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Brake & Clutch Master Cylinders

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
2820261Brake Master Cylinder LC 6 Cyl HT HG Disc/Drum$220.00 EA
7405853Brake Master Cylinder Kit With Piston 48 FJ$139.94 KIT
7426664Brake Master Cylinder FE FC FB EK EJ EH HD HR Drms$113.06 EA
7426666Clutch Master Cylinder FE - HR & HD - HR Brake W/Disc$115.30 EA
7430221Brake Master Cylinder Kit Less Piston FE - EK EJ - HR$35.99 KIT
7436184Clutch Master Cylinder Kit HK HT HG$29.94 KIT
P5692Brake Master Cylinder XW - XY ZC - ZD Disc Front$219.95 EA
P6165Reservoir EJ - HR Clutch & Brake Master Cyl$19.22 EA
P6553Seal Master Cylinder Cap HQ - HZ LC - LX$16.01 EA
R101DTTag Brake Master Cylinder HK HT HG LC LJ Gtr Xu1$7.07 EA
VS14354Seal Brake Master Reservoir WB VB VC VH VK$15.40 EA

Brake & Clutch Pedal Bumper Kits

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
H1218Clutch Pedal Bumper HK - HT - HG$6.48 EA
PB1000Bumper Brake & Clutch Pedal Kit 48 FJ (2 Pcs)$13.87 EA
PB1001Brake & Clutch Pedal Bumper Kit FE - HD (2 Pcs)$10.65 KIT
PB1002Bumper Kit Brake & Clutch Pedal HR LC LJ$10.65 EA
PB1003Brake & Clutch Pedal Bumper Kit HK HT HG$10.65 EA
PB1004Bumper Kit Brake & Clutch Pedal HQ HJ HX HZ$11.73 EA

Brake & Clutch Pedal Bush Kits

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
BPBK001Bush Kit HK - WB LH - UC Brake & Clutch$21.95 KIT
BPBK002Bush Kit XK - XE ZA - ZK Brake & Clutch$21.95 KIT
BPBK003Brake Pedal Bush Kit LC - LJ$12.95 KIT
BPBK1001Clutch Pedal Bush & Bolt Kit HQ - HJ LH - UC Exc 350$18.76 KIT
BPBK1002Brake Pedal Bush And Bolt Kit HQ 350 HQ HJ Auto$18.76 KIT
BPBK1004Brake Pedal & Clutch Bush & Bolt Kit HX HZ All$22.95 KIT
BS1037Clutch Pedal Bolt Kit HQ - WB LH LX Exc 350$12.32 KIT
BS1038Brake Pedal Bolt Kit HQ 350 HQ HJ Auto HX - WB LH$12.32 KIT
CRPB1Clutch Or Brake Rod Push Bush XR - XY ZA - ZD$5.50 EA

Brake & Clutch Pedal Pads

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
PP1001Pad Brake & Clutch Pedal 48 FJ$19.44 EA
PP1002Pad Brake & Clutch Pedal FE FC FB EK$14.73 EA
PP1003Pad Brake & Clutch Pedal EJ EH$14.73 EA
PP1004Brake & Clutch Pedal Pad HD HR Manual$11.48 EA
PP1005Pad Brake & Clutch Pedal HK - HZ Not P/Assisted$13.55 EA
PP1006Pad Brake Pedal HK - HG HQ - WB LC - UC VB - VZ Auto$11.48 EA
PP1007Pad Brake & Clutch Pedal LH LX UC Torana Manual$15.26 EA
PP1008Pad Brake Pedal Man VB VC VH VK VL VN VP VR VS VT$11.48 EA
PP1009Pad Clutch Pedal VB - VZ Commodore$9.37 EA
PP1011Pad Brake & Clutch Pedal HB LC LJ Torana Manual$15.26 EA
PP1012Pad Brake Pedal HQ HJ HX HZ WB Manual (Disc)$15.26 EA
PP1013Brake Pedal Pad Holden HD HR Auto$22.22 EA
PP1014Pad Brake Pedal Auto WB Statesman Only$20.31 EA
PP1015Pad Brake Pedal EK EJ EH Automatic$15.00 EA
PP1019Pad Pedal Brake Auto "Disc Brakes" HK HT HG$20.55 EA
PP1030Pedal Pad Torana LH LX Handbrake$7.83 KIT
PP2001Pad Brake Pedal Automatic XK XL XM XP$17.89 EA
PP2002Pad Brake Pedal Disc.Man,Trans.Xr - XF ZA - ZD$14.43 EA
PP2003Pad Brake Pedal XR - XF (Xr - XB Drum) F100/250/350$7.24 EA
PP2004Pad Brake Pedal XR - XF ZA - ZL FC - FE F100 - F350 Auto$7.71 EA
PP2007Pad Brake & Clutch Pedal XK - XP F100/250/350 4Wd$15.00 EA
PP2008Brake & Clutch Pedal Pad Escort Mk1 Mk2$20.55 EA
PP2010Pad Brake Pedal Cortina TC TD TE TF Manual$14.95 EA
PP2014Pad Brake Pedal XR - XC Auto With Power Discs$15.26 EA
SK1000BPedal & Clutch Bracket Felt Insulators 48 FJ$25.08 EA

