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Matt Hansen's 1967 Falcon US

Epoxy primer
Epoxy primer
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My car is a rust free '67 US Falcon 4 door sedan. It's currently in the paint (pictures show various levels of expoxy primer and blocking) shop and is being painted Ford Competition Orange this week (8/20/14). When it gets back I have a built 302, C4, and a Ford 8" to go in, with an all new 1" suspension drop, Front Power disc brake kit, Ceramic Hooker Headers, etc. I am mimicking 351 gt side stripes, but with 302 GT instead, and dual hood stripes, and a '71 mustang rear spoiler. Wheels are 17 X 7 Torque Thrust style with 235/45-17 Hancook tires. Once it gets back from paint, hopefully this weekend, the fun begins!

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