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Bonnet Cables & Fittings

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
3426525Bonnet Cable Universal$39.95 EA
BC1001Bonnet Cable EJ EH HD HR With Grommet & Stop$64.94 EA
BC1001ABonnet Cable Set FE FC With Grommet And Stop$64.94 EA
BC1002Bonnet Cable Kit HK HT HG$64.94 EA
BC1002ABonnet Cable Kit LC LJ$64.94 EA
BC1003Bonnet Cable Kit 48 FX FJ With Bracket$64.94 EA
BC1005Bonnet Cable Kit HZ All WB 1 Tonner Ute Panel Van$64.94 EA
BC1006Bonnet Cable Kit Late LX Torana With T Handle$49.94 EA
BC1008Bonnet Cable Kit VB VC VH VK VL Commodore$57.95 EA
BC1009Bonnet Cable Kit LH - Early LX Round Knob$64.94 EA
BC1010Bonnet Cable VN VP VR VS$59.95 EA
BC1011Bonnet Cable Kit HQ$64.94 EA
BC1012Bonnet Cable Kit HJ HX$64.94 EA
BC1013Bonnet Cable VT - VX Commodore$49.94 EA
BC2002Bonnet Release Cable Concourse Quality XR XT XW XY$47.50 EA
BC2003Bonnet Release Cable Concourse Quality XA XB ZF ZG$47.50 EA
BG1000Bonnet Cable Grommet Kit HK HT HG (2 Pcs)$9.94 EA
BR1000Retaining Kit Bonnet Cable HJ HX HZ$13.95 EA
BR1000ARetaining Kit Bonnet Cable HQ$13.95 EA
BR1001Retaining Kit Bonnet Cable LH LX$9.94 EA
BR1002Retaining Kit Bonnet Cable EJ EH HD HR$8.94 EA
BR1003Retaining Kit Bonnet Cable HK HT HG$13.95 EA
BR1004Bonnet Cable Retaining Kit VB VC VH$9.94 KIT
BR1005Bonnet Cable Retaining Kit VK VL$9.94 KIT
BR1006Bonnet Cable Retaining Kit VN VP VR VS$9.94 KIT
EA16A665ABonnet Cable Ford EA EB ED$74.94 EA
EH16A665ABonnet Cable Ford EF EL Falcon Fairmont$74.94 EA
H1135Bonnet Cable Stop Universal Applications$7.94 EA
H1194Bonnet Cable Stop Universal Applications Hex Body$4.95 EA

Bonnet Catches & Fittings

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
2811604Bonnet Safety Catch Spring HQ HJ HX HZ$5.94 EA
BCK1000ABonnet Spring Repair Kit VB - VZ$32.95 EA
BCK1000CBonnet Release Spring VN VP VR VS VT CommodoreN/A EA
BCK1000DBonnet Release Spring VB VC VH VK Commodore$24.95 EA
BCK1001Bonnet Lock Catch Kit VT - VZ Commodore$49.95 EA
BCK1003Bonnet Lock Plunger & Spring 48 FJ FE FC$32.95 EA
BCK1004Bonnet Safety Catch & Plunger Kit FE FC$53.50 EA
BCK1005Bonnet Plunger Kit & Safety Catch EJ EH HD HR$54.95 EA
BCK1005ABonnet Safety Catch Rivet EJ EH HD HR HK HT HG$9.94 EA
BCK1005BBonnet Lock Plunger & Spring EJ EH$35.95 EA
BCK1006Bonnet Lock Plunger, Spring & Safety Catch HK - HG$55.95 EA
BCK1006ABonnet Lock Plunger & Spring HK - HZ LC - LX$36.95 EA
BCK1007Bonnet Lock And Lower Support HQ HJ HX HZ & Bolts$234.95 EA
BCK1007BBonnet Lock & Bolts Set HQ HJ HX HZ LH LX$169.95 EA
BCK2000Bonnet Safety Catch Pin & Spring XT - XY ZA - ZD$69.95 EA
F2229Bonnet Lock & Support XR - XY ZA - ZD$279.95 EA

Bonnet Components

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
NS2006Nut Set XA Bonnet Inserts GT$6.94 EA
XE16A665ABonnet Release Cable XD - XG ZJ - ZL FC - FE Ltd$69.95 EA

