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Rare Spares Legend Drago Ostric

Drago Ostric

Drago Ostric is a renowned car builder, entrant and show judge and became the winner of the Rare Spares Legend award for 2015. Drago was presented the prestigious golden helmet during a ceremony at Summernats 28 which included a lap of honour in front of the huge crowd who showed their appreciation.

Joining an elite list of who’s who in the Australian street machine, hot rod and custom worlds, Drago Ostric was a deserving inclusion to the Hall of Fame.

Every year, the Rare Spares Legend Hall of Fame recognises the lifetime achievements of those that have given great levels of dedication to the motor industry. Each yearly inductee earns their place in the Legend Hall of Fame and receives a number of personal benefits as well as national acknowledgment.

“After some in-depth research we decided to make Drago Ostric our eighth Rare Spares Legend, said Rare Spares General Manager David Rayner.

“It was an easy decision to make and one supported by Dargo’s peers, including all the other Rare Spares Legends.”

“Drago is not only a first rate show car builder himself but has also mentored and assisted many aspiring and current car builders. This along with his valuable input into car judging around Australia has made him a worthy Legend in the street machining industry” said Rayner.

First exposed to the car show scene in the early 90’s at the Fast Fours and Rotary Nationals, Drago entered his rebuilt Holden Gemini in the show. Amazed to learn the Gemini had made the Top 5 cars at the event, Drago was immediately hooked.

Drago went on to obtain Top 20 with the Gemini at his first Summernats appearance and was then approached by Chic Henry to see if he would be interested in assisting with Judging the Body and Paint section of the new Street Driven class.

Continuing to refine his own skills, Drago undertook another rebuild of his beloved Gemini which ultimately led him to win the coveted Summernats Grand Champion award at Summernats 17.

Throughout his time in the scene Drago has been actively involved in judging and mentoring others around Australia and has built many customer vehicles that have gone on to achieve many prestigious awards across the country.

“I’ve been an entrant, a builder and a judge so I can appreciate what people go through with the builds of their own car.” said Drago.

“I was genuinely shocked when I was announced as the Rare Spares Legend. I wasn’t sure if I was the right person for the award, but after it sunk in, it allowed me reflect on my time within the street machine and custom community and realise that my contribution had been noticed.”

“It feels great to be recognised for all that hard work and it’s humbling. It’s a great achievement and I feel proud to have my own helmet and join these other Rare Spares Legend, who I respect greatly. ”