Rare Spares Restoration, Spare Parts & Accessories Price List as at 19/08/2022

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Bolt Kits

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
FK1021Boot Lock Bolt Kit HK - HZ LC - UC$6.94 KIT
FK1031Tailgate Hinge Bolt Kit HQ HJ HX HZ WB Ute & Van (Lower)$18.95 KIT
FK1040Tailgate Limit Cable Mounting Bolt Kit HD - WB$14.95 EA
FK1050Tailgate Hinge Bolt Kit Lower 48 FJ - EK Ute Van$14.95 KIT
FK1051Tailgate Hinge & Strap Bolt Kit Lower FE - EK Wagon$22.95 KIT
FK1056Tailgate Stay Bolt Kit HD - WB Panel Van$9.96 KIT
FK1071Boot Hinge Bolt Kit FE FC FB EK EJ EH$7.94 KIT
FK1072Boot Hinge Bolt Kit HD HR HK HT HG & LC LJ$7.94 KIT
FK1074Boot Hinge Bolt Kit HQ HJ HX HZ LH LX UC$11.95 KIT
FK1076Boot Lock & Striker Bolt Kit FE FC FB EK Sedan$7.94 KIT
FK1078Boot Lock & Striker Bolt Kit EH HD HR HK HT HG$7.94 KIT
FK1079Boot Lock & Striker Bolt Kit HQ HJ HX HZ LC LJ LH LX UC$16.95 KIT
FK1087Tailgate Hold Open Mounting Bolt Kit EJ EH Van Wag$6.94 KIT

Boot Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
7402384Boot & Tailgate Handle Ferrule '48 Fj, FE - WB$24.95 EA
BSK1005Boot Strut Kit VR VS Sedan With Spoiler Left Hand & Right Hand$49.95 KIT

Boot Dividers & MDF Panels

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
BM2000Quarter Panel To Boot Mdf Kit XK XL XM XP Sedan$49.94 KIT
BM2001Quarter Panel To Boot Mdf Kit XR XT Sedan$44.95 KIT
BM2002Quarter Panel To Boot Mdf Kit XW XY Sedan$44.95 KIT
BM2003Quarter Panel To Boot Mdf Kit XA XB XC Sedan$49.94 KIT
BM2004Quarter Panel To Boot Mdf Kit XA XB XC Coupe$44.95 KIT
BM2005Quarter Panel to Boot Mdf Kit XD Sedan$26.95 KIT
BM2006Quarter Panel To Boot Mdf Kit XE XF Sedan$26.95 KIT
BM2007Boot To Quarter Filler Panel Early XA Coupe$59.95 KIT
F2108Rear Seat To Boot Divider (Insulated) XR XT XW XY$129.95 EA
F2471Rear Seat To Boot Divider (Insulated) XA XB XC$129.95 EA
F2472Floor Insulator Under Rear Seat XR XT XW XY XA XB XC$94.95 EA
H1173Rear Seat To Boot Divider HK - T - G Sedan MonN/A EA
H1175Rear Seat To Boot Divider FB EK$99.95 EA
H1236Rear Seat To Boot Divider FE FC$99.95 EA
H1237Rear Seat To Boot Divider EH$99.95 EA
H1238Rear Seat To Boot Divider HD HR$99.95 EA

Boot Grommets

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
F2478Grommet Kit Spare Wheel Well XD ZJ Sedan To 02/82$16.95 KIT
F2479Grommet Kit Boot Floor Plug XE XF ZK - ZL From 02/82$32.95 KIT

Boot Lid Spings & Hinges

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
H1435Boot Lid Spring Kit VB VC VH VK VL Commodore Sedan$139.95 KIT
H1436Boot Lid Spring Kit VN VP Commodore Sedan$139.95 KIT

Boot Locks & Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
F2147Boot Lock Frame XW XY$64.96 EA

Boot Mats

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
2805968Boot Mat HK HT HG Bathurst Large Tank (2 Piece)$399.95 EA
2815698Boot Mat HQ HJ HX HZ$359.95 EA
2825538Boot Mat LH LX$329.95 EA
7416742Boot Mat EJ EH$329.95 EA
7424883Boot Mat HD HR$329.95 EA
7436660Boot Mat HK HT HG Sedan & Monaro (Black)$329.95 EA
BMXACBoot Mat XA XB XC Sedan & Coupe$359.95 EA
BMXRYBoot Mat XR XT XW XY Falcon & GT$359.95 EA

