG Sed Wag Mon Rear$39.94 KIT
BB1007Bumper Bar Bolt Kit EJ - EH All Frt EH Sed Wag Rear$32.95 KIT
BB1007ABumper Bar Bolt Kit EJ Rear Only$32.95 EA
BB1008Bumper Bar Bolt Kit LC LJ And HQ Front & Rear$49.94 KIT
BB1009Bumper Bar Bolt Kit LH - LX Torana Front Or Rear$34.95 KIT
BB1010Bumper Bar Bolt Kit HJ HX HZ Sed Mon Wag Frt Or RR$32.95 KIT
BB1011Bumper Bar Bolt Kit HQ - WB Ute Van Rear$32.95 KIT
BB1015Bumper Bar Bolt Kit WB One Tonner 10 Pcs$39.94 KIT
BB1016Bumper Bar End Fascia Slider Retainer VL Commodore$39.95 KIT
BB2001Bumper Bar Bolt Kit XR XY ZA ZD No Overriders$34.95 EA
BB2003ABumper Bar Bolt Kit XA - XC ZF - ZH Front With Washers$29.94 EA
BB2004Bumper Bar Bolt Kit XA - XC ZF - ZH Rear With Washers$39.94 EA
BB2006Bumper Bar U Nuts XD - XG ZJ - ZK FC - FD Ltd$12.95 KIT
CBM1009Bumper Bar Bolt Kit VN VG VQ Front$34.95 KIT
CBM1011BBumper Bar Bracket Bolt Kit Front LC LJ Late$24.95 KIT
FK2002Bumper Bar Wave Washer Kit XA XB XC ZF ZG ZH (12)$19.95 EA

Bumper Mounting

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
BB1019Bumper Bar Front Centre Fascia Fitting Kit VK$29.95 KIT

Clips & Fasteners Bumper Bar

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
BB1019Bumper Bar Front Centre Fascia Fitting Kit VK$29.95 KIT
CBM1006JBumper Bar Bracket Bolt Kit HK HT HG Front$24.95 KIT
CBM1006KBumper Bar Bracket Bolt Kit HK - HG Sed Wag Mon RR$27.94 KIT

Clips & Fasteners Grille

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
CBM1000CGrille HJ Bel,Kings,Prem Bolt Kit HX Belmont Only$13.95 KIT

Clips And Fasteners

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
BMC1055Moulding Retainer Clip Set 10 Pieces VN - VS$19.95 KIT
BMC1057Retainer Clip Set FB Quarter Panel Top Moulding$29.94 KIT
BMC1061Moulding End Clip Set HR HK HT HG Springtail$9.94 KIT
BMC2028Moulding Clip Set XC Sed Tail Light Mould$11.95 KIT
CBM2000ANut Set Bonnet Lock Panel "J" Nuts XT XR$9.96 KIT
MP0018Moulding Clip Side Body Universal 10 Pieces$8.94 EA
NS0044Badge Clip Set Push In Type 1/8" Stud 10 Pieces$11.95 EA
TC1040Boot Lid Carpet Liner Retainer Kit VT - VF WH - WN$17.95 KIT
TC1041Retainer Universal Clip Set VT VX VY VZ VE VF$11.95 KIT
TC1042Retainer Universal Clip Set VT VX VY VZ VE VF$8.95 KIT

Consoles & Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
TC1032Console Moulding Clip Set EJ EH$29.94 EA
TC1034Gear Shift Boot Retainer Clip Set VB - VL (9Pcs)$6.94 EA

Cushion Clamps

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
CC1006Cushion Clamp Stainless Steel 6Mm x 15Mm (5)$9.96 PACK
CC1009Cushion Clamp Stainless Steel 9Mm x 15Mm (5)$9.96 PACK
CC1010Cushion Clamp Stainless Steel 10Mm x 15Mm (5)$9.96 PACK
CC1012Cushion Clamp Stainless Steel 12Mm x 15Mm (5)$10.95 PACK
CC1013Cushion Clamp Stainless Steel 13Mm x 15Mm (5)$10.95 PACK
CC1015Cushion Clamp Stainless Steel 15Mm x 15Mm (5)$10.95 PACK
CC1016Cushion Clamp Stainless Steel 16Mm x 15Mm (5)$10.95 PACK
CC1019Cushion Clamp Stainless Steel 19Mm x 15Mm (5)$10.95 PACK
CC1020Cushion Clamp Stainless Steel 20Mm x 15Mm (5)$11.95 PACK
CC1022Cushion Clamp Stainless Steel 22Mm x 15Mm (5)$11.95 PACK
CC1025Cushion Clamp Stainless Steel 25Mm x 15Mm (5)$11.95 PACK
CC1027Cushion Clamp Stainless Steel 27Mm x 15Mm (5)$11.95 PACK
CC1029Cushion Clamp Stainless Steel 29Mm x 15Mm (5)$12.95 PACK

Dash Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
F2476Dash Speaker Mount Kit XR - XY Will Fit Some Holdens$14.95 KIT
FK1042Firewall Insulation Clip Set FX FJ 14 Pieces$46.92 EA
FK1101Speed Nut Kit Suit Dash Pad HQ$5.94 EA
FK1147Dash Pad Fitting Kit LH LX$11.95 EA
FK1152Dash Pad Fitting Kit HQ$5.94 EA
FK1153Dash Pad Fitting Kit HJ HX HZ$11.95 EA
FK1177Dash Fitting Screw Kit HQ Gts (4)$9.94 EA
FK2014Dash Fascia Screw Set (Concours) XW XY ZC ZD$9.94 SET
TC1012Under Dash Pad Clip Set FB - HZ LX Torana$16.94 EA
TC1035Grommet/Socket Vent To Dash Panel VL (8 Pcs)$6.94 EA
TC2000Under Dash Panel Clip Set XR XT XW XY ZA ZB ZC ZD$25.95 EA

Diff & Rear Axle Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
FK2024Diff Centre To Housing Nut & Washer Kit XT - XC 9"$12.95 EA

Distributor Clamps & Bolts

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
H1159Distributor Clamp Kit EH - VK 6 Cyl HQ - VT V8 Exc 350$19.94 EA

