Welcome to the Rare Spares Loyalty Club!

We want to reward you and your car club for your passion and involvement in the car industry, and for keeping the cars we love on the roads!

How the Rare Spares Loyalty Club works

This exclusive club is only available to members of Car Clubs and is designed to reward both your members and your car club!

Once your car club is registered with Rare Spares, your members can sign up and begin accumulating points for the car club - For every $1 dollar spent in store or online by your members your car club will receive 1 point which can be used to redeem some fantastic rewards. Your members will also receive 10% off all Rare Spares purchases made in store or online (Rare Spares Loyalty cards must be presented (or number entered online) when purchasing to be eligible).


How do your members sign up to this loyalty program....... simply click here

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