Brake Booster Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
BVH001Brake Vacuum Hose Kit Universal$34.95 EA
BVH1000Brake Vacuum Hose & Valve Kit Holden & Ford 6 & V8$24.95 KIT
CV1000Brake Booster Check Valve & Grommet Ford & Holden$19.95 KIT

Brake Clips & Fasteners

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
BP10014ABrake Shoe Hold Down Pin & Spring HK - WB (Set 0f 4)$24.57 EA
BP1001APin And Spring Brake Shoe Hold Down Set Of 2 HK - WB$13.38 PAIR
BP10024Pin And Spring Brake Shoe Hold Down Set Of 4 EJ EH$38.29 EA
BP1004Brake Hose Springs & Clips EH - HG LC LJ (Front)$34.82 EA
BP1005Brake Hose Spring Kit HD HK HT HG LC LJ With Discs$35.29 EA
BP1008Brake Shoe Spring Kit HK HT HG HQ HJ HX HZ WB$66.89 EA
BP1009Brake Shoe Spring Kit EH Ute HD HR LC - UC Exc L34$72.05 KIT
BP1011Handbrake Strut Spring EJ - WB LC - UC$10.19 EA
BP1015Brake Hose Retainer Brkt HD HR Disc Front (Pair)$92.64 PAIR
BP1016Brake Pad Retainer Pin Kit HD HR Front Disc Pair$39.95 KIT
BP1017Brake Pad Retainer Pin Kit HK - HG LC Front Disc$29.95 KIT
BP2004Brake Backing Plate To Spindle Bolt Frnt Drum XR - A$27.94 EA
BS1021Screw Kit Disc Brake Rotor HD HR$21.80 EA
C5ZZ2035CKBrake Shoe Spring & Pin Kit XR - XY ZA - ZD Rear$42.79 EA
CP1077Handbrake Lever Retaining Clip EJ - VL LC - UC (8 Pcs$12.95 EA
F2375Locking Plate Kit (Rear Disc Brakes) XB - D ZG - J FC$16.94 EA
F2378Sensor Spacer Abs Kit AU BA BF Disc Brake (2 Pcs)$7.49 KIT
F2402Brake Line Clip Set XR - XF Small (6Pcs)$41.15 EA
F2405Brake & Fuel Line & Speedo Cable Clip Set XR - XY$34.95 KIT
F2459Handbrake "S" Hook Drum Brake XR - XC$27.95 EA
FK1107Clevis Pin Kit FE - EK Clutch FX FJ Brake Pedal$8.51 EA
FK1109Clevis Pin Kit EJ - HR Brake & Clutch HQ HJ Brake$6.38 EA
FK1113Handbrake Cable Front Fitting Kit 48 FJ$5.90 EA
FK1117Handbrake Assembly To Dash Fitting Kit 48 FJ$3.75 EA
FK1118Handbrake Assy Fitting Kit FE FC$4.69 EA
FK1121Handbrake Assembly Fitting Kit HK HT HG$3.11 EA
H1225AHandbrake Connector Kit HK HT HG (6 Pcs)$26.73 EA
H1225BHandbrake Connector Kit HQ HJ HX HZ WB (4Pcs)$19.44 EA
H1225CHandbrake Connector Kit LH LX UC (3Pcs)$17.95 KIT
HC0001Brake Hose Circlip Suit Holden ,Ford & Chrysler$8.20 KIT
RC0010Brake Line Clip Pack Suits Most Models$11.95 EA
RC0029Brake Line Retaining Clip (6 Pcs)$15.95 EA