Door Belt & Quarter Mould Clips

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
BMC1002Moulding Clip Set HK HT HG Door Belt Mould Frt Sed$24.95 KIT
BMC1003Front Door Belt Moulding Clip Set HK - HX Coupe 1 Dr$19.94 KIT
BMC1010Moulding Clip Set Door Belt Front HQ Sedan$19.94 KIT
BMC1011Moulding Clip Set Door Belt Rear HQ$19.94 KIT
BMC1015Moulding Clip Set Frt Door & 1/4 Belt Mould LC LJ$19.94 KIT
BMC1015ADoor Belt Moulding Clip Set LC LJ (Rear)$19.94 KIT
BMC1017Moulding Clip Set Door Belt HJ HX HZ Front$19.94 KIT
BMC1018Moulding Clip Set Door Belt HJ HX HZ Rear$19.94 KIT
BMC1019Moulding Clip Set 1/4 Belt HQ HJ HX Monaro Coupe$16.94 KIT
BMC1021Moulding Clip Set HK - HG Wag Rear 1/4 Upper B/Sides$8.94 KIT
BMC1022Moulding Clip Set LC LJ Lower 1/4 Panel Both Sides$19.94 KIT
BMC1033Moulding Clip Set HK HT HG Tailgate Belt Wagon$9.94 KIT
BMC1035Moulding Clip Set Rear 1/4 HK HT Prem/Brougham$34.95 KIT
BMC1043Moulding Clip Set HQ S/Wagon 1/4 Front Behind Door$9.94 KIT
BMC1044Moulding Clip Set HR Rear 1/4 Panel$34.95 KIT
BMC1060Moulding Clip Set HR Door Belt Front Or Rear$14.95 KIT
BMC1066Moulding Clips And Screws HD - HR Various$14.95 KIT
DBC1001Door Belt Clip 48 FJ FE FC FB EK (6 Pcs)$13.65 EA
DBC1002Door Belt Clip Inner LC LJ 2 / 4 Door Front (6 Pcs$24.95 EA
DBC1003Door Belt Clip Suit Japanese Cars (6 Pcs)$9.94 EA
DBC1004Door Belt Clip XD XE XF ZJ ZK ZL (6 Pcs)$14.95 EA
DBC1005Door Belt Clips Chrysler (8)$9.94 EA
DBC1006Outer Door Belt Clip Set LC LJ Coupe (2 Doors)$26.95 EA
DBC1007Door Belt Clip Set LC LJ 4 Door Outer (1 Door)$24.95 EA
DBC1008Door Belt Clip Set LC - LJ 4 Door 6 Cyl (Inner Rear)$24.95 EA
FK1100Screw Kit Rear Quarter Belt HK HT HG Monaro Pair$5.94 EA
FK1183Screw Kit HK HT HG Monaro Door Belt$5.94 KIT
FK1184Screw Kit HK HT HG Monaro Quarter Belt Inner Pair$5.94 KIT
FK1187Garnish Rear 1/4 Light Fitting Kit VK Sedan$14.95 SET
FK1188Garnish Rear 1/4 Light Fitting Kit VL Sedan$14.95 SET
H1328Grommet Kit Rear 1/4 Air Vent VB VC VH$24.95 KIT
TC1004Rear 1/4 Panel Trim Clip Set Hk,T,G Wagon Black$7.94 KIT
TC1004BRear 1/4 Panel Trim Clip Set Hk,T,G Wagon Buckskin$7.94 KIT
TC1004CRear 1/4 Panel Trim Clip Set HK - T - G Wagon Chamois$7.94 KIT

Door Hinges Pins & Bushes

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
CP1177Door Hinge Bush Kitxr - C 48 - FJ All HQ - WB LH UC Rear$12.95 EA
CP1178Bush Kit Door Hinge FE - HR HQ - WB LH - UC Front 1 Door$21.95 EA

Door Lock & Hinge Clips & Fasteners

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
CP1251Door Lock Barrel Retainers (3)$9.94 EA
DHC1000Door & Window Handle Clip Kit FE - WB VB - VK$6.94 EA
DLC1001Door Lock Rod Clip Set FE - Wb, LC - UC$12.95 EA
DLC1002Door Lock Rod Retaining Clips HQ - Wb, LH - UC (6 Qty)$12.95 EA
DLC1004Door Lock Rod To Lever Retaining Clips FE - WB LC - UC$21.95 KIT
DLC1005Door Lock Rod Anti Rattle Clip Set (8) VB - VZ$12.95 KIT
DLC2001Door Latch Rod Retainer XR - XB ZA - ZG Pair$7.95 EA
DLC2002Door Lock Link Clip XA XB XC ZF ZG ZH (Pair)$9.94 EA
FK1000Door Internal Nut & Bolt Set HQ - HZ Front 1 Door$39.95 KIT
FK1000ADoor Lock Screw Set HQ - WB LH - UC 2 Doors$16.95 KIT
FK1001Door Internal Nut & Bolt Set HQ - HZ Rear 1 Door$39.95 KIT
FK1002Window Reg Rear 1/4 Nut & Bolt Set HQ HJ Coupe$14.95 EA
FK1003Window Reg Rear 1/4 Nut & Bolt Set HK - HG Coupe$21.95 EA
FK1004Door Internal Bolt Kit HK - HG Front Excludes Monaro$19.94 KIT
FK1005Door Internal Nut & Bolt Kit HK - HG Monaro 1 Door$22.95 EA
FK1006Door Internal Nut & Bolt Kit HK - HG Rear 1 Door$22.95 EA
FK1007Door Hinge Fitting Kit 48 FJ Front 1 Door$14.95 EA
FK1007ADoor Hinge Fitting Kit 48 FJ Rear 1 Door$14.95 EA
FK1008Door Hinge Fitting Kit FE FC Front 1 Door$31.12 EA
FK1008ADoor Hinge Fitting Kit FB EK Front 1 Door$31.12 EA
FK1009Door Hinge Fitting Kit FE FC FB EK Rear 1 Door$29.94 EA
FK1010Door Hinge Fitting Kit (Front) EJ EH (1 Door)$12.95 EA
FK1011Door Hinge Fitting Kit EJ - EH Rear (1 Door)$32.73 EA
FK1012Door Hinge Fitting Kit (Front) HD HR (1 Door)$19.94 EA
FK1013Door Hinge Fitting Kit (Rear) HD HR (1 Door)$19.94 EA
FK1014Door Hinge Fitting Kit HK HT HG Front (1 Door Set)$14.95 EA
FK1015Door Hinge Fitting Kit HK HT HG Rear (1 Door Set)$14.95 EA
FK1016Door Hinge Bolt Kit HQ - WB All LH - LX Rear 1 Dr Set$13.95 EA
FK1016ADoor Hinge Bolt Kit Front LH - LX (1 Door)$15.95 EA
FK1022Window Reg & Remote Bolt Kit HK - WB LH - LX (1 Door)$14.95 EA
FK1035Door Lock Striker Screw Kit HD - HG (2 Doors)$11.95 EA
FK1047Door Lock Bolt Kit 48 FX FJ (2 Doors)$11.95 EA
FK1060Window Regulator Bolt Kit HQ HJ HX HZ WB LH LX UC$11.95 EA
FK1075Door Striker Fitting Screws Kit FE FC FB EK (6 Pcs$27.94 EA
FK1116Door Lock Screw Kit VB VC VH VK VL (2 Doors)$9.94 EA
FK1134Door Lock Screw Set FE - HG 2 Doors$14.95 EA
FK2000Door Hinge Nut & Bolt Set XD - F,Zj - L,Fc - E (1 Door)$14.95 EA
FK2001Window Regulator Mounting Bolt Kit XR - XY ZA - ZD$14.95 EA
FK2003Door Hinge Bolt Kit XA - XB ZF - ZG "Imperial" (12Pcs)$18.95 EA
FK2006Door Hinge Bolt Kit XR - XY ZA - ZD (One Door 12 Pcs)$34.95 EA
FK2012Striker Bolt Kit XR - XC ZA - ZH 2 Doors$12.95 EA
FK2015Screw Set XK - XB Door Lock (6)$15.95 EA
NS1000Nuts Frt 1/4 Window Divider HK - HT Rear HK - HT LC - LX$5.94 EA

Door Seal Clips & Fasteners

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
DSC1000Door Seal Clip Set EJ - WB (21)$24.95 EA
DSC1001Door Seal Clip Set VB VC VH VK VL$12.95 EA
DSC1002Door Seal Rubber Clip "Socket" (25 Pcs)$14.95 EA
DSC1003Pillar Seal Clips Front & Rear Of Door HQ Monaro$9.94 EA
DSC1004Door Seal Retaining Clips VN VP VR VS VT VX VY VZ$7.95 SET
DSC2000Door Seal Clip Set XR XT XW XY ZA ZB ZC ZD$9.94 EA
DSC2001Door Seal Clip Set XA XB XC$9.94 EA
DSC2003Door Seal Clip Set EA EB ED EF EL AU Falcon (20)$9.94 EA
TC1026Retainer Roof Door Fender Seal LC - LX HK - HX (10)$7.94 EA

