• RE: LX Hatch Repair Lower Corner 'With regards to these corner sections and the channel sect, they are pre more...
  • HJ HX HZ Front Bumper Bar Rubbers. I have a rares one and it fitted perfectly. They are good.
  • 'I have just completed my replacement of ALL my LX Hatch rubbers after a respray. Used the Rare Spares kit more...
  • Greg, On behalf of the Ford JDRF Committee, I would like to extend our thanks and gratitude for the genero more...
  • First of all I'd like to say a big thank you for the amount of repro parts that are being made available t more...
  • RE: LC Indicator Switch. I have fitted the rares one to my LC, am happy with it
  • Need advice. about to purchase quarter window rubbers looking for best quality and fit. Rare spares or bet more...
  • 1. I purchased one of those gts repro mirrors though and I'm reasonably happy. Their floor pans weren't to more...
  • SOME OF THE BEST QUALITY PARTS I HAVE EVER BOUGHT The Aussie folks know quality. 1968 American 2dr falcon
  • I can tell you that my experiences within the street machine industry have, in the main, been fairly poor  more...
  • Just purchased the GTS steering wheel and think that is a great item. I had forgotten how bad they are to  more...
  • We bought some outer door weather strips, Part RDS1050 and 49 they were a very good reproduction, and fitt more...
  • I bought a steering wheel for my LX, looks excellent and very happy with the quality and finish
  • Facebook HK Forum:G'day, I'm chasing a drivers side mirror for a hk prem if anyone has one floating around more...
  • Hi guys Great products and excellent service guys as always, most appreciated!
  • I recently saw your LC GTR badges and was impressed with the quality, couldn't tell the difference between more...
  • I have fitted anew set of the EH Door handles to my car and I am impressed with quality and fit.
  • 'Rare Spares HK radio cover's are a perfect reproduction, 100% accurate to original. I myself have trouble more...
  • Hi Received parts as ordered and in good condition In the process of fitting them at the moment Thank y more...
  • 'Rares battery trays are excellent '
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