Brake Disc Rotors

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
DBA001Disc Rotor Front HD HR$69.95 EA
DBA002Disc Rotor Front HK HT$102.95 EA
DBA003Disc Rotor Front HT HG V8$96.40 EA
DBA014Disc Rotor Front HQ - WB A9x$139.05 EA
DBA018Disc Rotor Rear HQ - WB$96.40 EA
DBA103Disc Rotor Rear XA XB XC$69.95 EA

Brake Ducts

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
H1330Brake Duct Kit LX A9x (Lhf)$144.14 KIT
H1331Brake Duct Kit LX A9x (Rhf)$144.14 KIT

Brake Gaskets & Seals

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
7420713Gasket Brake Backing Plate To Diff EJ To HG LC LJ$4.22 EA
7449526Disc Brake Caliper Seal Kit HK HT HG 1 Side Only$19.95 KIT
BP1006Cover Brake Adjuster 48 - WB LC - UC$13.38 EA
BP1007Brake Adjustment Hole Rubber Plug 48 - WB LC - UC (2)$8.53 EA
BP2000Brake Adjustment Hole Rubber Plug XK - XC ZA - ZG (2)$8.53 EA
BP2001Brake Adjustment Hole Rubber Plug XK - XC ZA - ZG (4)$13.38 EA
C80Z2B160ADisc Brake Stone Shield Gasket XW - XG ZC - ZL$9.96 EA

Brake Hoses

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
92000065Brake Hose Front VB - VL & VP Commodore$64.22 EA
92000273Brake Hose UC Late Front Disc$59.95 
92000390Brake Hose UC Early Rear Axle (Imperial)$42.79 EA
92001567Brake Hose WB Statesman Rear Axle$53.50 
92004390Brake Hose Rear (Hose To Caliper) VL - Early VP$81.95 EA
92006809Brake Hose WB Rear Statesman Rear Caliper LH$69.95 
92006810Brake Hose WB Rear Statesman Rear Caliper RH$69.95 
9940462Brake Hose LX A9x Front Disc$45.95 EA
9977318Brake Hose LH L34 Front Disc$44.95 EA
ARC6DZ2K078ABrake Hose XR - XT ZA - ZB Front Disc$62.35 EA
B8A2079ABrake Hose XK - XP F&R XR - XW ZA - ZC Front Drum$64.22 EA
BH1001Brake Hose 48 FJ FE FC Front And Rear$54.95 EA
BH1002Brake Hose FB EK Front Or Rear$49.21 EA
BH1004Brake Hose EH Ute Van, HD HR HK HT HG LC LJ Drum$58.86 EA
BH1006Brake Hose EJ - EH Drum F&R HQ - HJ Drum Front$42.79 EA
BH1007Brake Hose HK HT HG Rear$48.14 EA
BH1008Brake Hose HQ - HZ Ute Van 1 Ton Rear Chassis - Diff$53.50 EA
BH1009Brake Hose HQ HJ HX Front Disc Exc HX Alloy Cali$53.50 EA
BH1010Brake Hose Body To Diff HQ - HZ Sedan Coupe Wagon$50.29 EA
BH1011Brake Hose HX Alloy HZ All LH LX Excluding L34$48.14 EA
BH1012Brake Hose HZ UC Rear Disc (Diff To Caliper)$49.94 EA
BH1013Brake Hose WB Ute/Van/1 Ton/S'man Rear (Drum)$58.86 EA
BH1016Brake Hose LC LJ Front (Disc Brake)$58.86 EA
BH1017Brake Hose LH LX Rear (Body To Diff)$48.14 EA
BH1018Brake Hose LC LJ Front Drums$53.50 EA
BH1019Brake Hose HK Rear Hose 15 1/2 Inch Long$51.45 EA
BH1020Brake Hose Body To Diff VB - Vl, UC Torana & Gemini$64.22 EA
H1047Brake Hose XW - XA ZC - ZK Left Hand Front Disc$84.84 EA
H1048Brake Hose XW - XA ZC - ZK Right Hand Front Disc$84.84 EA
H1083Brake Hose Rear Disc Brake Hose To 9" XB XC ZF ZH$107.05 EA
H1087Brake Hose Rear Drum 9" XR - XB$93.30 EA
H1346Brake Hose XB - XG ZL F/Lane Right Hand Front Disc$51.44 EA
H1347Brake Hose XB - XG ZL F/Lane Left Hand Front Disc$51.44 EA

