• I followed up the video that was sent on the FC door belt fitting. I looked at the video, went home &  more...
  • Need advice. about to purchase quarter window rubbers looking for best quality and fit. Rare spares or bet more...
  • LJ Battery Tray 'Rares Spares one is fine and the support bracket is factory'
  • 'We have fitted your new XW GT Bonnet Scoop to both an aftermarket and genuine bonnet now, fitment was fin more...
  • No problems with the Rare Spares steering wheel on my HT GTS.
  • RE: Rare Spares LC LJ Radiator Support, Stone Tray and Nose Panel 'Surprised how good rare spares front en more...
  • Hi Received parts as ordered and in good condition In the process of fitting them at the moment Thank y more...
  • I have fitted anew set of the EH Door handles to my car and I am impressed with quality and fit.
  • RE: LX Hatch Repair Lower Corner 'With regards to these corner sections and the channel sect, they are pre more...
  • RE: LC Indicator Switch. I have fitted the rares one to my LC, am happy with it
  • I recently saw your LC GTR badges and was impressed with the quality, couldn't tell the difference between more...
  • I brought one HQ Tailgate (150 bucks)Transferred all the guts over and it is great,We sit/stand on it and  more...
  • 'I have just completed my replacement of ALL my LX Hatch rubbers after a respray. Used the Rare Spares kit more...
  • We are very pleased with the FB-EK Door Handles. They have been selling well and the members have been com more...
  • I bought a steering wheel for my LX, looks excellent and very happy with the quality and finish
  • The 7400227 layshafts arrived on Friday – many thanks. I fitted them up with no drama at all. Good to fina more...
  • OK I finally picked up my SL/R mirrors today from rare spares today after a three month wait.I have been a more...
  • Hi guys Great products and excellent service guys as always, most appreciated!
  • 'Rare Spares HK radio cover's are a perfect reproduction, 100% accurate to original. I myself have trouble more...
  • RE: EJ Holden EJ Whitten Project 'Resto My Ride' Sold $70K "Great work guys! Top Job!" "Gre more...
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