Door Trim Clips & Fasteners

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
DSC2003Door Seal Clip Set EA EB ED EF EL AU Falcon (20)$9.94 EA
DTC1000Door Trim Clip Pack To Suit 1 Door 48 - WB$16.94 PACK
DTC1001Door Trim Clip Pack To Suit Commodore VB - VL$19.95 PACK
DTC1003Door Trim Clips VN VP VR VS VQ Long (24)$29.95 kit
DTC2000Door Trim Clip Pack XD - XF XG ZJ - ZL 15 Pieces$29.95 PACK
DTC2001Door Trim Clip Pack To Suit Ford XT - XC ZB - ZH$19.94 PACK
DTC2003Door Trim Clip AU NA DA Two Doors$9.94 PACK
DTC2004Weather Strip Lower Sill Clip Set EF EL AU$14.95 PACK
DTC5000Door Trim Clip VE VF VG VH CH VJ CJ CK VK CL CM 16$14.95 EA
TC1030Door Trim Moulding Clip Set EJ EH HD HR Premier 16$25.95 EA
TC2004Retainer Clips XR XT XW XY ZA ZB ZC ZD Armrest (6)$14.95 EA

Doorbelt Weather Strip Clip Kits

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
TC0002Scuff Plate Clip Set VB VC VH VK VL$9.94 PACK

Driving Lights & Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
DLMKTDriving Light Mounting Kit XY XA XB XC GT GS Cobra$15.95 KIT

Electrical Clips & Fasteners

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
H1320Plastic Strap Suit HK - WB LC UC VB - VL (3)$12.58 EA
H1333Tail Light Nut Kit VY VZ WK WL$21.38 KIT

Engine & Transmission Mount Bolts

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
BS1000Nut & Bolt Set 48 FJ Engine Mounts (3)$11.95 EA
BS1001Nut & Bolt Set FE - FB Engine Mounts 5/16" - 5/16"(3)$14.95 EA
BS1003Nut & Bolt Set FB EK Engine Mounts 3/8" - 3/8"(3)$14.95 EA
BS1004Engine Mount Bolt Set Red/Bl/Blk 6 & HK HT HG Hldn$11.95 EA
BS1005Engine Mount Nut & Bolt Set HQ - VS LH - LX 8Cyl 1/Sde$16.94 EA
BS1006Nut & Bolt Set Engine Mount Front EH HD HR$14.95 EA
BS1007Engine Mount Nut & Bolt Set HQ 350 Chev 1 Per Side$16.94 EA
BS1008Engine Mount Nut & Bolt Set HK - HG Chev V8 1/Side$21.95 EA
BS1009Engine Mounting Nut & Bolt Set EJ (3 Mount Set)$14.95 EA
BS1010Trans Mount Nut/Bolt Set EH - HR Manual Ex Ute/Van$16.94 EA
BS1011Trans Mount Nut/Bolt Set EH - HR Auto & Ute/Van Man$15.95 EA
BS1012Trans Mount Nut & Bolt Set HK HT HG (All)$16.94 EA
BS1013Trans Mount Nut/Bolt Set HQ - WB VB - VK 6 & 8 Cyl$15.95 EA
BS1025Transmission Oil Pan Bolt Kit Holden HD - VL$24.95 PACK
BS1027Engine To Gear Box Bolt Set 6 Cyl Man 48 - HZ LC - LX$11.95 EA
BS1029Torque Convertor To Flexplate Bolt Set HD - VL LC - UC$15.95 KIT
BS1031Extension Housing Bolt Kit Turbo 350/400 HQ - WB$18.94 EA
BS1040Torque Converter Cover Bolt Set HK - HQ 307 327 350$12.95 EA
BS1042Extension Housing Bolt Kit Trimatic LJ - UC HQ - WB$9.94 KIT
BS2000Engine Mount Nut & Bolt Set XR - XE ZA - ZK V8$49.94 EA
BS2001Transmission Mount Nut & Bolt Set XR - XF ZA - ZL$22.95 EA
BS2002Engine Mount Brackets Nut & Bolt Set XR - XY ZA - ZD$29.94 EA
BS2003Engine Mount Brackets Nut & Bolt Set XA - XE V8$34.95 EA
BS2012Bell Housing & Inspction Plate Bolt Kit XR - XC Auto$17.94 SET
FK1053Bell Housing Bolt Kit 4 Speed/Auto V8 HT - VL LH LX$8.94 EA
FK1055Crossmember To Body Bolt Kit LH LX 4 Speed$15.95 EA
FK1059Transmission Cross Member Bolt Kit HQ HJ HX HZ WB$7.94 KIT

Engine Bay Clips

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
CS1002Heater Hose Clip Kit "S" Shape (2Pcs)$27.94 EA
CS1014Heater Hose Clip Kit Suit Torana LH LX V8$26.95 EA
EC1011Strap Kit Wiring Harness VL Commodore (8)$9.94 EA
EC1013Battery Cable Clip To Sump Chev Eng HK - T - G (2 Req)$29.94 EA
EC1014Wire Harness Strap Kit VB VC VH VK VL VN VP VR VS$4.59 PACK
EC2000Strap Set Wiring Loom XR XT ZA ZB$9.94 KIT
EC2001Wiring Loom Clip Set XR - XC ZA - ZD Rocker CoverN/A EA
EC2002Battery Cable Clip XR - XC ZA - ZH$16.95 EA
EC2006Wiring Loom Strap Set XW ZC$9.94 KIT
EC2007Wiring Loom Strap Set XY ZD$9.94 KIT
EC2008Wiring Loom Strap Set XA$9.94 KIT
EC2009Wiring Loom Strap Set XB$8.03 KIT
EC2011Wiring Loom Strap Set XR - XC ZA - ZH$13.38 EA
EC2012Strap Set Wiring Loom XR XT - XC ZA - ZH$11.95 EA
F2101Cable Clip Heater XR XT XW XY ZA ZB ZC ZD$9.94 EA
FC1003Engine Bay Clips FB EK$14.95 EA
FC1004Wiring Harness Clip/Strap Kit EJ EH$19.95 EA
FC1004AWiring Harness Clip Set EJ EH$19.94 KIT
FC1005Engine Bay Clips HD HR$23.95 EA
FC1006Engine Bay Clips HK$22.95 EA
FC1007Engine Bay Clips HT$24.95 EA
FC1008Engine Bay Clips HG$17.30 EA
FC1009Engine Bay Clips HQ$19.31 EA
FC1010Engine Bay Clips HJ$19.95 EA
FC1011Engine Bay Clips HX$23.95 EA
FC1012Engine Bay Clips LC LJ$19.95 EA
FC1013Engine Bay Clips LH LX$16.95 EA
FC1014Engine Bay Clips HZ$19.95 EA
FK1023Heater Fitting Screws HK HT HG$5.94 KIT
FK1145Fog Lamps & Front Indicators Fitting Kit VR VS$13.95 EA
FK1175Front Indicator Mounting Kit LH LX (2 Lenses)$6.94 KIT
H1044Cable Clip HK HT HG Heater LC LJ Choke$9.94 EA
H1096Heater Tap Cable Clip HJ HX HZ WB LC LJ$9.94 EA
RC0002Cable Or Harness Clip Set$10.95 EA
RC0003Cable Or Harness Clip Set$9.94 EA
RC0005Cable Or Harness Clip Set$14.95 EA
RC0011Wiring Or Harness Clip Set$9.94 EA
RC0015Cable Or Harness Clip Set$9.94 EA
RC0016Cable Or Harness Clip Set$9.94 EA
RC0017Cable Or Harness Clip Set$9.94 EA
RC0018Cable Or Harness Clip Set$9.94 EA
RC0021Cable Or Harness Clip Set$9.94 EA
RC0022Cable Or Harness Clip Set$10.95 EA
RC0030Wire/Cable Retaining Clip (8 Pcs)$9.94 EA
RC0038Wiring Harness Clip Set HJ HX HZ LH LX$19.94 EA