Brake Shoes & Pads

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
2815497Brake Shoe Set LH LX V8 Rear$49.95 EA
2819720Brake Shoe Set Rear HQ HJ HX HZ WB All$49.95 EA
7420890Brake Shoe Set EJ - EH F&R, HD - Hr, LH - UC 6Cyl$49.95 SET
7427911Brake Shoe Set HD HR Front$59.95 SET
7430194Brake Shoe Set HR Rear LC - LJ W/Disc$51.45 SET
7436656Brake Shoe Set HK HT HG Rear With Front Discs$64.22 SET
7437662Brake Shoe Set HK HT HG Front$51.45 SET
7437663Brake Shoe Set Rear HK HT HG With Front Drums$49.95 SET
92035278Rear Brake Shoe Set VB VC VH VK Vl, Gemini TE - TG$39.95 SET
ABE1270SABrake Shoe Set XR - XE Front Or Rear Some Check Cat$61.75 SET

Brake Switches

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
09794682Brake Light Switch VB - VY Com, WB With Cruise$39.95 EA
1997725Brake Light Switch 48 FJ Hydraulic$30.43 EA
90059582Brake Light Switch VB - VY Commodore$16.95 EA
SW1004Switch H/Brake HK T G LC LX Glovebox HQ - WB$10.23 KIT
SW1018Switch Brake Light HQ - HZ WB Excl Cruise LJ - LX UC$28.86 EA
SW1025Brake Light Switch FJ Mechanical$24.95 EA
SW1026Switch Brake Light FE FC FB EK EJ EH HD HR$59.95 EA
SW2025Switch Brake Light XK XL XM XP$32.08 EA

Brake Wheel Cylinders

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
7400153Wheel Cylinder Brake 48 FJ FE FC FB EK Left Front$59.95 EA
7400154Wheel Cylinder Brake 48 FJ FE FC FB EK Right Front$59.95 EA
7400155Wheel Cylinder Brake 48 FJ FE FC LH Or RH Rear$89.95 EA
7412419Wheel Cylinder Brake HD - G LC - J Rear With Frt Discs$24.95 EA
7412731Wheel Cylinder Brake FB EK Rear LH Or RH$107.05 EA
7419525Wheel Cylinder Kit EJ EH Front Not Ute Van$29.95 KIT
7420771Wheel Cylinder Brake EJ EH HD HR LC Rear With Drms$24.95 EA
7420815Wheel Cylinder Brake EJ - EH LH Front$107.05 EA
7420816Wheel Cylinder Brake EJ - EH RH Front$107.05 EA
7424689Wheel Cylinder Brake HD HR All EJ EH Ute/Van L/H/F$39.95 EA
7424690Wheel Cylinder Brake HD HR All EJ EH Ute/Van R/H/F$39.95 EA
7438308Wheel Cylinder Brake HK - HG LC - LX Right Hand Front$29.95 EA
7438309Wheel Cylinder Brake HK - HG LC - LX Left Hand Front$29.95 EA
92000570Wheel Cylinder Brake HK - HZ VB - VL Gemini Rear$16.95 EA
9933081Wheel Cylinder Brake LH - LX Gemini TX TC TD Rear$23.30 EA
ARC6DA2261AWheel Cylinder Brake XR - XB ZA - ZG Rear$19.95 EA
P34876Wheel Cylinder Brake XK - XP Val AP6 - CL Rear Sedan$24.95 EA
VS10109Disc Brake Caliper Seal Kit HD HR$32.08 KIT