Decals Body Holden

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
2815386Decal HG Monaro Boot "Gts 350"$17.94 EA
40071Decal "Ss" Grille Boot VK Hdt$19.94 EA
92008723Decal Jack Instructions VB VC VH VK VL Inside Boot$14.95 EA
9942760Paint Mask "Gts" Boot (Exc Black Car) HX Gts$22.95 EA
BD1001Decal Body Kit HG 350 Gts Monaro Fender&Boot "350"$39.94 KIT
BD1004Decal Body Kit HQ "Ss" Fender & Boot (3 Pcs)$49.94 KIT
BD1005Decal Body Kit LH Slr/5000 Fender & Boot "Slr/5000$59.93 KIT
BD1008Decal Body Kit VH SS Commodore Fender & Boot "Ss"$59.95 KIT
BD1011Decal "Lion Holden" Boot Spoiler VN SS$21.95 EA
BD1012Decal Boot Spoiler "Ss" VN Commodore$24.95 EA
BD1014Decal "Holden" Boot Lid VP SS Suit VR$39.95 EA

Decals Ford Body

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
BD4579Decal Boot XC Cobra "Cobra"$31.39 EA
BD4580Decal XB GT Boot Black "Gt 351"$14.95 EA
BD4581Decal XB GT Boot Silver "Gt 351"$19.94 EA

Door Belt & Quarter Mould Clips

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
BMC1033Moulding Clip Kit HK HT HG Tailgate Belt Wagon$9.94 KIT

Floor Pans & Boot Floor Sections

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
7430888Boot Floor Pan Repair Panel HK HT HG Sedan Monaro$295.00 EA
RP1062Boot Floor Pan Suit Commodore VB VC VH VK VL$239.94 EA
RP165Boot Floor Pan Gemini TX TC TD TE TF TG Sedan$319.95 EA
RP2083Boot Floor Pan Repair Sect XA XB XC Sedan/Coupe LH$159.94 EA
RP2084Boot Floor Pan Repair Sect XA XB XC Sedan/Coupe RH$159.94 EA
RP255Boot Floor Pan Repair Section HQ HJ HX HZ$339.94 EA
RP634Boot Floor Pan Repair Section LC LJ Left Hand$153.08 EA
RP635Boot Floor Pan Repair Section LC LJ Right Hand$153.08 EA
RP670Boot Floor Pan Including Spare Wheel Well LH LX$749.99 EA

Mouldings & Finishing Strips

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
7449660Boot Lock Bezel HK Monaro Gts$24.95 EA
F2176Boot Moulding Kit XA Sedan (3 Pcs)$299.95 KIT
F2387Boot Moulding Kit Ford XW GT$529.95 KIT
M1013Boot Lid Moulding Kit HG Monaro & Sedan With Clips$269.95 EA
MB2000Boot Moulding Kit "Falcon Gt" Insert XY GT & GT Ho$390.61 KIT

Rubber Bumpers Grommets & Insulators

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
F2478Grommet Kit Spare Wheel Well XD ZJ Sedan To 02/82$16.95 KIT
F2479Grommet Kit Boot Floor Plug XE XF ZK - ZL From 02/82$32.95 KIT
G1022Grommet Kit Tailgate Hinge EJ EH Ute/Van/Wagon$16.94 KIT
H1030Rear Hatch Hinge Covers LX Torana (Pair)$34.95 EA

Spare Wheel & Jack Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
2822909Tool Carrier In Boot HQ (No Tools Included)$144.95 EA
F2269Jack Carry Bag Black XR XT XW XY XA XB XC ZA - ZD ZF - ZH$69.95 EA
F2297Bracket Spare Wheel 36Gallon Tank XW XY$49.94 EA
H1043Spare Wheel Bolt And Nut LC LJ Xu1$34.95 EA
H1309Bumper Jack Bag HJ HX HZ Sedan & Coupe$42.94 EA