Flywheel Bolts

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
BS1028Flywheel To Crank Bolt Set HK HT HG HQ Chev Manual$26.95 EA
BS1028AFlywheel To Crank Bolt Set HT - VT LH - LX V8 Manual$25.95 EA
BS2010Flywheel To Crank Bolt Set XK - XY Some XA 6&V8 Man$32.08 EA
FK1037Crank Pulley To Dampener Bolt Kit 253/308 HT - VT LX$7.94 EA
FK1038Flexplate To Crank Bolts EH - VK LC - UC 6Cyl Auto$24.95 EA
H1402Harmonic Balancer Bolt & Washer 253 308 HT - VT LH - X$19.95 EA

Front End Mount & Body Mount Rubbers

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
NS1001Front End Crossmember Mounting Nuts LH LX UC$4.22 EA

Front Suspension

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
FK2011Shocker Tower Bolt Kit XK XL XM XP (Both Sides)$15.40 EA
FK2013Shocker Tower Bolt Kit XR XT XW XY XA XB XC 2 Side$19.94 EA
FK2037Front Bump Stop Mounting Plate Fitting Kit XR - XC$24.95 KIT

Fuel & Brake Pipe Clip Kits

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
AB1005ATrunnion Carby And Clip Kit 48 FJ FE$19.94 EA
H1044AChoke Cables Clip Set XU - 1 (3 Qty)$16.94 EA
H1196Fuel Pipe Clip Set EH - HZ 6 Cyl Black$9.94 EA
H1196AFuel Pipe Clip Set EH - HZ 6 Cyl Green$9.94 EA
H1197Fuel Pipes Clip Set VB VC VH$11.95 EA
RC0009Fuel Line Clip Set$14.95 EA
RC0013Fuel Line Clip Set HQ HZ WB VB VS LH LX UC$14.95 EA
RC2001Fuel Line Clip Set XW XY XA XB XC ZC ZD ZF ZG ZH$29.94 EA

Fuel Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
RC0024Accelerator Tailgate Clip Set 5/32"3/16" Rods$9.94 KIT
RC0024AAccelerator Tailgate Door Clip Set 3/16" Rods$7.94 KIT
RC0026Accelerator Or Tailgate Clip Set 1/4" LH & RH$9.96 KIT

Fuel Pump Bolts

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
BS1023Fuel Pump Bolt Set EH - VB (6 Cyl)$8.94 EA

Glove Compartments & Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
FK1017Fitting Kit Glovebox 48 FJ FE FC FB EK$12.06 EA
FK1018Fitting Kit Glovebox EJ EH$9.94 EA
FK1019Fitting Kit Glovebox HD HR$7.94 EA
FK1020Fitting Kit Glovebox HQ$5.94 EA
FK1041Fitting Kit Glovebox HK HT HG$8.94 EA
FK1128Fitting Kit Glovebox Hinges FE - FC$6.96 EA
FK1129Fitting Kit Glovebox Hinges FB - EK$7.94 EA
FK1130Fitting Kit Glovebox Hinges EJ EH$6.96 EA
FK1131Fitting Kit Glovebox Hinges HD - HR$6.96 EA
FK1132Fitting Kit Glovebox Hinges HK HT HG HQ$5.30 EA
FK1133Fitting Kit Glovebox Hinges HJ HX HZ WB$13.87 EA
FK1140Fitting Kit Glovebox LC LJ$11.95 EA
FK1141Fitting Kit Glovebox LH LX$9.94 EA
FK1174Glovebox Hinge Repair Kit VY VZ$34.95 EA

Grilles & Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
CBM1006MGrille Mounting Bolt Kit And Bumper Kit HK$9.94 KIT
FK1111Grille Mounting Clip Set Gemini TE - TG (9)$9.94 EA
FK1146Grille Fitting Kit VR VS$9.96 EA

Headlight Adjuster Screws & Retainers

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
HLK1000Headlight Adjustment Kit Suit Mostly Holdens$17.94 EA
HLK1000KHeadlight Adjustment Kit HK Ht HG 7 Inch Pair$29.94 EA
HLK1000KAHeadlight Adjustment Kit HK Ht HG 5 3/4 Inch (2Pr)$32.95 EA
HLK1001Headlight Fitting Kit HQ HJ HX HZ$32.95 EA
HLK1009Headlight Retaining Clip VB VC VH VK Pack of 4$19.94 PACK
HLK1010Headlight Retaining Clip Set VB VC VH VK$11.95 EA
HLK1012Lens To Headlight Body Clip VN & VQ (10 Pcs)$14.95 EA
HLK1013Lens To Headlight Base Clip VL VP (20 Pcs)$28.94 EA
HLK1015Headlight Adjusting Pivot Clips VH VK & WB (4 Pc$14.95 EA
HLK1016Lens To Headlight Base Clip VB VC (6 Pcs)$9.94 EA
HLK1017Headlight Mounting Clip Set 48 - EH For 2 H/Lamps$9.94 KIT
HLK1018Screws Headlight Inner Rim Retaining GM (6)$11.95 KIT
HLK2000Headlight Fitting Kit XD XE XF XG (1 Kit Per Car)$18.94 EA
HLK2001Headlight Adjusting Pivots XE Falcon / Ghia (4)$12.95 EA

Heater Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
FK1182Heater Box Fitting Kit HQ HJ HX HZ$9.94 KIT

ID Tag Rivets

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
RV12Rivet Kit ID Set Of (2)$21.95 EA
RV16Rivet Kit ID Set Of (6)$59.95 EA
RV2000Rivet Kit ID Plate Set Of 8$9.94 EA

Ignition Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
H1093Spark Plug Lead Separator Holder Kit VC - VL V8$19.95 PAIR

Kick Panels & Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
TC1000Kick Panel Clip Set HK - WB LH - UC Black$7.94 KIT
TC1000CKick Panel Clip Set HK - WB LH - UC Natural$7.94 KIT
TC1014Screw Set Kick Panels 48 FJ (10 X 10 Pcs)$12.95 EA