Bonnet Hinges & Fittings

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
2811918Bonnet Hinge HQ HJ HX HZ Wb, LH - UC Right Hand$155.00 EA
2811919Bonnet Hinge HQ HJ HX HZ Wb, LH - UC Left Hand$155.00 EA
F2082Bonnet Hinge XR XT XW XY ZA ZB ZC ZD Right HandN/A EA
F2083Bonnet Hinge XR XT XW XY ZA ZB ZC ZD Left HandN/A EA
F2335Bonnet Hinge XA XB XC ZF ZG ZH Left$149.95 EA
F2336Bonnet Hinge XA XB XC ZF ZG ZH Right$149.95 EA
F2373Bonnet Hinge Bush Kit XD - XH ZJ - ZL FC - FD$22.95 KIT
F2439Bonnet Hinges XA - XC ZF - ZH Pair$299.90 PAIR
F2439BBonnet Hinges XA ZF Pair Includes Bolts$324.85 PAIR
FK1043Bonnet Hinge 48 - FJ Bolt KitN/A EA
FK1058Bonnet Lock Bolt Kit HQ HJ HX HZ WB LH LX$9.94 KIT
FK1063Bonnet Hinge Fitting Bolt Kit FE FC FB EK$9.94 EA
FK1064Bonnet Hinge Fitting Bolt Kit EJ EH$9.94 EA
FK1065Bonnet Hinge Fitting Bolt Kit HD HR$9.94 EA
FK1066Bonnet Hinge Fitting Bolt Kit HK HT HG$12.95 EA
FK1067Bonnet Hinge Bolt Kit (To Bonnet & Body) LC LJ$12.95 EA
FK1069Bonnet Lock Fitting Kit FB EK$14.95 EA
FK1073Bonnet Hinge Bolt Set HQ HJ HX HZ WB LH LX$24.95 EA
H1272Bonnet Hinges & Bolts Set HK HT HG (Pair)$310.00 EA
H1273Bonnet Hinges LC LJ With Bolts Pair$299.95 EA
H1399Bonnet Hinges HQ HJ HX HZ WB Pair$310.00 PAIR
H1399BBonnet Hinges HQ HJ HX HZ WB Pair Includes Bolts$334.95 PAIR

Bonnet Inserts

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
H1091Bonnet Air Vent Grille Kit VH VK Commodore (Pair)$69.95 EA
H1300Bonnet Air Vent Inserts VL Commodore (Pair)$69.95 EA

Bonnet Insulators & Fittings

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
F2463Bonnet Insulation XK XL XM XP$169.95 KIT
H1294Bonnet Insulation HQ HJ HX HZ WB$189.95 EA
H1294ABonnet Insulation VB VC VH VK$189.95 EA
H1294BBonnet Insulation VL$189.95 EA
H1294CBonnet Insulation VN VP$189.95 EA
H1294DBonnet Insulation VR VSN/A EA
SB1Sound Insulation Under Bonnet 1.5 X 1M x 10Mm Self$91.05 EA

Bonnet Lock Kits & Fittings

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
BPKTXW2Bonnet Pin Kit XW GT$206.21 EA
F2065Bonnet Lock Pin Bezel Kit XY GT (2 Pieces)$9.94 EA
F2111Bonnet Locking Pin XY XA XB GS GT$30.84 EA
FK2007Bonnet Pin To Rad Supp Bracket Bolt Kit XY - XB Gt/G$9.94 EA
XA16700KTLock Kit Bonnet XA XB XC GT GS$113.25 EA
XY16700KTLock Kit Bonnet XY GT$113.25 EA

Bonnet Moulding Clip Kits

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
BMC1000Bonnet Moulding Clip Set HK HT HG$29.94 KIT

Bonnet Mouldings

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
F2175Bonnet Moulding Set XA (3 Pcs)$339.85 KIT
H1123Bonnet Moulding Set HK HT HG$154.95 EA
M1010Moulding Kit HK HT HG Bonnet & Fenders Inc Clips$274.95 PR

Bonnet Rod Stay Kits

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
HK1000Bonnet Stay Retaining Clip VL VN$7.94 EA
HK1001Bonnet Stay Rod Repair Kit VB VC VH VK Commodore$29.94 EA
HK1002Bonnet Stay Rod Repair Kit VN Commodore$29.94 EA
HK1003Bonnet Support Rod Retaining Clip & Screws 48 FJ$24.95 EA
HK1004Bonnet Stay Rod Repair Kit VL$29.95 KIT

Bonnet Scoops & Fittings

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
BBKXYGTBonnet Brace Kit XY GT Shaker$99.95 EA
D0ZZ9D646ABSeal Shaker To Bonnet XY GT$94.94 EA
FK1084Screws & Hardware A9x Scoop To Bonnet LX$15.95 EA
H1176Bonnet Scoop Insert HT HG Monaro Pair$69.95 KIT
XW16A633AScoop Bonnet Kit XW GT$219.95 KIT
XW16A634ATrough Bonnet Scoop XW GT$44.95 EA
XY16A612ARing Shaker Bonnet XY GT (Diecast)$149.96 EA
XY16A612ATTemplate For Shaker Ring XY GT Bonnet$41.94 EA


Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
2807286Bonnet Assembly HT HG Gts Monaro Excluding Inserts$978.49 EA
F2150Bonnet Assembly XY GT$851.61 EA
F2151Bonnet Assembly XW XY ZC ZD Standard$855.00 EA
F2152Bonnet Assembly XW GT$851.61 EA
F2280Bonnet Assembly XR XT ZA ZB$851.61 EA

Mouldings & Finishing Strips

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
F2175Bonnet Moulding Set XA (3 Pcs)$339.85 KIT
H1123Bonnet Moulding Set HK HT HG$154.95 EA
M1010Moulding Kit HK HT HG Bonnet & Fenders Inc Clips$274.95 PR
M1011AMould Kit HK - T - G Fender "Eyebrow" (Pair) Inc Clips$119.94 PR

Pin & Rivet Kits

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
BCK1003ABonnet Safety Catch Rivet 48 FJ FE FC$7.94 EA

Rubber Bumpers Grommets & Insulators

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
BG1000Bonnet Cable Grommet Kit HK HT HG (2 Pcs)$9.94 EA
F2354Bonnet Hinge Arm Seal Kit XD - XG ZJ - ZK$14.95 EA

Spoilers, Scoops & Flares

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
FK2023Bonnet Scoop Nut Set XB XC (2 Scoops)$5.30 EA