Clutch Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
7406164Clutch Slave Cylinder Kit FE FC FB EK HK HT HG$18.95 KIT

Consoles & Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
BH1003Brake Hose FE - HG Front With Disc Brakes$53.50 EA
BHB1002Handbrake Cover HQ HJ To Early HX Black$72.05 EA

Decal Ford Under Bonnet

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
BD4226Decal XW XY ZC ZD Brake Fluid Autolite$12.79 EA
BD4399Decal XR GT XT GT ZA Brake Fluid$12.95 EA

Decal Holden Under Bonnet

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
7448542Decal Brake Fluid HD - HG LC - LJ With Discs$12.06 EA
BD1056Decal Clean Filler Cap Brake Fluid LX$15.53 EA


Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
09794682Brake Light Switch VB - VY Com, WB With Cruise$39.95 EA

Engine Bay

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
G2001Choke Firewall Grommet XR XT XW XY XA XB XC$5.15 EA

Fuel & Brake Pipe Clip Kits

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
RC0006Brake & Fuel Line Clip SetN/A EA

Handbrake Cables & Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
2806983Handbrake Cable Rear LC LJ 6 Cyl Lhr Wth Buck/Se$69.62 EA
2806984Handbrake Cable Rear LC LJ 6 Cyl Rhr Wth Buck/Se$69.62 EA
2810381Handbrake Cable Front HQ HJ HX$34.82 EA
2810388Handbrake Cable Intermediate HQ HJ HX Sed/Monaro$37.49 EA
2810513Handbrake Cable Rear HQ - HX Sedan Coupe Wagon$58.92 EA
2812072Handbrake Cable Intermediate HQ - WB Wag States$40.89 EA
2815109Handbrake Cable Intermediate HQ - WB Ute Van$44.96 EA
2815185Handbrake Cable Intermediate One Tonner$49.94 EA
2815186Handbrake Cable Rear HQ - WB Ute/Van Tonner 2Req$61.75 EA
2825236Handbrake Cable Front LH LX$128.48 EA
6256437Handbrake Equalizer HQ HJ HX HZ WB LH LX UC$24.95 EA
7402242Handbrake Cable Front 48 FJ$119.94 EA
7407823Handbrake Cable Rear 48 FJ$187.45 EA
7409487Handbrake Cable Front FE FC FB EK Manual$37.43 EA
7409623Handbrake Cable Rear FE FC FB EK Manual$111.06 EA
7410681Handbrake Cable Intermediate EJ EH$69.62 EA
7415735Handbrake Cable Front EJ EH$19.81 EA
7417827Handbrake Cable Rear EK Auto$120.99 EA
7417828Handbrake Cable EK Automatic (Front)$33.18 EA
7419364Handbrake Cable Rear EJ EH Sed/Wag & EJ Ute/Van$91.05 EA
7425871Handbrake Cable Rear HD HR Sedan Wagon$91.05 EA
7428098Handbrake Cable Rear HD HR Ute Van$91.05 EA
7428775Handbrake Cable Rear EH Ute/Van With 2 1/4" Shoes$91.05 EA
7429735Handbrake Cable Front HD HR$87.95 EA
7433249Handbrake Cable Front HK HT HG$35.99 EA
7433289Handbrake Cable Intermediate HK HT HG$37.49 EA
7433307Handbrake Cable Rear HK HT HG 2 Per Car Required$69.62 EA
92001804Handbrake Cable Torana LX A9x Lhr Rear Disc$117.78 EA
92001805Handbrake Cable Torana LX A9x Rhr Rear Disc$117.78 EA
92002064Handbrake Cable Front HZ - WB$48.21 EA
92005529Handbrake Cable (Rear) VB - VK With Disc Rear$91.05 EA
92006976Handbrake Cable (Rear) VB - VK With Drum Rear$220.00 EA
92024845Handbrake Cable Rear VL Commodore With Disc Brak$153.95 EA
92027120Handbrake Cable Rear Suit VN - VS Sedan Ex Irs$214.18 EA
92027122Handbrake Cable VN - VS Wag/Ute Buck Seats Not Irs$265.00 EA
9935009Handbrake Cable Rear LH LX Left Hand$69.62 EA
9935010Handbrake Cable Rear LH LX Right Hand$69.62 EA
9943699Handbrake Cable Rear HZ Sed,S/Wag WB S/Man Rear$100.40 EA
ARC1DD2853AHandbrake Cable Front XK XL Sedan Wag Auto Vac$109.95 EA
ARC4DA2853AHandbrake Cable Front XM All$99.95 EA
ARC5DA2853AHandbrake Cable Front XP All$99.95 EA
ARC7DA2853AHandbrake Cable Front XR - XW ZA - ZC 6 Cyl ZC 302M$89.95 EA
ARC7DA2853BHandbrake Cable Front ZA ZB C4 XW ZC 302 Auto$123.54 EA
BP2002Handbrake Equalizer XK XL XM XP XR XT XW ZA ZB ZC$19.95 EA
C3DA2A603BHandbrake Cable Rear XM XP Sedan Coupe Wagon$91.05 EA
C60Z2A602AHandbrake Equalizer XY XA XB ZF ZG (Drum Brake)$21.38 EA
EAB2853AHandbrake Cable Front EA EB ED 9/89> XF - XH 3/93>$54.95 EA
F2360Bracket Set Diff Saddle H/Brake Cable XC W/Rr Disc$36.16 SET
F2362Handbrake Ratchet Repair Pawl & Spring XR - XC$19.55 EA
F2437Handbrake Pulley Repair Kit XR - XF ZA - ZK$31.88 KIT
H1291Handbrake Ratchet Repair Pawl & Spring EJ - HG$21.38 EA
XA2853AAHandbrake Cable Front XY XA ZD ZF - 12/72 Origin$66.95 EA
XA2853BAHandbrake Cable Front XA ZF From 7/72 XB ZG Drum$133.84 EA
XA2A604AAHandbrake Cable Rear XA XB ZG With Drum Brakes$205.94 EA
XC2853CHandbrake Cable Front XC All$55.95 EA
XC2A604AHand Brake Cable Rear XC Sedan Coupe Rear Drum$172.87 EA
XC2A604BBHandbrake Cable Rear XC Sedan Coupe Rear Disc$325.00 EA
XD2853AHandbrake Cable Front XD XE To XF 1/86$73.43 EA
XFL2853AHandbrake Cable Front XF 86 - 93 XG Ute - 93 EA$59.95 EA
XY2A604AHandbrake Cable Rear XY Excludes Gtho & 4X4$112.53 EA