Manifold Studs & Bolts

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
FK1036Exhaust Manifold Washers HQ - VT LH - LX V8 Exc Chev$44.24 EA
SD1101Exhaust Pipe To Manifold Stud Kit HJ - HZ V8$9.94 EA
SD1103Carb To Manifold Stud Kit HK - G 186S HT - Q V8 HJ 4.2$5.94 EA
SD1105Inlet Man Bolt Kit 253 308 Ht/G Hq/J Lh/X No Adr27$24.95 EA
SD1105BInlet Man Bolt Kit 253 308 HJ With Adr27 HX - HZ VB$27.94 EA
SD1106Exhaust Manifold 253 308 Bolt & Stud Kit HT HG HQ$69.95 KIT
SD1108Carb Fitting Kit 308 HQ - WB LH - LX VB - VL$19.94 EA
SD1109Exhaust Manifold Bolt & Stud Kit 253 308 HJ HX HZ$74.94 EA
SD1110Exhaust Manifold Stud/Bolt Kit 253 308 WB - VL LH - LX$74.94 EA

Mirrors & Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
FK1138Interior Mirror Fitting Screw Kit HK - HZ LC - LX$11.95 EA

Nut Kits

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
FK1028Tail Light To Body Nuts LC - LX HK - HG All HJ - HZ Sed$7.94 EA
FK1029Park Lamp To Body Nut Set HK HT HG HJ HX HZ$4.95 EA
FK1034Tail Light WB Statesman Fitting Kit (2)$5.94 EA
FK1102U Nut Tail Light Extension VK VL (8 Pcs)$6.94 EA
FK1154Tail Light Fitting Kit WB Ute/Van (2)$5.94 EA
FK1156Tail Light Fitting Kit WB One Tonner (2)$5.94 EA
FK1157Headlight Fitting Kit WB Commercial Rectangular 2$7.94 EA
FK1158Headlight Fitting Kit WB Statesman (2)$7.94 EA
FK1172Tail Light Stud & Nut Fitting Kit LC Torana$54.95 KIT
FK2009Fuel Cap Ring Clip Set XW XY XA XB XC GT$6.94 EA
NH0001Nut Pack 7/16" - 14 Unc ( 7/16 Unc - 14 7/16")$7.94 EA
NH0005Nut Pack Hex 3/8" - 16$7.94 EA
NH0011Helmet Nut Kit Suit 3/16"Stud 7/16 Hex (15)$7.94 EA
NJ0001Nut Set Nut J Type 14 Gauge$11.95 KIT
NJ0002J Nuts 5/16" - 18 Black (6 Pcs)$11.95 EA
NJ0003J Nut Kit 14 Gauge 1/2" Offset (8 Pcs)$11.95 EA
NJ0004Nut Pack "J" Type No.10 .03 - .06 P .50X .78 L$11.95 EA
NS0002Speed Nut 1/8" (20 Pcs)$9.94 EA
NS0003Speed Nut 3/16" (20 Pcs)$9.94 EA
NS0004Speed Nut 7/16" Hex Suit 1/4" Stud (10 Pcs)$9.94 EA
NS0007Speed Nut 5/16" Hex Suit 1/8" Stud (10 Pcs)$7.94 EA
NS0008Speed Nut 3/8" Hex Suit 3/16" Stud (10 Pcs)$7.94 EA
NS0009Nut Set Universal Plastic Push In$7.94 EA
NS0010Speed Nuts 1/8" Stud 5/16" Hex 17/32" Washer 20Pcs$9.94 EA
NS0014Speed Nuts 1/4" Stud 7/16" Hex 11/16" Washer 20Pcs$7.94 EA
NS0023Push On Nuts (Non Threaded Stud) 1/8"X3/8" OD (2$6.94 EA
NS0028Universal Speed Nut 1/4" Clip Set$7.94 EA
NS0029Universal Speed Nut 1/8" Push On Clip Set$7.94 EA
NS0030Universal Speed Nut 5/32" Push On Clip Set$7.94 EA
NS0031Universal Speed Nut 3/16" Push On Clip Set$7.94 EA
NS0032Universal Speed Nut 3/32" Push On Clip Set$7.94 EA
NS0033Universal Speed Nut 12 Gauge Push On Clip Set$7.94 EA
NS0034Speed Nut Kit 5/32 Stud 3/8 Hex (10Pcs)$7.94 EA
NS0035Speed Clip (6 Gauge) (10 Pcs)$6.94 EA
NS0036Speed Clip (8 Gauge) (10 Pcs)$9.94 EA
NS0037Speed Clip (10 Gauge) (10 Pcs)$9.94 EA
NS0047Speed Nut Pack Hex 10 - 24 1/2" Flange Zinc$9.94 EA
NS2002Wing Nut Suit XW XY 351$4.95 EA
NS2005Captive Nuts Fender To Body XR XT XW XY (2 Qty)$29.94 EA
NU0002U Nut (10 Gauge) (8 Pcs)$9.94 EA
NU0003U Nut (8 Gauge) (8 Pcs)$9.94 EA
NU0004Universal U Nut Type 8 Gauge Clip Set$9.94 EA
NU0005Universal Nut U Type Sprg M5 Clip Set$10.95 EA
SG0001Universal Screw Grommet Clip Set$12.95 EA
SG0002Universal Screw Grommet Clip Set$7.94 EA

Overflow & Washer Bottles

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
FK1024Washer Bottle Fitting Kit HK HT HG HQ HJ HX HZ$5.30 KIT

Parcel Shelf & Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
TC1003Rear Parcel Shelf Clip Set LC - LX HQ - HZ Black$5.94 KIT
TC1003BRear Parcel Shelf Clip Set LC - LX HQ - HZ Buckskin$5.94 KIT
TC1003CRear Parcel Shelf Clip Set LC - LX HQ - HZ Natural$5.94 KIT
TC1043Parcel Shelf Clip Set (Black) HJ - WB VB - VL LX$13.95 KIT

Power Steering Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
FK2030Power Steering Pump Fitting Kit XW - XY XA - XC ZC - ZH$62.94 KIT

Quarter Glass Rubbers & Seals

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
FK1094Rear 1/4 Glass Dome Nut & Seal Set LX UC Hatchback$39.94 EA

Radiator & Shroud Mounting Bolt Kits

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
BMC2027Radiator Shroud Fitting Kit XR XT XW XY$13.95 KIT

Rocker Cover Bolts

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
BS1018Washer Rocker Cover Kit Holden 6 Cylinder$36.95 EA
BS1019Washer & Bolt Rocker Cover Kit Holden V8 Exc Toran$59.95 EA
BS1019ARocker Cover Washer & Bolt Kit LH LX V8$59.95 EA
BS2004Rocker Cover Bolt Set Windsor V8 XR - XY ZA - ZD$29.95 EA
BS2005Rocker Cover Bolt Set Cleveland V8 XW - XE ZC - ZK$39.95 EA

Rubber Bumpers Grommets & Insulators

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
BMC1026Cowl Plug Seal Kit LH LX UC$23.95 KIT
FK2034Splash Shield Clip Set XR XT XW XY ZA ZB ZC ZD$12.95 KIT
FK2036Bumper Bar Dust Strip Rear Fitting Kit XR XT XW XY$13.95 KIT
GP1001Grommet Kit Blind Centre Flange 17.5Mmod 12.7Mmid$10.95 PACK
GP1003Grommet Kit Blind Centre Flange 33.3Mmod 27Mmid$8.94 PACK
GP1006Grommet Kit Blind Centre Flange 12.7Mmod 9.5Mmid$7.94 PACK
GP1007Grommet Kit Blind Centre Flange 20.6Mmod 17.5Mmid$10.88 PACK
GP1008Grommet Kit Blind Centre Flange 25.4Mmod 14.3Mmid$8.94 PACK
GP1011Grommet Blind Centre Flange 59Mmod 50.5Mmid$5.90 PACK
GP1012Grommet Blind Centre Flange 58Mmod 36.5Mmid$6.48 PACK
GP1015Grommet Kit Blind Centre Flange 57.1Mmod 44.5Mmid$13.95 PACK
GP1019Heater Hose Grommet (2 Hole) Universal (1 Pc)$9.96 PACK
GP1021Grommet Kit Blind 39Mm$8.94 PACK
GP1039Bumper Screw On Type 13Mm High, 26Mm Dia (4 Qty)$10.65 EA
GP1042Grommet Kit Blind Centre Flange 16Mmod 11Mmid$12.58 PACK
GP1043Grommet Kit Blind Centre Flange 20.6Mmod 16Mmid$12.95 PACK
GP1045Grommet Kit Blind Centre Flange 31.8Mmod 25.4Mmid$12.58 PACK
GP1046Grommet Kit Blind Centre Flange 38.1Mmod 31.8Mmid$17.94 PACK

