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Rare Spares Legend Geoff Seddon


Geoff Seddon

Geoff Seddon, editor of Street Machine Magazine for the past 13 years, and stalwart of the Australian street machine community, has become the fifth winner of the inaugural Golden Helmet, and has been inducted into the Rare Spares Legend Hall of Fame.


Geoff Seddon was awarded the esteemed Rare Spares Legend Golden Helmet at the Summernats festival during the Sunday awards ceremony on the burnout pad. Geoff received a lap of honour up and down the burnout pad, which was met with a rousing standing ovation as the crowd payed homage to a visionary and true legend of Australia’s automotive enthusiast media.


Now in it’s the fifth year, the Rare Spares Legend Hall of Fame recognises the lifetime achievements of those that have given great levels of dedication to the motor industry. Each yearly inductee earns their place in the Legend Hall of Fame and receives a number of personal benefits as well as national acknowledgment.


“The Rare Spares Golden Helmet award was created to recognise the lifetime achievements of individuals who have given great levels of dedication to the Australian automotive aftermarket motor industry,” explained Rare Spares General Manager David Rayner.


“As the longest serving editor of Street Machine Magazine, Geoff Seddon has contributed an incredible amount to the industry and automotive enthusiasts. He has worked tirelessly from go to whoa to feature the stories and triumphs of the Australian street machine community, our industry, and the everyday enthusiast.


“Geoff’s work highlights the achievements of the current generations, and inspires the young generations who will keep the hobby alive.”


Geoff joins Peter Fitzpatrick, master car builder, inducted in 2012, Owen Webb, House Of Kolor paint master and Chief Steward of the Summernats Festival, inducted in 2011, Chic Henry, founding promoter of the Summernats Car Festival, inducted in 2010, Howard Astill, master car builder, inducted in 2009, and Rod Hadfield, pioneer of Australian racing and custom car building, inducted in 2008.


“It was very humbling to be awarded this recognition, and absolutely unexpected. I am very proud of what Street Machine has achieved, and it’s good to have the recognition for Street Machine for its place in the modified car scene. I took this award as a compliment for Street Machine and the whole team here as much as it was for me individually,” said Geoff.


“It’s great that an award like this exists, and it is fitting that it comes from Rare Spares, because if anyone has contributed more to the scene over the past few decades it would be Rare Spares. They are such an integral part of the scene. It’s a shame that David Rayner can’t give himself an award, because he deserves it.


“All the past winners have done fantastic things for the local street machine and modified car scene, and so I was pretty chuffed to be placed in that sort of company.”


Geoff has been involved in the street machine community s an enthusiast all his life. As a full time journalist for over 25 years, and a freelancer for 6 years before, Geoff began his writing career contributing to motorbike magazines in his middle 20s.


“After getting a full time writing gig at a motorbike magazine in 1988, I found my passion and chucked in a perfectly good career as a Personal Manager for Tooheys Brewery at the brewery and plunged by family into poverty to become a full time journalist. I never regrated that decision,” said Geoff.


“I really wanted the job at Street Machine. Back in late 1989 I started a motorbike magazine called Street Bike, which was actually a copy of Street Machine. I’ve always liked old cars, and I’ve been lucky enough to have owned lots of them over the years.


“I was able to bring everything I learned at other magazines when I began as Editor at Street Machine to give it a bit of a shakeup. It used to be a magazine just about cars, but I think of it more now as a general interest magazine for people who are into cars.


“No one is more surprised than me that I have been at Street Machine this long, but when you’ve got the perfect job, why would you leave? I’ve got a great team, we get to talk cars all day, and we put out a very successful magazine.”