• The 7400227 layshafts arrived on Friday – many thanks. I fitted them up with no drama at all. Good to fina more...
  • RE: Rare Spares LC LJ Radiator Support, Stone Tray and Nose Panel 'Surprised how good rare spares front en more...
  • I bought a steering wheel for my LX, looks excellent and very happy with the quality and finish
  • I recently saw your LC GTR badges and was impressed with the quality, couldn't tell the difference between more...
  • RE: LC Indicator Switch. I have fitted the rares one to my LC, am happy with it
  • Greg, On behalf of the Ford JDRF Committee, I would like to extend our thanks and gratitude for the genero more...
  • Facebook HK Forum:G'day, I'm chasing a drivers side mirror for a hk prem if anyone has one floating around more...
  • I followed up the video that was sent on the FC door belt fitting. I looked at the video, went home &  more...
  • Mike, Just a word of thanks to you guys. I am sure you are aware of the challenges of restoring vehicl more...
  • From Web site: What will I pay for a set of HQ GTS guards?, Reply from Alex, Too much. Buy new ones, I did more...
  • HJ HX HZ Front Bumper Bar Rubbers. I have a rares one and it fitted perfectly. They are good.
  • I have had a Rare Spares grille badge on my HK daily driver for over 3 years now and even despite the hars more...
  • Need advice. about to purchase quarter window rubbers looking for best quality and fit. Rare spares or bet more...
  • I had such a great weekend and I would love to do it again. Big thanks to Rare Spares, David Rayner, Amy R more...
  • Just purchased the GTS steering wheel and think that is a great item. I had forgotten how bad they are to  more...
  • The only difference between these parts and NOS was the lack of dust and the crazy price tags people put o more...
  • 'Rare Spares have got better especially with the door rubbers I bought some for my 4 door LJ a few months  more...
  • Paul Robbo Robson I've got a pair of Rare Spares HJ park lamp and lenses on my Kingy, nearly seven years o more...
  • Hi guys Great products and excellent service guys as always, most appreciated!
  • 1. I purchased one of those gts repro mirrors though and I'm reasonably happy. Their floor pans weren't to more...
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