Screw Kits

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
BMC1025Moulding Screw Set Wheel Arch HQ - HZ Front & Rear$14.95 KIT
BMC1062AScrew For Moulding Replaces Stud$9.94 KIT
BMC1307Drip Moulding Screw Set VB VC VH VK VL VN VR$6.94 KIT
BMC2009Screw Set Grille Panel Mounting XW XY$9.94 KIT
BS1026Bumper Bar Screws VK Front & Rear VL Rear$5.94 EA
CBM1000GGrille Mounting Bolt Kit HQ$13.95 EA
CBM1012Front Grille Mounting Kit VB VC VH VK$16.95 KIT
CBM1013Front Grille Mounting Kit VL Commodore$9.96 KIT
CBM1014Front Grille Mounting Kit VL Calais$13.95 KIT
CBM1015Grille Mounting Kit VN Commodore & Calais$14.95 KIT
CBM2001BGrille Mounting Screw Kit XA$11.95 KIT
FK1025Fuel Tank Mounting Screw Kit HK HT HG$16.94 EA
FK1026Indicator Switch Screw Kit HK - HT - HG LC$9.94 EA
FK1080Screw Set 50 FJ Ute / Panel Van Stone Guards$6.94 EA
FK1098Screw Set Wag Rear Cargo Strips & Tailgate FE - EK$12.95 EA
FK1099Screw Set S/Wagon Rear Seat Strips FE - HR$6.94 EA
FK1119Body Moulding Screws VB - VS (10 Qty)$8.95 SET
FK1123Fuel Tank Mounting Screw Kit HD HR$19.94 EA
FK1124Fuel Tank Mounting Screw Kit LC LJ Inc Grommet$15.95 EA
FK1137Tailgate Lock Screw Set HD - HZ Wagon$16.95 KIT
FK1142Seat To Boot Partition Screw Kit 48 - FJ (10)$12.95 EA
FK1143Taillamp Lens Screw Kit HQ - HZ Wagon Ute Van 12 Pcs$7.94 EA
FK1149Horn Contact Screw Kit HK - Wb, LC - UC$5.94 EA
FK1150Indicator Switch Retaining Screw Kit HX - Wb, LH - UC$5.94 EA
FK1151Horn Bar Retaining Screw Kit HK HT HG Except Gts$9.94 EA
FK1178Pillar Lamp Fitting Kit HK - VL LH - UC (4 Pcs)$4.95 EA
FK1186Tail Light Lens Fitting Kit UC (2)$18.49 KIT
FK2008Boot Side Boards Screw Set XK - XC$11.95 EA
FK2016Headlight Rim Screw Set XW$7.94 EA
FK2021Tail Light & Indicator Lens Screw Kit XW XY$9.94 EA
FK2022Tail Light To Body Screw Kit XW XY$19.94 EA
FK2031Tail Light Fitting Kit Lens To Base & Body ZD Pair$17.95 PAIR
LSS1000Lens Screw Set LC LJ Front Indicators$5.94 EA
NH0006Nut Pack Hex Nut 3/8" - 24 X 3/16"$7.94 EA
SM0001Screws 1/4 X 1/2 Pan Bsw (20Pc)$10.66 EA
SM0002Screw 1/4"X3/4" Bsw Phillips Pan Head Zinc 20 Pc$12.95 EA
SM0004Screw Pack Pan HD Cr Rec Mach No.8 - 32 X 3/8"$6.94 KIT
SM0007Screw Pack Pan Phil 1/4" - 20 X 3/4" With Wash Zinc$5.94 EA
SM0008Screw Pack Pan Head 10 - 24 X 1/2" Cr Zp$5.94 EA
ST0001Screw Kit Self Tappers 8Ab X 1/2 R W/F Zy$9.94 KIT
ST0002Screw Kit Selfs Tappers 8Ab X 1/2 R W/F ZB$9.94 KIT
ST0003Screw Kit Selfs Tappers 4.8 (10Ab) X 19 R W/F ZB$9.94 KIT
ST0004Self Tappers Pan Head 8.0Mm Dia X 15.4Mm O/A (20$9.94 KIT
ST0005Self Tappers C/Sunk 5.4Mm Dia X 9.3Mm O/A (20Pcs$9.94 KIT
ST0006Self Tappers Pan Head 6.6Mm Dia X 12.2Mm O/A (20$9.94 KIT
ST0008Self Tappers Mush Head 11.1Mm Dia X 18.6Mm O/A 2$9.94 KIT
ST0010Self Tappers Mush Head 8.2Mm Dia X 14.1Mm O/A 20P$12.95 EA
ST0011Self Tappers Mush Head 7.1Mm Dia X 10.5Mm O/A 20P$29.94 EA
ST0012Self Tappers Mush Head 12.2Mm Dia X 14.4Mm O/A 20$9.94 EA
ST0013Self Tappers Mush Head 11.7Mm Dia X 21.2Mm O/A 20$9.94 EA
ST0015Self Tappers Pan Phil Head 6 X 1/4" (20 Pieces)$7.94 EA
ST0017Screws Self Tappers 3/4 X 14 Guage With Washer$9.94 EA
ST0018Self Tappers 8g 5/8" 12 Pack$6.94 EA
ST0019Self Tappers Pack 8 Gauge X 1/2" Washer Face Black$7.94 EA
ST0020Self Tappers Screw Set 8 Gauge X 1/2" Flat Top Blk$7.94 KIT
ST0025Screw Pack 8# X 1/2" Self Tap Flat Head C/Sunk Blc$6.94 EA
ST0026Screw Pack 8# X 1/2" Pan Head Tappers$7.94 EA
ST0027Screw Pack Oval Head Cr Rec Tappers 4 X 1/2"$6.94 EA
ST0028Screw Pack Oval Head Cr Rec Tappers 6 X 1"$7.94 EA
ST0031Screw Oval Head Cr Rec Tappers 10 X 1/2" Chrome$8.94 EA
ST0032Screws Oval Head Cr Rec Tappers 6 X 1 1/2" ( 10)$6.94 EA
ST0035Screw Pack Oval Head Self Tappers 6 X 1/2" 8 Pcs$7.94 EA
ST0038Screw Pan Head Self Tapper Phillips 6 X 3/8" 8Pc$7.94 EA
ST0039Screws Pan Head Phillips Self Tappers 10 - 16 X 1/2"$7.94 EA
ST0040Screw Pack Pan HD 10G - 16 X 5/8" Cr Zp Tap "Ab$7.94 KIT
ST0041Self Tappers Pan Phil HD 10 X 3/8" Zp (16 Pcs)$7.94 EA
ST0042Screw Pan HD 14G - 10 X 3/4" Slot Tappers Zp 10 Pc$6.94 KIT
ST0045Screw Self Tappers Ford$7.94 EA
ST0049Self Tappers 161755 X 20$7.94 EA
ST0051Screw Lens Mounting 9.2Mm Dia X 30.6Mm O/A (8Pcs$9.94 KIT
ST0052Screw Set Sts Pan Phil Zp 8Gx3/8 (20Pcs)$7.94 EA
ST0053Screw Pac Pan HD 10G - 16 X 3/4" Zinc$12.95 KIT
ST0056Screw Pack Oval Head 8# X 7/8" Countersunk Dome To$9.94 EA
ST0058Screw Pack 10# X 3/4" Oval Head "Chrome" C/Sunk$9.94 EA
ST0059Screw Kit Weatherstrip Roof Rail$9.94 EA
ST0061Self Tappers Screw Set Countersunk 10# X 3/4"$6.94 EA
ST0066Screw Kit Pan Head Black (20Pc) Various Commodore$11.95 EA

