Rare Spares Restoration, Spare Parts & Accessories Price List as at 1/12/2022

Prices include GST and are subject to change without notice.
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Bonnet Insulators & Fittings

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
PUBCar Builders Premium Bonnet Insul 1500x1000x5mm$230.00 KIT

Loom & Electrical Tape

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
FLT19Car Builders Wiring Loom Fleece Tape 19mm x 15m $5.01 ROLL
FLT24Car Builders Wiring Loom Fleece Tape 24mm x 15m$7.00 ROLL
UBTCar Builders Underbody Loom Tape 19mm x 25m $9.94 ROLL

Sound Deadening Kits

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
ALCar Builders Acoustic Liner Sheets x2 12mm x 900mm$79.99 KIT
ARCar Builders Application Roller $20.00 EA
DRK2Car Builders Door Restore Kits (2 Doors) $37.99 KIT
DRK4Car Builders Door Restore Kits (4 Doors) $55.00 KIT
FTBLKCar Builders Black Aluminium Foil Tape 38mm x 10m $10.00 EA
FTSLCar Builders Silver Aluminium Foil Tape 38mm x 10m$10.00 EA
INL3Car Builders Insul-Layer 3mm x 900mm x 1100mm$33.00 EA
INL6Car Builders Insul-Layer 6mm x 900mm x 1100mm$50.00 EA
INSTKITCar Builders Application Install Kit Silver$45.00 KIT
INSTKITBLKCar Builders Application Install Kit Black$45.00 KIT
MNLCar Builders Premium Underlay Noise Liner 1mx1.5m$119.00 EA
SA500Car Builders Premium Spray Adhesive Can 500M$35.00 EA
SDCar Builders Sound Deadening Kit Silver 1.8sq$105.00 KIT
SDBLKCar Builders Sound Deadening Kit Black 1.8sq$105.00 KIT
SDOEMBLKCar Builders Sound Deadening Kit Black 1.8sq/m$105.00 KIT
TRKCar Builders Trim Removal Kit$22.95 KIT
UBINSCar Builders Under Bonnet Insulation 1500x1000x12$139.99 KIT
VLCar Builders Acoustic Van Liner 10mm x 1m x 5m$139.95 KIT
VLTCar Builders Van Liner Tape Water Proof 38mm x 25m$9.96 EA
VSCar Builders Van Seal 4mm x 1m x 10m$99.95 KIT
WUCar Builders Water Proof Underlay 1800x950x10mm$80.00 KIT