Handbrake Handles & Knobs

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
2825668Knob Handbrake LH LX Early Type$56.60 EA
3703425Handbrake Handle FE FC FB EK$72.95 EA
9946476Handbrake Release Knob LH LX UC ToranaN/A EA
H1017Handbrake Knob & Grip VB VC VH VK VL VN VP VR VS$29.95 EA
H1132Park Brake Release Rod & Knob LH - LX All UC (Bench)N/A EA
H1132APark Brake Release Rod & Knob LH - LX Early$56.24 EA
H1276Handbrake Handle Grip & Button HQ - WB VN - VS Ute$21.58 EA

Rubber Bumpers Grommets & Insulators

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
7409488Handbrake Cover Cable Front FE FC FB EK$14.51 EA
F2186Caliper Pin Insulators XW - XB Kelsey - Hayes/Girling$39.94 EA
F2412Brake Booster Firewall Grommet XW ZC$13.87 EA
F2413Brake Booster Boot XY ZD$21.38 EA
G1023Grommet Handbrake Cable Floor Pan HQ HJ HZ HX WB$13.87 EA
G2000Brake Line Through Engine Bay Grommet XT - XC ZB - ZH$5.30 EA
H1153Grommet Kit Brake Pipe Thru Inner Skirt LX UC Pair$10.23 EA
H1275Handbrake Lever Boot Kit LC - LJ 6 Cyl Bucket Seats$34.82 EA
VH20118Boot Brake Booster HK - HG LC - UC (Concertina Type)$14.23 EA
VS10574Boot Brake Booster - Firewall HK HT HG LC LJ LH LX$14.06 EA