Scuff Plates & Screws

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
DSS0001Scuff Plate Screw Kit Stainless Steel 20 Pcs$22.95 EA
DSS1001Screw Kit FC Scuff Plates Full Set Front & Rear$6.94 EA
DSS1002Screw Kit EJ EH HD HR Scuff Plates Full Set$6.94 EA
DSS1003Screw Kit For Chrome Scuff Plates Stainless Steel$9.94 EA
DSS1004Screw Set FE Scuff Plates Front & Rear$9.94 EA
DSS1005Scuff Plate Screw Set HQ - HZ Sedan Wagon States$7.94 EA
DSS1006Scuff Plate Screw Set HQ HX Monaro$7.94 EA
DSS1007Scuff Plate Screw Set HQ HJ HX HZ Ute Panel Van$6.94 EA
DSS1008Scuff Plate Screw Set FB EK (Front & Rear)$9.94 EA
DSS1009Scuff Plate Screw Set HK HT HG (Front) (14 Pcs)$7.94 EA
DSS1009AScuff Plate Screw Set HK HT HG (Rear) (12 Pcs)$6.94 EA
DSS1010Scuff Plate Screw Set LH LX UC Sedan$7.94 KIT
DSS1011Scuff Plate Screw Set LX UC Hatch$7.94 KIT
DSS2001Screw Kit For Scuff Plates XR - XC Stainless (14)$17.94 EA
DSS2002Screw Kit For Scuff Plates XA - XC Coupe Stainless 8$12.95 EA

Seat Belts & Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
F2435Seat Belt Attaching Bolt Cover XD - XF ZK - L FD Front$9.94 PAIR

Seats & Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
F2430Seat Back Trim Retainer Kit XA (Front)$23.95 EA
F2477Backrest Bucket Seat Bolt Kit XR XT XW XY$29.95 KIT
FK1161Seat Track Mounting Bolt Kit HQ - HZ LC - UC (Buckets)$42.94 EA
FK1161ASeat Track To Floor Bolt Kit HQ - HZ LC - UC (1 Seat)$9.94 EA
FK1161BSeat Fitting Kit Track To Seat HQ - HZ LC - LX$22.61 EA
FK2032Bucket Seat To Floor Fitting Kit XR XT XW XY$69.95 KIT
FK2033Bucket Seat To Floor Fitting Kit XA XB (2 Seats)$69.95 KIT
NS2000Bucket Seat To Floor Retaining Nut Set XR - XY XA XB$16.01 EA
TC1001Front Seat Rear Clip Set LC - LX HQ - HZ Black$12.95 KIT
TC1001BFront Seat Rear Clip Set LC - LX HQ - HZ Buckskin$12.95 KIT
TC1001CFront Seat Rear Clip Set LC - LX HQ - HZ Chamois$11.95 KIT
TC1031Seat Trim Lower Moulding Clip Set FE FC (14 Pcs)$29.94 EA

Sill Moulding Clips

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
BMC1014Moulding Clip Set LC Sill Moulding$25.95 KIT
BMC1028Moulding Clip Set Sill Mould HT Monaro Kingswood$49.94 KIT
BMC1038Sill Moulding Clip Set HG Kins / Monaro Not Gts$59.95 KIT
BMC1040Sill Moulding Clip Set HQ Exc Ls,Deville,Prem 46Pc$32.95 KIT
BMC1046Sill Panel Moulding Clip Set HQ - HZ Prem LS S'man$31.60 KIT
BMC2007Sill Moulding Clip Set XW XY$46.95 KIT

Spoilers, Scoops & Flares

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
FK2023Bonnet Scoop Nut Set XB XC (2 Scoops)$5.30 EA

Starter Motor Bolts

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
BS2013Starter Motor Bolt Kit XR - XC ZA - ZH$6.94 KIT
FK1039Starter Motor Bolt Set HT - WB VB - VL LH - LX V8 Ex Chv$25.06 EA
FK1052Starter Motor Bolt Kit EH - VK LC - UC 6 Cylinder$4.54 EA
FK1110Starter Motor Bolt Set HT HG HQ 350 Chev$26.95 KIT

Steering Boxes & Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
F2415Steering Box To Body Bolt Kit XR XT XW XY XA XB XC$22.95 KIT
H1362Steering Box To Frame Bolt Kit HQ HJ HX HZ WB$20.96 KIT

Steering Wheels

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
FK1083Horn Cap Screw Set Sports Steering Wheel (6)$24.95 EA
FK1093Steering Wheel Retaining Nut Set FE - HG & LC$5.94 EA
FK1095Steering Wheel Retaining Nut Set HQ - WB LJ - UC$12.95 EA

Sump & Oil Pan Bolts

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
7433632Oil Pan Drain Plug 9/16" - 18 Oversize, AF 3/4"$11.95 EA
BS1014Sump Bolt Set EH - VK LC - UC 6 Cylinder$39.95 EA
BS1015Sump Bolt Set HT - VL LH LX 253 308$39.94 EA
BS1016Sump Bolt Set VN VP VR VS VT V8$49.95 EA
BS1022Sump Bolt Set HK HT HG HQ 307 327 350$20.31 EA
BS2006Oil Pan Bolt Kit Late XW - XE ZC - ZK Cleveland V8$51.44 EA

Sunroof Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
H1366Wing Nut Set LC 186X LJ XU - 1 With Dotloc Stamp$29.94 EA

Sunvisors & Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
FK1081Screw Set 48 FJ FE FC FB EK Sunvisor Pivots$9.94 EA
FK1081ASunvisor Mounting Screw Set EJ EH HD HR HK HT HG$9.94 EA
FK1082Screw Set Seat Side Panels EJ EH HD HR$7.94 EA
FK1159Headlining Fitting Kit HQ HJ HX HZ (Front)$9.94 EA
FK1160Headlining HQ HJ HX HZ Rear Sed/Mon Fitting Kit$6.94 EA
FK1170Sunvisor Mounting Kit HQ HJ HX HZ WB LH LX UC$11.95 EA
SM0012Screws Chrome Ford Interior$9.94 EA

Suspension Bushes

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
BS2014Flexplate To Crank Bolts XA - XE Cleveland V8 & 6Cyl$29.95 EA

Tailgate & Hatch Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
RC0024Accelerator Tailgate Clip Set 5/32"3/16" Rods$9.94 KIT
RC0024AAccelerator Tailgate Door Clip Set 3/16" Rods$7.94 KIT
RC0026Accelerator Or Tailgate Clip Set 1/4" LH & RH$9.96 KIT

