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Product Information
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Ford Rubber Kit ZG Sed To Fit ZF Modify Rear Door Seal

Rubber Kit ZG Sed To Fit ZF Modify Rear Door Seal

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There is no substitute for 40 years' experience! That's why Rare Spares guarantee both the quality & fitment of their products!

Rubber Kit Basic ZG Sedan To Fit ZF You Will Have To Modify Rear Door Seal With Pinchweld
Suits the following models:
ZF Fairlane ZG Fairlane
Kit Contents   (25 components with 27 items in this kit.)
BK2003 Bumper Kit Bonnet XA XB XC ZF ZG ZH 1 - KIT
DHGSXB-XC Gasket Set Door Handle XB XC ZG ZH 4 Door 1 - KIT
F2322 Splash Shield Kit XA XB ZF ZG 1 - EA
RBC2007 Bailey Channel XA XB XC ZF ZG ZH Front 2 - EA
RBC2008 Bailey Channel XR - XY ZA - ZD F&R XA - XC Rear 2 - EA
RBS2044 Seal Boot Lid XR-XC ZA-ZH And LTD 76-79 1 - EA
RDB2047 Door Belt XA XB XC ZF ZG ZH Left Hand Front Outer 1 - EA
RDB2048 Door Belt XA XB XC ZF ZG ZH Right Hand Front Outer 1 - EA
RDB2049 Door Belt XA XB ZF ZG Left Hand Rear Outer 1 - EA
RDB2050 Door Belt XA XB ZF ZG Right Hand Rear Outer 1 - EA
RDB2053 Door Belt XA XB Left Hand Front Inner Not 2 Door 1 - EA
RDB2054 Door Belt XA XB Right Hand Front Inner Not 2 Door 1 - EA
RDB2055 Door Belt XA XB Left Hand Rear Inner 1 - EA
RDB2056 Door Belt XA XB Right Hand Rear Inner 1 - EA
RDS2059 Seal Door XB XC ZG ZH Left Hand Front Lwr 1 - EA
RDS2060 Seal Door XB XC ZG ZH Right Hand Front Lwr 1 - EA
RDS2061 Seal Door XB ZG Left Hand Rear Lwr 1 - EA
RDS2062 Seal Door XB ZG Right Hand Rear Lwr 1 - EA
RDS2065 Seal Door XA-XC,ZF-ZH LHF Upper W/Pinch 1 - EA
RDS2066 Seal Door XA-XC,ZF-ZH RHF Upper W/Pinch 1 - EA
RDS2067 Seal Door XA-XC,ZF-ZH LHR Upper W/Pinch 1 - EA
RDS2068 Seal Door XA-XC,ZF-ZH RHR Upper W/Pinch 1 - EA
RG180 Universal Rubber Glue 25ml Bottle 1 - EA
RM5 Rubber Magic Spray 400g Pressure Pack 1 - EA
WSR222 Seal Screen Rear Ford XA XB Sedan ZF ZG Fairlane 1 - EA