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Body Rubber Kit Mazda RX3 Coupe 73/74

Body Rubber Kit Mazda RX3 Coupe 73/74

Price  AU$549.30 EA

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There is no substitute for 40 years' experience! That's why Rare Spares guarantee both the quality & fitment of their products!

Body Rubber Kit Mazda RX3 Coupe 73/74
Suits the following models:
RX3 , 808 Mazda
Kit Contents   (9 components with 13 items in this kit.)
RBC6014 Bailey Channel Mazda RX2 RX3 2 - EA
RBS0018 Seal Boot 1 - EA
RDB6042 Door Belt Front Outer RX3/808 Coupe 73/78 2 - EA
RDB6043 Door Belt Front Inner RX3/808 Coupe 73/78 2 - EA
RDS0012 Pinchweld Trim Door Body Opening 2 - EA
rds6001 Seal Door Mazda RX3/808 Coupe LH W/Clips 1 - EA
rds6002 Seal Door Mazda RX3/808 Coupe RH W/Clips 1 - EA
RG180 Universal Rubber Glue 25ml Bottle 1 - EA
RM5 Rubber Magic Spray 400g Pressure Pack 1 - EA