Tailgate & Hatch Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
7436921Repair Kit Tailgate Regulator HD - HZ Wagon$52.95 KIT
92036799STailgate Commodore Ute VN VG VP VR VS$269.95 EA
92036906Tailgate Cable & Link Assembly VN - VS Ute$56.60 EA
H1006Plunger Kit Upper Tailgate HD - WB Panel Van Pair$74.94 KIT
H1008Plunger Kit Lower Tailgate HK HT HG HQ HJ HX HZ WB Ute/Van$74.94 KIT
H1011Plunger Tailate Lower FJ All FE - FC Ute FB - EK Van Ute$74.94 KIT
H1029Rear Hatch Hinge Kit LX Torana (Pair)$99.95 KIT
H1084Plunger Tailgate Lower FE - EK Van FE - FC Wagon$74.94 KIT
H1085Tailgate Plunger Kit Upper FB EK EJ EH Panel Van$74.94 KIT
H1130Tailgate Plunger Spring Kit (Stainless Steel)$9.94 KIT
H1384Tailgate Upper Stay Spring Repair Kit FJ - WB Van/Wa$19.94 KIT
RC0024Accelerator Tailgate Clip Kit 5/32"3/16" Rods$9.94 KIT
RC0024AAccelerator Tailgate Door Clip Kit 3/16" Rods$7.94 KIT
RC0026Accelerator Or Tailgate Clip Kit 1/4" LH & RH$9.96 KIT
TLC1000Tailgate Limiter Cable Lower HD - HG HJ - WB Ute & Van$79.95 KIT
TLC1001Tailgate Limiter Cable Lower HQ Ute & Van$79.95 KIT
XA6643052ABTailgate Limit Cable XA XB XC XD XE XF XG XH EF EL Ute Van$46.30 EA

Tailgate & Rear Panel Rust Sections

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
2814371Lifter Channel & Seal Tailgate Glass HQ HJ HX HZ Wag$110.00 EA
2816908Tailgate Lower HQ HJ HX HZ WB Ute Original Thickness$389.95 EA
7408064Tailgate Skin 48 FJ Ute / Panel Van$321.31 EA
7413832Tailgate Skin FE FC FB EK Ute Van$321.31 EA
7418246Tailgate Skin EJ EH Ute Van$321.31 EA
7422231Tailgate Skin EH Station Wagon$321.31 EA
7429061Tailgate Skin HD HR Ute / Panel Van$407.01 EA
7434475Lifter Channel & Seal Tailgate Glass HK HT HG Wag$99.95 EA
92036799STailgate Commodore Ute VN VG VP VR VS$269.95 EA
BRPXAXCRepair Panel Tail Light & Boot Corner Kit XA XB XC SedN/A KIT
BRPXWXYWindow & Boot Corner Rust Section Kit Rear XW XY$799.85 KIT
F2146Repair Section Boot Channel XW XY Lower$139.95 EA
F2147Boot Lock Frame XW XY$64.96 EA
F2148Window Boot Filler Panel Rear XW XY$279.95 EA
F2155Boot Filler Panel Lower Between 1/4'S XR XT XW XY$239.95 EA
F2480Tail Light Bucket & 1/4 Panel Surround XW XY LH$209.95 EA
F2481Tail Light Bucket & 1/4 Panel Surround XW XY RH$209.95 EA
RP10PRepair Section Tailgate HK HT HG Station WagonN/A EA
RP2033Boot Channel Universal Repair Section$29.94 EA
RP2046Repair Section LX UC Hatch Boot Channel$59.95 EA
RP2090Boot Corner Upper Repair Section XR XT XW XY L or RH$59.95 EA
RP2090ABoot Corner & Channel Upper Repair Section XW XY LH$259.95 KIT
RP2090BBoot Corner & Channel Upper Repair Section XW XY RH$259.95 KIT
RP2091Boot Corner Lower Repair Section XR XT XW XY LH or RH$59.95 EA
RP2092Boot Corner Lower Repair Section XA XB XC Coupe RH$69.95 EA
RP2093Boot Corner Lower Repair Section XA XB XC Coupe LH$69.95 EA
RP2094Boot Channel Repair Panel XA XB XC Sedan$59.95 EA
RP2094ABoot Channel Repair Section XA XB XC Coupe$59.95 EA
RP2095Repair Section Rear Tail Light XA XB XC Coupe$490.00 EA
RP2099Boot Panel To Tail Light Panel XR XT SedanN/A EA
RP606Tailgate Skin XK - XP Wagon & Van$319.95 EA
RP606ATailgate Skin XK XL XM XP Ute$299.95 EA
RP6PRepair Section Tailgate XR XT XW XY Station Wagon Lower$109.95 EA
RP808Tailgate Skin VH VJ VK Valiant Ute$269.94 EA
RP809Tailgate Skin CL CM Valiant Ute Van$269.94 EA
RP8PRepair Section Tailgate HD HR Station Wagon$99.95 EA
XA5440324ATail Light Panel Lower Section XA XB XC Sedan$325.00 EA
XA6640710ATailgate Skin Station Wagon XA XB XC$299.95 EA
XCP40709ATWTailgate XA XB XC XD XE XF Ute Shell With Tonneau Holes$365.00 EA
XW7840710ATailgate Skin XR XT XW XY Ute Panel Van$354.95 EA
XY7140710ETailgate Skin Station Wagon Electric XR XT XW XY$319.95 EA