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Steve Gee's 1973 Rt104 2000Gt

Original AMI Evaluation 2000GT
Original AMI Evaluation 2000GT
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This Toyota RT104 Corona 2000GT was brought from Japan in 1974 for evaluation and suitability for Australian conditions by the Marketing Division of AMI Port Melbourne. Running gear included a Toyota 18RG twin-cam high compression (9.7:1) 145 BHP engine, twin side-draft Mukini-Solex carbies, a close ratio P51 Porsche Type banded-syncro-mesh and 7.5 inch limited slip differential. I acquired this vehicle in 1976, 30 years ago with 40 odd thousand KM on the speedo, it now has 240,000 km and is in basic original trim. The gearbox has just been rebuilt and is within factory spec, the motor was re-ringed at 140,000 km and an improved 88235 Yamaha head fitted with larger valves. The car has been in the family for 30 years and will be with us to at least 50 years.

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