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Mick Adkins's 1976 XC Falcon Hearse

1976 Ford XC Falcon Hearse
1976 Ford XC Falcon Hearse
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1976 XC Falcon Hearse. Left the factory and sent straight to the coach builders for modifications. Ordered by the funeral company with 302 V8, factory Air Con, Power Steering and Heavy-Duty suspension but was in basic Falcon guise - front bench seat and column shift auto. The previous owner (not the funeral company) raced speedway cars and needed a tow car so he basically re-built everything mechanical - swapped the 302 for a 351, Borg Warner Auto for a C10 and diff for an EB LSD with Discs. He also added the GS grill, bonnet and dash as well as GXL interior. So it became one hell of a tough tow-car!! It is now used as a daily driver and band car for the Rogue Sharks and their alter-ego The Hell Raising Riff Hogs. Rock In Peace!!

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