Rare Spares Restoration, Spare Parts & Accessories Price List as at 1/12/2022

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Door Seals & Pinchweld

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
RG180Universal Rubber Glue 25ml Bottle$35.95 EA

Gaskets & Seals

Part #DescriptionPriceUOM
31310JB Weld Clear TRV 85G$14.95 EA
31314JB Weld Hi Temp Red RTV 85G$14.95 EA
31316JB Weld Blue RTV 85G$14.95 EA
31319JB Weld Black RTV 85G$14.95 EA
32325JB Weld Ultimate Copper Silicone 85G$21.95 EA
32327JB Weld Ultimate Grey 85G OXIME$19.95 EA
32329JB Weld Ultimate Black 85G OXIME$19.95 EA
32507JB Weld Water Pump & Thermostat Sealant 14ML $9.96 EA
37903JB Weld Exhaust System Sealant 85G$15.95 EA
50101JB Weld Minute Weld Syringe$21.95 EA
50112JB Weld Clear Weld$19.95 EA
50132JB Weld Plasticweld 5 Min Epoxy$19.95 EA
50165JB Weld Original Syringe$22.95 EA
50176JB Weld Kwikweld 6 min Steel Epoxy$21.95 EA
8217JB Weld Tankweld Epoxy Putty$14.95 EA
8237JB Weld Plasticweld Epoxy Putty Stick$22.95 EA
8265SJB Weld Original Cold Weld 2X 1oz Tubes -Carded$19.95 EA
8267JB Weld Steelstik$19.95 EA
8276JB Weld Kwikweld Quick Set Steel Reinforced Epoxy$19.95 EA
8297JB Weld High Heat Epoxy Putty Stick$23.95 EA