Tonneau Cover Clip Kits

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
TC1002Tonneau Attachment Kit To Suit HQ HJ HX HZ WB$49.94 KIT
TC1006Tonneau Attachment Kit To Suit Early Holden , Ford$109.95 KIT
TC1009Tonneau Attch. Kit On Body Early Holden, Ford$59.99 KIT
TC1112Tonneau Cover Cleat (Front) HQ HJ HX HZ WB Ute$9.94 KIT
TC1113Tonneau Cover Hook HQ HJ HX HZ WB Ute$6.94 KIT
TC2001Tonneau Cover Hook & Pin Kit XT - XF Ute$6.94 EA
TC2003Tonneau Cover Cleat XA XB XC XD XF XG XH Ute$9.94 EA
XDP50100AKTTonneau Loop Strap XA - FG Falcon Ute$5.94 EA

Trim Clip Kits

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
DTC1002Door Trim Clip Set Universal$14.95 KIT
DTC1004Door Trim Clips VN VP VR VS VQ Short (12)$24.95 KIT
MP0023Universal Moulding Clip Set 5/8" x 5/8"$7.94 KIT
TC0003Trim Button Plastic (10 Pieces)$7.94 EA
TC0004Scrivet 8 mm (6 Pcs)$7.94 EA
TC0005Xmas Tree Clip 20Mm Dia X 27Mm O/A (Black) (8 Pc$7.94 EA
TC0017Trim Edge Retainer Clip Set 3Mm Gap$19.95 EA
TC0024Universal Splash Guard Clip Set$10.45 EA
TC0027Xmas Tree Clips$7.94 EA
TC0030Scrivets B/Bar, Skirt,Shroud, VR - VZ WH - WL (8)$9.94 EA
TC1005Engine Splash Guard Clip Set HQ HJ HX HZ$7.94 KIT
TC1017Radiator Shroud To Fr Panel Clip Set VL VN (4Pcs)$6.94 EA
TC1018Radiator Shroud To Fr Panel Clip Set VB - VK (4 Pcs)$6.94 EA
TC1019Fender Liner Clip Set VB VC VH VK VL (8 Pcs)$10.45 EA
TC1020Fender Liner Clip Set VN VP VR VS (10 Pcs)$10.45 EA
TC1044Inner 1/4 Window Trim Clip Set VK VL VN - VS$16.95 KIT
TC1046Carpet Retainer Attaching Button Set VB - VL$9.96 KIT
TC1047Lower Dash Fuse Panel Retainer Clips Black VN VP$7.95 KIT
TC2007Radiator Upper Seal Retainer Kit XD XE XF XG ZJ ZK$8.95 KIT
TC2008Splash Shield Retaining Kit XD XE ZJ ZK FC FD$7.95 KIT
TC2009Splash Shield Retaining Kit XF XG EA EB ED$6.95 KIT
TC2010Bumper to Rear Lower Panel Clips EA EB ED EF EL$6.95 KIT
TC2012Lower Dash Fuse Panel Retainer Clips Black XD - XH$14.95 KIT

Universal Joints & U Bolts

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
CP1129Locking Tabs Uni Joint U Bolt EH - WB LC - UC 2 Pcs$11.95 EA


Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
TC1045Wagon Rear Inner Trim Clip Set VB - VL VN - VS (Black)$19.95 KIT

Vent Window Handles & Rivets

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
BP001Washers Bakelite Suit FB - HG 1/4 Vent (2 Reqd)$4.95 PAIR
FK1139Vent Window Handles Fitting Kit 48 - FJ Pair$9.94 EA
VR1000Rivet Vent Window Pivot 48 FJ For 2 Windows$19.95 KIT
VR1002Vent Window Pivot & Rivet FE FC Set Of 2$42.94 KIT
VR1003Vent Window Pivot Rivet & Washer EJ - HG Set Of 2$21.95 KIT
WRK0001Window Regulator Rivet (6 Pieces)$7.94 EA
WRK2018Window Regulator Rivet Kit XD - XG ZJ - Zl(8)$11.95 EA

Washer Kits

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
WP0001Trim Washers (Interior) (20 Pcs)$7.94 EA
WP0007Washer Pack Plain 3/8" X 7/8" Zinc Plated 6 Pcs$6.94 EA
WP0009Washers Ext Tooth Star Countersunk 5/16" (20 Pcs)$8.94 EA

Water Pump Bolts

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
BS1044Fan Bolt Set HQ - HZ V8 Some LH LX V8 4.1/2" Long$15.95 SET
FK1185Water Pump Pulley Bolt Kit Holden Grey Motor$6.94 KIT

Window Regulators & Repair Kits

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
WRK1006Window Lifter Slider VT VX Commodore 2 Pcs$9.94 EA

Windscreen Locking Strips & Escutcheons

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
H1284AEscutcheon Kit Windscreen Mylar LH LX UC Front All$14.95 KIT
H1284BEscutcheon Kit Windscreen Mylar LH LX UC Rear Sed$11.95 KIT
H1284CEscutcheon Kit Windscreen Mylar LX UC Rear Hatch$4.95 KIT

Windscreen Mould Clips

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
BMC1305Screw Set Windscreen Moulding Front FE FC Holden$5.94 KIT
H1136Windscreen Moulding Plug Kit VL (2 Pcs)$12.95 PAIR
WSC1000Windscreen Moulding Clip Kit HQ - HZ Front & Rear$79.95 EA
WSC1000AWindscreen Moulding Clip Kit WB Front & Rear$51.58 EA
WSC1001Windscreen Moulding Clip Kit HQ - WB Front Only$32.93 EA
WSC1002Windscreen Moulding Clip Kit HQ - HZ Rear Only$51.58 EA
WSC1002AWindscreen Moulding Clip Kit WB Rear Only$21.80 EA
WSC1003Windscreen Moulding Clip Set FJ Special (20 Pcs)$32.93 EA
WSC2000Windscreen Front Clip Set XR - XY ZA - ZD$9.94 EA
WSC2001Windscreen Front Clip Set XA XB ZF ZG$15.95 EA
WSC2002Windscreen Moulding Clip Kit XD XE XF ZJ ZL Front$39.95 EA
WSC2003Windscreen Moulding Clip Set Rear XW - XY GT Black$39.94 EA
WSC2004Windscreen Moulding Clip Set Rear XW - XY Fairmont$39.94 EA
WSC2005Windscreen Moulding Clip Set XC ZH$16.95 EA

Wiper Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
F2418W/Screen Wiper Arm Articulating Link Clip XA XB RH$13.95 EA
H1075Wiper Pivot Nuts 48 FJ FE FC FB EK Chromed (Pair)$24.95 EA
H1122Wiper Motor And Linkages Clip Set LC LJ$17.94 EA
H1172Wiper Linkage Retaining Clip EK - EH$12.95 Pair
H1367W/Screen Wiper Arm Articulating Link Clip HT - WB RH$14.95 EA
H1369Windscreen Wiper Drive Link Clip HQ HJ HX HZ WB$14.95 EA
H1420Wiper Pivot Linkage Nuts VB - VS (Pair)$29.95 PAIR
H1421Wiper Pivot Mounting Kit VB VC VH VK VL (Pair)$35.95 KIT
SP1986Wiper Linkage Retaining Clip LC LJ LH LX UC Torana$6.94 EA